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  1. leadbased

    German Still and Equipment

    do you still have your mill? if so please send details, pic, price to me.
  2. do you still have any of your grain handling equipment?
  3. leadbased

    Grain Mill For sale with blower

    do you still have the mill?
  4. leadbased

    Grain Mill for sale

    do you still have the mill?
  5. leadbased

    Brand Development

    I'm an experienced brand designer of 27 years with expert knowledge of what makes a brand work holistically with a total concept. I can create custom bottles, labels, logo, brand names- everything! I have worked with major (fortune 100) brands in many aspects of branding and design. Send me a Private Message and I'd be happy to discuss your project and brand Chad
  6. leadbased

    Sustainability & Waste Reduction

    Not that I don't already have too much on my plate, but I'd like to see if there is anything I could help with. Ill PM my email Rick
  7. leadbased

    Sustainability & Waste Reduction

    I'd be very interested in hearing what you are thinking- we are in the process of trying to make use of our spent grains. We have worked very hard to utilize waste water and heat. Chad
  8. leadbased

    Distillery equipment sales opportunity

    Joe, I sent a private messaged you last week. Are you still watching this thread? I'd really like to talk to you. Best Regards Chad
  9. leadbased

    Semi-automatic Bench line for distillery

    Are the other pieces of equipment still available? Thank you
  10. leadbased

    Distillery Equipment For Sale

    can you please PM photos and specs for equipment
  11. leadbased

    Pharmaceutical Grade Product Filter - Pall Brand

    is the filter still available?
  12. leadbased

    Silverde Metal Labels End Of Summer Savings!

    Michael, Are you still around? I tried to look at your web site and search for you, but couldn't find anything! Please contact me if you are
  13. leadbased

    Custom Botteles...10K Minimum? Really?

    hey all, if there are any developments to add to this thread please do, I'm in the same throes and would appreciate hearing everyone's happy (or not so happy) endings Chad