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  1. WhiskeyResources

    Changes to CFR

    Here is a link to the Whiskey Systems survey where you can voice your opinion and feedback on the TTB proposed changes. If you enter in your distillery name and email, we will send you the consolidated meta data once it’s all put together. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2JYXGCY If you are just looking for a clean, easy to read list of all the changes (distilled down from 132 pages to 1 page), check this link out: https://whiskeysystems.com/2018/12/14/whiskey-systems-online-summarizes-ttb-proposed-changes/
  2. WhiskeyResources

    Help for my friends at Las Vegas Distilling

    We are honored to help and look forward to assisting in any way we can. I will be in Las Vegas in the very near future to lend a hand at the distillery (still need to confirm dates).
  3. WhiskeyResources


    Have you considered using a system like Whiskey Systems to do your TTB Reports and compliance as an alternative to hiring a consultant?
  4. WhiskeyResources

    Who has the answers?

    Definitely do a demo with Whiskey Systems. Full feature set with best in class support and transparent pricing. Free trial and no long term subscription contracts or termination fees.
  5. WhiskeyResources

    Industry news/research websites/magazines?

    Here are my favorites.
  6. WhiskeyResources

    2018 Craft Malt Conference - Early Bird Registration

    I am excited to be presenting/teaching at this conference!
  7. WhiskeyResources

    If you build it, they will come

    I am very proud of this article in the latest edition of Beverage Master Magazine on increasing foot traffic to your distillery! I’d love any feedback. http://beverage-master.com/article/if-you-build-it-they-will-come/
  8. I am really proud of how this article came out. I was able to connect with several distillers across the country about restrictions to Craft Distilleries in their state (No bottle sales, no cocktails, restrictions on bottles/person, etc.). I'd love any feedback on the article. http://beverage-master.com/article/when-the-state-gives-lemons/
  9. WhiskeyResources

    Stillhouse vs. Whiskey Systems

    Whiskey Systems has Best in Class inventory management, TTB Reporting, cost accounting, QB integration, employee time clock, and lots of other bells and whistles. It's a flat $350/month with unlimited users, no setup or termination fees, and no subscription commitments. Right now there is a $149/month intro rate. PM me if you would like a demo. https://www.whiskeysystems.com
  10. WhiskeyResources

    Jan 1 Physical Inventory

    Just a quick check list of things distilleries should record Jan 1: Take a complete physical inventory on or after January 1 (but before January operations start) including: - Production, Storage, and Processing Tanks (list Tank name, Account, Spirit Type, Total Proof Gallons, True Proof + any gauging calculations) - Barrels (Counts by fill date, size, spirit types, entry proof, and Original Proof Gallons) - Finished cases (Counts by product type, bottle proof, with Proof Gallons/case) Sum up the total Proof Gallons in each of the 3 accounts. Compare the total Proof Gallons in house to what your End of Month December TTB Reports would show. If there are discrepancies, start the research to reconcile and/or make correcting Gains or Losses. You can actually do this exercise at the beginning of any month to compare how many Proof Gallons you have in-bond versus what you are reporting. If you have significant discrepancies, feel free to give me a shout for a possible on-site clean up. Donald@whiskeyresources.com Also, consider registering for Whiskey Systems to make 2017 the year you are in full TTB compliance! https://whiskeysystems.com/
  11. WhiskeyResources

    ** Tracking and Tax Software** For federal taxes

    We would love to have you join the Whiskey Systems family. We just released another new enhancement today - Printable NABCA Control State Case Labels!
  12. WhiskeyResources

    Looking for experiences with consultants

    Check Whiskey Systems Online for the New Business Development, Distillery Start Up Software module. It's an aggregate of all my experiences helping start-up distilleries across the country. I also include hours of consulting time with the package.
  13. WhiskeyResources

    Three Excise Tax Return Periods in September?

    The fiscal year end for the TTB is September 30. So they want to get all available tax dollars in hand for the close of the year.
  14. WhiskeyResources

    Three Excise Tax Return Periods in September?

    There are three serial numbers in September. Number 17 is 9/1-9/15 due 9/29. Number 18 is 9/16-9/26 due 9/29. Number 19 9/27-9/30 due 10/14.
  15. WhiskeyResources

    Whiskey Systems. To Much Money???? thoughts??

    Dehner - You are interrupting my cat video you-tube watching time and now I'm all out of chocolate milk... I wish last December you had taken my personal invitation to try the system. The good news is that there is active competition for craft distillery software options. There are at least 3 different software options out there for craft distilleries. One charges you $4,500 in setup fees to start, charges you by the proof gallon (example if you sell 996 cases per year, it's $400/month and goes up as you grow) and locks you into a 1-3 year contract with stiff termination fees. The other option has $7,000 in setup fees, locks you into a 1 year contract, and is $650/month. I have no setup fees, a flat monthly fee, no subscription commitments, and no termination fees. Whiskey Systems users are always saying how easy to use and flexible the system is compared to the other systems. We are adding new features every week. Best of all is that I've got over 12 years of distillery compliance experience to help protect you if there are issues. Once you join the Whiskey Systems family, we help you in any way we can. One more parting thought. I would highly discourage anyone from doing this: "2. If anyone is going to make a program like WS first thing they would do is subscribe and learn about inside and out, kinda like how the Chinese copy everything we do, from tape measures, to milling machines."