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  1. Citrus oils at low proof might do it - like lemoncello. There will be a flavor impact.
  2. CFR for GRAS botanicals specifically mentions communis. None of the others. If you are using something else, do you have an approved formula that indicates you are using another species?
  3. Taste and experience. Batch consistency is what makes the distillation cut point temperatures differ. Unless you are controlling for batch consistency very accurately - through mashing and fermentation - you are going to have a very hard time using temperature for anything other than a rough indicator or where you are in the run. If you can get starting gravity, final gravity, and fermentation temp under very tight control - you'll start to see consistency in the temp cut points for a given type of spirit. Change anything along the way, yeast type, mash bill, mash protocol, and your cut points will likely change.
  4. Skal can I call you regarding cupcakes? No, seriously.
  5. Trying to find an old quote from Vincent - I remember the little 4” unit costing like $12-15k.
  6. Talk to Larry at Stilldragon, they have a new dewatering unit that is a better option than Vincent. The smaller/attainable Vincent CP units are great, but they are still very spendy and, well, small.
  7. Not uncommon when talking about flavor and aroma compounds, where an increase in concentration can take a taste or smell from pleasant to awful, or worse. That creates a whole other level of complexity where it simply isn't about creation of a specific compound as part of the process, but the creation of that compound at a specific concentration.
  8. There are plenty of other plant based sources of long-chain fatty acids and waxes that are fairly similar, depending on what your target is. Depending on what you want to target, it's fairly easy to find a plant-based match. You can even engineer a specific profile using GRAS ingredients. For example, if I want to target C12-C16, I might use a refined coconut oil (no, you don't get any coconut flavor or aroma in the distillate). If I want a high percentage of C16 - Rice Bran Oil. If I want to target C18 - Almond Oil. C16-C18 - Peanut Oil. If I want a higher percentage of waxes - Beeswax, or heck, just go with cane waxes as well. Folks who mash corn high in fatty acids see similar oil-slicks - corn oil high in C10 and C16. Probably more interesting are the long-chain wax esters, meaning you'd probably need two components to match. Like Peanut Oil and Beeswax. Which one of these makes the delicious rum oil? Which one of these tastes terrible?
  9. Wasn't Vegemite historically just spent brewers yeast extracts?
  10. Direct from Lallemand. While they have run out in the past, it’s pretty rare.
  11. This isn't necessary and is going to likely be counterproductive, resulting in greater levels of evaporation in an open tank.
  12. This is correct, a homogenous mixture of water and ethanol will not separate or stratify. Realize that underlying this is constant Brownian motion in the tank, which means in order to stratify, it needs to overcome that. What you are likely seeing is the impact of small temperature differences at the top and bottom of the tank. Mixing ethanol and water generates heat, the tank will be warmer at the top, even after some time. If when gauging you only correct for one temperature, and assume the other liquid is the same, you’ll read slightly higher proof at the top. For unmixed, non-homogeneous mixtures: Very cold water and poor mixing might see warmer ethanol floating on top. Cold sugar syrup would see this amplified.
  13. Anything you can mix with a pneumatic hand mixer you can mix equally as well with a paddle. If you already have a pump, why not just use the pump? A tank of mixed ethanol and water will not stratify.
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