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    Bloom (clouding) on Bottles

    I encourage you to inform us all of who you purchased the bottles from. If there are recurring problems with certain bottle sellers, we could avoid them or, hopefully, they can figure out how to fix it......Seems like it could be a win for everyone...
  2. brentondouglas

    Delivered the latest 50 Gallon still

    Looks really nice. Nice manways - I'm jealous of them....
  3. brentondouglas


    I've noticed that Leopold Bros.' absinthe utilizes grape based sprits in their absinthe verte (a very nice product). In the wormwood society's FAQ there is definite mention of maceration in, simply, "neutral spirits." Do the members of this forum have an opinion on grain vs. grape neutral spirits as absinthe base? It certainly seems that grape must be more traditionally French. On the other hand, it also seems that the inherent intensity of the herbal flavors in absinthe would almost completely mask any influence of grape or grain flavors in the final product..........Any thoughts? p.s. Delaware Phoenix, if you're reading this, I just wanted to let you know that my buddy who manages Maison Premiere in Brooklyn thinks the world of you and your absinthe.... and he's really trying to spread the word.....
  4. brentondouglas

    Mash Pump

    Hey all, I'm simply shopping for a mash pump. I suppose a flexible impeller or rotary lobe... thanks, B
  5. brentondouglas

    hello from Chicago

    My name is Brenton Engel and I've very recently begun the process of opening a craft distillery in downtown Chicago. I've been distilling for 3 years now and currently work as a bartender. It seems that this community is quite supportive and opinionated so, I'm really looking forward to bouncing some ideas off you guys and getting some good advice for all the binds I'm going to find myself in.... Regards, B
  6. brentondouglas

    hello from Chicago

    Well, you all can consider this an invitation to come into the bar I work at Lula Cafe in Logan Square!
  7. brentondouglas

    hello from Chicago

    Thanks for the welcome, gents. Robert, I called and left you a message with my phone number.....Darrell, I'm usually enthusiastic about getting a drink....What neighborhood do you live in? -B