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  1. Hey @Patio29Dadio It is very likely your temperature. I use these 1.5" flexible impeller pumps daily and every time I use it for hot water the impellers get destroyed. I know they offer EPDM versions that can handle higher temps, (140F) should be fine for the higher temp rated ones. Check your manufacturer, they should have EPDM ones avail. careful going hotter than 140 though cause even they will degrade quicker with high temps. I Use my rubber impeller for cold pumps only, and a centrifugal for hot water transfer. Hope that helps, Cheers,
  2. Hey Joseph, Old post here but I am curious, are you willing to share how you manage to yield 22-24% abv? What grain ratio are you using? are you adding adjuncts? Thanks,
  3. Hey Mosaic, Distillate tastes great. It is very neutral tasting, and if carbon filtered, tastes like a perfectly fine vodka. I am using 100% grain base. I could probably get a higher proof if I ran an additional distillation, but we don't sell vodka so I have never had the need.
  4. I have have a 20 plate Kothe and highest ive distilled to date is 94-95%. anything above 95 is very difficult.
  5. I used to have a very similar set up and the scorch is 110% a result of the electric coil. When people ask me about small sale distilling, I always recommend using a grain out procedure when the heating source is either an electric coil or direct fire burner. I even spent hours building a custom agitator for my 100L electric still and was still left with a scorching flavour. Only with a jacketed pot can you achieve non-scorched grain in distillation. Hope this helps, Cheers.
  6. Hey @bcoutts, Yes It is still available. Please DM me if you would like to talk more about it. Thanks!
  7. Hey Airman, Up here in Ontario we only need to grow 50% of our own grains to remain classified as a farm practice. We did not have to prove it though, we just told the local township we would. Im assuming that once you're up and running, it is highly unlikely they will come in and check in on you. I would suggest building a case to prove that you will grow 80% of grain and then once your project is complete, grow whichever amount you please. From my experience, local municipalities etc. only maintain there interests until the project is completed. Once final inspections are completed, Their responsibilities end.
  8. Hello, I built this beautiful counter flow heat exchanger last year. It consists of 4, 10' lengths that all mount on a nice low profile cart. Each tube consists of 1.5" inner tube, withe 2" outer tube. Each section is connected with 1.5" sanitary connections. Outer shell has 3/4" FNPT connections for cooling water or glycol. Please DM if interested, looking to get $3000 CDN +freight for it. The exchanger is located in Ayr, Ontario. Canada I do not use it anymore because I have been able to get sufficient cooling times on my tank jacket with agitation. Thanks,
  9. @Sudzie I agree with what bluestar commented above. Both manufacturers likely use different oak, and I am using BM for 30 gal, and ISC for 53 so the size difference alone causes different flavours between the two. Whether one is better than the other, that is up to everyones unique taste buds to decide! I am happy with both manufactures though. but easy to deal with and quick turn around times lately.
  10. They make very good barrels, I use mostly 30 gallons from them and am happy I use ISC for 53 gallons, their prices are good ATM
  11. Yeah that is what I am thinking @JNorris. The natural memory of the thicker stock is pulling back before the adhesive has time to fully cure. Who is popular in semiautomated label applicators for rolled label stock? Thanks,
  12. Hello, I am having issues with my self adhesive labels lifting around the edges. I was wondering if a semi automated hot glue label applicator would be worth the investment. Does anyone have any label application advice? maybe some good manufacturers? My bottles are round and have a very simple label, but the catch is they are individual sheet labels because I am using a fancy card stock. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks,
  13. Also depends if you are directly macerating your botanicals prior to distillation vs. vapour infusion. Having botanicals directly in the pot will leave more oils behind once run is complete
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