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  1. Self-distribution rights are healthy for the industry. Not a perfect bill, but Illinois is working on it. Any support shown for self-distribution rights is appreciated. http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/BillStatus.asp?DocNum=2286&GAID=14&DocTypeID=SB&SessionID=91&GA=100
  2. New tax reform

    Sliding scale up to 100,000 PG is still my strong preference. And I reject the idea that a sliding scale is "too complicated" for anyone who has the capabilities to start and operate a DSP. I would hope that we all do everything we can to make sure small 1-person distilleries can start up and survive. Our "craft" market's appeal depends on a viable industry that offers variety and offers radical little distilleries making radical little products. I would prefer to not see a "craft" market full of distilleries skirting the 100,000 gal. line. Those distilleries would likely appear and function very similarly to each other and likely make our industry too boring to appeal to the next generation.........Right? ....Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but we can still improve upon this idea of lower excise taxes.
  3. Still Quality vs Price

    Side note: There is no need to take stock in awards. Most brands have won awards and gotten gold medals. In general, the more awards a brand wins simply proves how many competitions they enter - not how good the product is. The entire tasting competition industry feeds off of distillers' insecurities and desire to be recognized. It's all not too dissimilar from how kindergarten teachers give all their students a gold star at some point throughout the school year.
  4. We have one workhorse of a burr grinder for sale. We used this thing for grinding gin botanicals for 2 years. Made by Bunn-O-Matic (legendary in their own right) originally as a coffee grinder. Easy to adjust the coarseness of grind. Hopper holds roughly 2 gallons volume. Customizations / Upgrades: 1. Replaced burrs (used for 6mo. with new burrs) 2. Industrial switch for motor 3. All unnecessary hardware has been stripped off This grinder is perfect for start-ups and R&D. $100 + shipping
  5. Burr Grinder - herbs, spices, coffee, body parts, etc.

    Sold. Thanks very much.
  6. Burr Grinder - herbs, spices, coffee, body parts, etc.

    Blackheart, you can use zip code 60613 for estimating shipping. I can only use UPS. Thanks!
  7. Bag Filter Housing

    Made by Pentair 1.5" pipe inlet/outlet inlet pressure gauge model: 156237 serial: 112249-1 Used only a few times pressure gauge will be removed and separately packed before shipping $250 + shipping For another $25 we will include the (2) 1.5"TC x 1.5"male pipe fittings.
  8. Bag Filter Housing

    Sold. Thanks!
  9. Vermouth

    kkbodine, would you mind elaborating on issues relating to permits required? (eg. winery vs. dsp)
  10. CDA R1000 Labeler Brand New Ready for Delivery

    I'm interested. They have technicians in the USA? I would need to verify this would work with my bottles. Do you have a contact I could reach out to? -Thanks
  11. Labeler Source for Square Bottles with Tapered Edges

    We use this machine for a label that wraps around one corner. Basically, the machine helps get the label started properly and we then use our fingers to press the label around the corner. It's all about getting perfect initial contact between the label and the glass. Again, getting quick and consistent results from this machine is a skill the user has to develop. But the learning curve is relatively short compared to most things involved in operating a distillery.
  12. Labeler Source for Square Bottles with Tapered Edges

    I'm confident that you could use the Race RLTC SP. While operating the labeler very quickly is a skill that has to be developed, you should have it dialed in after a few days of working with it.
  13. I have extra 750's and 1L's. 28mm screw top. Sold by the pallet. Samples can be sent for $5 (this weed's out the non-serious folks) Current stock: Approx. 5000 1L's (60 cs/pallet) Approx. 2700 750's (75 cs/pallet) Thanks!
  14. 700ml bottle suppliers

    Ditto. I'm also looking for 500mL options.
  15. Award contests and spirit shows

    I like the overall sentiment on this topic! Don't be a whore at the awards competitions gangbang HA!!!!!!!!!!
  16. New venture in Oak Park, IL

    I agree with bluestar. Self-financing is the way to go.
  17. 1000 - 1500 gal. spirits storage tank

    I'm in the market for a new or used spirits storage tank. I'd like to find something under 104 in. tall. 1000 - 1500 gal. Thanks, B
  18. New lawsuit against the 5th Dimension Inc (Tito's)

    I really like Tito's vodka. I like it for many reasons. But I do NOT believe my admiration for Tito's should encourage me look the other way on this issue. I consider Tito's to be a huge flagship of the industry. They are a major source of inspiration to new distillers and they have a major influence on the industry. They are leaders. Shouldn't they use their influence to help progress the industry in a positive way? Should they be focused on adding integrity and value into industry? Should they NOT be teaching the new distillers that it's best to see how far you can stretch the truth? I believe, as leaders, Tito's has a moral and ethical obligation to set a good example. Furthermore, I think the market would react positively. And if Tito's can be considered "hand made" then I don't know any tangible object that is sold in commerce that could not be considered "hand made." For the sake of the industry's graceful growth and to maintain a healthy relationship with it's consumers, it might be time for the big boy's to start acting like men and lead by example.
  19. Plate and Frame Filter

    Looking for used plate filter offering 1.4 sq. meter or more. Thanks!
  20. I have some glass overstock for sale. SQUARE with ROUNDED CORNERS - 750mL & 1L 28mm screw cap finish 750mL & 1L - all 12 bottles per case 1L = 60 cases per pallet 750mL = 128 cases per pallet $1 per bottle + freight. I can arrange freight if needed. please feel free to email me for photos, etc: brenton.engel@gmail.com Thanks!
  21. Redmitty, please email me for photos.
  22. Interest in Continuous Stills?

    Jim, I really appreciate all the work you're doing. There is absolutely nothing un-crafty about innovation. I've tasted your stuff. B
  23. Bloom (clouding) on Bottles

    I encourage you to inform us all of who you purchased the bottles from. If there are recurring problems with certain bottle sellers, we could avoid them or, hopefully, they can figure out how to fix it......Seems like it could be a win for everyone...
  24. Delivered the latest 50 Gallon still

    Looks really nice. Nice manways - I'm jealous of them....
  25. Absinthe

    I've noticed that Leopold Bros.' absinthe utilizes grape based sprits in their absinthe verte (a very nice product). In the wormwood society's FAQ there is definite mention of maceration in, simply, "neutral spirits." Do the members of this forum have an opinion on grain vs. grape neutral spirits as absinthe base? It certainly seems that grape must be more traditionally French. On the other hand, it also seems that the inherent intensity of the herbal flavors in absinthe would almost completely mask any influence of grape or grain flavors in the final product..........Any thoughts? p.s. Delaware Phoenix, if you're reading this, I just wanted to let you know that my buddy who manages Maison Premiere in Brooklyn thinks the world of you and your absinthe.... and he's really trying to spread the word.....