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  1. I have almost a pallet of 375mL Philadelphia flasks for sale. These are the Made in the USA bottles from Piramal. We are moving in a different direction with our bottles. 102 cases of 12-packs. 17 cases per row, 6 rows. Cost is close to $1.28 plus shipping. We'll sell these for $.64. $783.36 for everything! Shipping from 91978. Diagram and pictures attached. Philadelphia Flask.pdf
  2. We are building out a distillery with a tasting room inside a mixed use building, apartments over commercial, and have had NO issues getting insurance. I also asked another distiller in SD that is in a mixed use building, and she hasn't had any issues either.
  3. Jumpstone, talk to Laura at You and Yours in San Diego. She can tell you what she went through in regards to opening a space inside a residential area. We looked at doing the same thing, where it was commercial on the ground floor with apartments overhead. It can be done, but you need to know the CFR's. We are working with a local ABC Consultant that also does TTB work. I highly recommend them, or someone like them to help navigate you through the process.
  4. I have 663 clear and 442 frosted 375mL Futura bottles. Technical drawing attached. 220 6-pack custom Blank White Futura cardboard boxes. Looking to sell in one pallet to save money for shipping, and selling below cost at $5/case, $.83 per bottle. 1350 wood grain synthetic light brown corks, $.215 each, or $290. $1,200 plus shipping takes it all. Shipping from 92118. Please Contact: Ed Weisbrod 619-392-5557 or ed.weisbrod@gmail.com Futura specs.pdf Futura-bottle_EN.pdf
  5. Hey Cestrin, We had the exact same problem on our still with an off-grain mash and it was due to unfermentable sugars in the wash. We started using enzymes and it completely eliminated the problem. Get a hold of a rep from J.Tech Sales. 888-803-8270. Our rep in SD is JB Harrell 925-984-6000 (Cell). Great guy, very knowledgeable. We used Laminex C2K, and it did the trick. Not exactly cheap, but cheaper than upgrading your still, and will also give you higher yields in the mash. Get him to send you a sample. You might be able to use it in your current mash, but usually you add it before the fermentation. Good luck, Bill
  6. I know I'm a little late to this topic, but we scorched some whiskey awhile back due to the Rye not completely converting during the mash. We double distilled and ran it through an activated Charcoal filter, and it was completely better. Lost a lot of flavor, but it's better than throwing away $4500 worth of whiskey. We are aging it separately for an exclusive tasting room release...
  7. Hey Adam, What's your current availability on the Milled Wheat, and Milled Corn? We are looking at maybe 1 or 2 sacks of each to start. Bill
  8. Could you send me the contact info of the supervisor? The gin is a distilled gin so no formula needed for the regular label. When I wanted to change to a "Barrel Rested" Gin they kicked the COLA back for a formula approval. I asked the TTB Agent in the Formula division why I need a formula, and I was told that any color added to the gin must be approved because color is not a part of the gin category. Fine. (I believe aged gin is getting a new sub-category here soon) I submitted a formula for the distilled gin, rested in a barrel, got the approval and then they approved the COLA. True story.
  9. Well, don't know what to tell you but when I submitted my Barrel Rested Gin label they kicked it back for a formula with the barrel resting in it. My label finally got approved this week. You might have gotten luckier with whomever at the TTB that was working on your label.
  10. Ask the TTB. But if you want to put barrel rested on the label, you need to have an approved Gin formula. That formula is going to have the barrel as a flavor, and then have it in the Method of Manufacture that the gin was rested in the barrel.
  11. We are working on a barrel rested Gin, with the formula approved and now the label is almost done. The TTB is becoming more of a pain in the butt when it comes to barrel aging spirits. You can't use the words "Barrel Aged" it has to be "Barrel Rested". No age statements are allowed, you can't even put "Barrel Rested" on the same line as Gin. You have to put it above or below. I wasn't even allowed to say "Rested in once used Whiskey Barrels". I couldn't make any reference to what was in the barrel previously. I know that others have gotten labels approved in the past, but they are much more stringent now.
  12. San Diego is home to 9 Active Distilleries as well as several distilleries in planning. Attached is the San Diego's Distillers Guild Brochure. Many of the distilleries will be having special ADI Conference Hours. Check their websites/social media for more info! SDDG brochure-4.pdf
  13. Hey CaptnKB, I know a couple in San Diego County. AMG Distributing, and Pelican Spirits both in San Marcos.
  14. California is a major pain for distillers to get started. I would look for type 18 wholesalers in your area also known as cash and carry's. They are similar to a Costco for liquor stores and restaurants. Some of the type 18's can deliver. You'd pretty much be on the hook for selling it, and then directing your customers to the type 18's. In San Diego we actually have a couple new distributors that concentrate on only craft spirits. That's the good news. The bad news is that they don't have any relationships built with the bars and restaurants because they are too new.
  15. You can just label it as "Whiskey". There's nothing in the general regs that say anything about aging, barrel type, etc. If you want to call it bourbon, rye, etc, then you have to follow the subset rules. You will have to get formula approval for it though. That adds an extra 2 months to the process, but you can start aging it in the mean time. Spirits distilled from a fermented mash of grain at less than 95% alcohol by volume (190 proof) having the taste, aroma and characteristics generally attributed to whisky and bottled at not less than 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)
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