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  1. Silk City Distillers

    Filtering color out of a compound gin

    I mean a carbon that's ideal for decolorization will provide an end result with a flavor more "true" to the starting point than redistilling, especially if we're talking about non-volatile flavor components that will be lost in distillation, or destroyed by the heat of distillation. This was based on some work I did to make a white/clear barrel aged corn whiskey. The thought was to decolorize barrel aged corn whiskey to make a more palatable white spirit. Redistilling the aged whiskey turned it in to something that was closer to new make whiskey. At that point, what's the point of aging it? But a good decolorization protocol, it worked like magic. I even tried it on a bottle of bourbon. You want to talk about screwing with someone's head, give them a glass of clear spirit that tastes like bourbon. I think the same would apply to redistillation of a maceration of fruit or botanicals. If there are non-volatile flavor components that you like in the spirit, you are going to lose them in distillation. Did some work with a blackberry maceration a year or so ago, tasted great. I hated the color. Redistilling it gave me a spirit that tasted very vegetal and green, and nothing at all like blackberry (lacking the distinctive acids, flavonoids, tannins, etc). I'm not talking about a heavy handed approach of using a large amount of some random activated carbon, use enough and the end result approaches vodka.
  2. Silk City Distillers

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Oh, now we're talking. Thanks to my wife who fixed it.
  3. Silk City Distillers

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Turns out it's a little bit more Disco Inferno and a little bit less John Denver. It needs an impossible amount of sugar to increase the density to the point it can hold the mica in suspension.
  4. Silk City Distillers

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    Was in homage to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the misty taste of moonshine, and the teardrop in my eye...
  5. Silk City Distillers

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    A beautiful royal blue macro-glitter that emphasizes my rugged individualism.
  6. Silk City Distillers

    Moonshine (corn whiskey)

    This thread is way too serious, so I'm going to make glittery blue moonshine.
  7. Silk City Distillers

    Filtering color out of a compound gin

    You'll need a carbon with very high surface area and a very high micropore ratio, it will likely have a very high molasses number. The more effective it is, the harder it will be to use, you'll understand this when you try to do it. Granulated carbon does not have sufficient surface area to quickly remove color without significantly impacting flavor. Likewise, most carbons sold for decolorization are not appropriate, as they will impact flavor significantly. It is significantly easier to redistill to remove color than it is to decolorize with carbon, but there are plenty of reasons why carbon is more effective at preserving flavors (decolorizing aged spirits for example).
  8. Silk City Distillers

    Hopped whiskey??

    There are plenty of these on the shelf in the states without a label disclosure that indicates they are flavored whiskeys. You could easily make an argument that they should be called "Malt Whiskey Flavored with Hops" or similar.
  9. Silk City Distillers

    Ferment-able sugars in Molasses?

    Based on his writing, it's clear there were different grades available, but given the economics of rum as a waste product of sugar manufacturing, not sure that less-refined variations really would have taken hold. There are some really interesting thoughts in one of his later pieces, linked below. I thought the quote about the unsuitability of Hawaiian blackstrap for rum was very interesting.
  10. Silk City Distillers

    Ferment-able sugars in Molasses?

    I would imagine as sugar refining technology improves, the quality of blackstrap molasses declines. I would also imagine blackstrap molasses from 80 years ago was a very different animal.
  11. Silk City Distillers

    Craft gin - 5 questions, please don't beat me up

    We did tons of recipe development on a small 50 liter still using the Stilldragon Carter Head, it's a great little setup. Lab still is a fun way to learn about botanical profiles by distilling single-botanical runs or making simple combinations without spending a large amount of money on alcohol and botanicals, but it's by far the hardest place to start recipe development, because of the scaling issues mentioned. This is especially so if you are using vapor infusion, or a combination of maceration and vapor infusion. Also keep in mind that botanical inconsistency is amplified with very small botanical amounts, I think this is a big part of the scaling problem.
  12. You might want to touch base with your insurance agent too.
  13. Silk City Distillers

    TTB Approved Shimmer?

    Ah I see the requirements for distilled spirits now, it’s in 21 CFR.
  14. Silk City Distillers

    TTB Approved Shimmer?

    Wife uses Luster Dust for baking, she suggested it too. Formula required?
  15. Silk City Distillers

    TTB Approved Shimmer?

    For the love of Sweet Baby Jesus do not judge me on this question. Anyone have a source for TTB approved shimmer, ala Viniq and others?