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  1. For Sale: Glass dome parrot covers two sizes available - I have two 3" and I have six 4" triclamp $120 each Does not require a gasket, clamp not included. I needed them for myself but they would only make 10 of each at a time so I have extra for sale.
  2. RKI Model PS2 Gas Monitor. Ethanol Vapor Detectors. Audible Alarm when ethanol vapors are present. $495 each when new. Includes instruction manual. Never installed Selling this set for $600, or separately for $350 each, includes shipping.
  3. Sold everything except the bottling line and the DMA. If interested in theses items please email kristian (at) dpdistillery (dot) com We have lowered the price of each: Anton Paar Density Meter 5000 with alcolizer, printer & keyboard $18,000 Canelli TECH- Fully automated 6 heads, cap sorter and placer, ROPP screw capper and load unload tables tooled for tall round bottles with screw caps. $30,000 That's half price for a perfect nearly new machine! see video - will bottle 720 bottles an hour - in the video it is set to a slow speed. Bottling Line.m4v
  4. Yes I can provide samples - private message me with your address and what samples you would like. We haven't done anything innovative not he aging side so as to preserve the Straight Bourbon and Straight Rye classifications. All of the barrels are 53 gallon ISC even though some are noted as 50 on the sheet.
  5. Selling our operating distillery but not the brand. You will need to bring your brand and get licensed. Sold as a package for now but we may part it out if no one is interested. Anton Paar Density Meter 5000 with alcolizer, printer & keyboard $25,000 Artisan Still Design 300 gallon stainless steel steam jacketed mash tun with sloped bottom and agitator $12,000 Artisan Still Design 150 gallon Copper Pot Still with 4 plate column, condenser & CIP $60,000 130 Gallon stainless steel holding tank $3,500 (2) 53 Gallons stainless steel holding drums $600 Canelli TECH- Fully automated 6 heads, cap sorter and placer, ROPP screw capper and load unload tables tooled for tall round bottles with screw caps. $35,000 Russell Finex Liquid Solid Separator for grain separation $15,000 275 Gallon Letina - automated mixing tank $3,500 Misc other parts including pump, hoses, clamps, forklift, pallet jack, work tables etc included in sale if purchased all together for $154,600.00 1700 sqft building for sale as well with floor drains and boiler already installed $256,500 Buy a fully turn key distillery with building for $420,100
  6. We are selling barrels of bourbon whiskey and barrels of rye whiskey. All barrels were made from grain grown nearby our distillery on an organic farm, we personally milled, mashed, fermented, distilled and barrel aged all of this whiskey. Barrels were new 53 gallon ISC Craft Distillers Series medium char. All grain was unmalted and we used enzymes. Bourbon - 75% corn, 12.5% barley, 12.5% rye Rye - 100% rye See sheet for specs and price - discounts available for multiple barrels. 10% off for 4 or more 20% off for 12 or more 30% off if all are purchased together. Barrels for sale.pdf
  7. I have a different view of this I suppose. We started in 2009 and had been using a 3rd party records system. We had a routine visit from the TTB at 3 years. If you don't mind the TTB coming in to your place of business and having them tear through everything you've done in the past 3 years and scrutinize each and every entry, gauge every barrel and tank and then take several samples for their lab to evaluate. Then later come back with a bill for taxes you may or may not owe just because you're using the wrong records system, or your brother who is great at programming but doesn't know anything about the CFR wrote a program that didn't record bottle proofs at the beginning, middle and end of your run or the myriad of other minute details the TTB actually requires you to keep on your production. I guess you could argue that it seems expensive or useless. After our visit from the TTB we switched to excel, great for keeping records but honestly just too much to maintain, I'd rather be doing what I'm good at, making spirits. So we found Donald and his system. I am confident my records are accurate, defendable and meet the requirements of the CFR. That brings me peace of mind and allows me to focus on what brings me income. Donald and his team know the regs and have the experience to provide the support. Thats worth every penny they charge.
  8. It's also a concentration issue. When you distill you are making concentrations of these substances. In beer it may only be a small fraction of the percentage of the 12oz you drink. When you distill it you've removed most of the water and created a concentrated version of the items that you've collected. Then the compounds you don't want are more of the overall volume or a higher % of the concentration. This is not accurate but a good example of whiskey distillate perhaps beer: 92% water, 3% sugars/malt/hops left over, 5% ethanol with a fraction of a percent "nasties" spirit right off the still: 30% water, 65% ethanol, 3% oils and fatty acids, 2% "nasties" So even if you water to bottling proof you still end up with more "nasties" by volume.
  9. Your DSP is issued to your legal entity, but you can add any name to your permit to be used on the back and front of your labels by using form TTB F 5100.18 section 6. This is only necessary if you intend to brand with a name other than your legal entity.
  10. We had a 12kw steam unit from pacific steam that operated continuously up to 150psi that we found on eBay for $800 and it was perfect for our 400 liter Hoga. Heated in an hour and run for 3 hours. Be certain to get the agitator. We don't use it anymore because we outgrew the Hoga and moved on to an Artisan Still Designs unit.
  11. artisan resources has a nice touch screen controller with pneumatic valves, etc. http://www.artisanresources.com/services/services.htm
  12. They key may be in the printing. Have the printer place them on the same backing and aline them correctly so that you can then use pretty much any labeler you like, manual or semi auto. The main label will be spaced further apart so you'll need to have the the sensor on a semi auto labeler aline with the wrap label if that is the one you choose.
  13. Hi all, I have some extra rye whiskey distillate for sale in totes or barrels. Mash bill is 100% rye from an organic farm in Northern Colorado, harvested in August and mashed, fermented and distilled this fall. Email me for details at kristian@dpdistillery.com Thanks,
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