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  1. Perhaps theoretically, but the concern is reintroduction of contaminants via dust or otherwise, post distillation. This kind of cross-contamination issue is the rationale behind the peanut warning (above). Even if the product doesn't contain them, there is a risk that the product might have been contaminated, because of proximity, people, etc. Clearly, this is a kind of "worst-case" scenario, and probably not common for most of us. But ... it does come up when discussion gluten free wheat spirits. Can gluten make it through the distillation process? No. But what happens when the nano-distillery is milling wheat 10 feet from the bottling area?
  2. Mop sink was on the list for us as well.
  3. Not in California, but the rules aren’t all that different. We were required to have a three basin sink in the production area as well as a separate hand wash sink. The tasting room also has a three basin and hand wash behind the bar. Their rationale was COP (clean out-of place) in a food manufacturing plant, proximity was a factor. Would imagine every health department is going to be pushing handwash sinks like crazy now, so figure that is going to be a minimum.
  4. I suppose it depends on how clean your vodka is. The higher your purity, the more irrelevant slow proofing is going to be.
  5. Yep, thanks! Just thought I'd ask the community here first.
  6. Shot in the dark, if you've got one laying around let me know.
  7. Our scale has relay control to hit a set point. Considered using a small dosing pump from our RO/DI tank connected to a solenoid for the set point. Would be able to slowly add water, drip by drip if necessary, over the course of days or more.
  8. We picked up a couple tons from Rabbit Hill Farms in South Jersey.
  9. Can I be so bold as to summarize? This is a common thought, but it's totally wrong. You can not control the temperature of boiling. The temperature the pot will boil at depends on how much alcohol there is. More alcohol, boils lower. You can only control heat input, this is, the SPEED of boiling. More power in, more vapor generated, but the temp doesn't go up. Less power may may the temp fall, but this is only after it's stopped boiling and producing vapor. Over the course of the run, the temp in the pot will rise, but this is a function of the alcohol being removed, and the boiling point increasing as a result.
  10. NM absolutely in the US sweet spot for swamp coolers. Out here in the northeast, it's like trading hot and humid, for nearly as hot, and twice as humid.
  11. http://adiforums.com/topic/11780-greetings-from-nj/?tab=comments#comment-67938
  12. https://gizmodo.com/gin-bottles-containing-hand-sanitizer-sold-to-public-in-1843962760 A gin distillery in Australia has issued a recall after it accidentally shipped gin bottles containing hand sanitizer, according to the Apollo Bay Distillery outside Melbourne. The gin distillery had previously converted some of its facility to hand sanitizer production to help combat the coronavirus pandemic. “The product is labelled as gin, however it is not gin,” the company said in a statement published to Facebook. “The bottles are not correctly sealed, they can be identified as having no shrink wrap seal.”
  13. Agree with the lower proof, we really like 110. Feel like the lower proofs do better in small cooperage over shorter time periods, just my 2 cents. I'd say you are likely to lose somewhere around 10% a year in a half-full 15g. Sweet spot is going to be 12-18 months. I'd say keep it in the garage during the spring and summer, and when it gets below 50f or so, bring it indoors (no idea what your climate is).
  14. My guess is that they were using a normal centrifugal pump. The Jabsco is a PD impeller pump and can pull far more suction.
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