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  1. DSP Site Access Requirements?

    Everything you will end up needing, molasses, grain, barrels, equipment, bottles, all comes freight. What might seem like a short cut now may hinder your ability to even operate at some efficiency. Hard to meet the freight elsewhere when the still is running. Oh right, he's gonna be there between 10-2. Sure. Or u have to spend time moving things again cause you can't get them delivered, not to mention a fork lift here and a fork lift there. Here a fork there a fork everywhere a fu#% f%#k. Oh then when you have to ship something. Like pallets of booze to your distributor. Think it through real good Pretty easy to blow through several pallets of any fermentable in a month. Even at 100 g batches. With all the friggin cleaning that needs to be done, I'm pissed when simple things like a delivery, take all day.
  2. 2 Filter Press Machines For Sale

    What pump is on them? What is it's high proof compatibility? Thanks
  3. DYE China?

    I bought a 300g pot still from them. It's beautiful and works like a champ. I use it for a stripper. All my questions were always answered promptly, and any design changes I had were redrawn and sent back to me within a day, as I tweaked some things to just how I wanted it. The work was completed in exactly the time stated up front, and my still arrived in my port with no hassles what so ever. They included some bells and whistles that I really enjoy, like the glass man way, and a pretty trick parrot, and a HUGE condenser that handles whatever I through at it. I had no complaints with my purchasing experience with them, and am more than happy with the contruction quality and materials used. But that's just how it went down over here.
  4. Mashbill in pounds

    Yep I second the 2lbs/gallon. With 2 passes on a single roller mill, I had to go to 2 1/2lbs to get about 20 Brix after conversion. But now I have a hammer mill and have been able to drop down to 2 lbs/gallon and achieve same potential abv.
  5. What ever happened to iStill?

    mis post. Sorry
  6. Sealed Shaft Bearings

    Those White Mountain seals that Brian linked to look good to me!!
  7. Sealed Shaft Bearings

    Automation direct has your motors, your driveshaft ends with keys, and your 90* gear boxes. A few parts from McMaster Carr, if you need tri clamp add ons for your connection. Get you one of those mechanical seals I mentioned, and find a good buddy who tig welds for booze and your done for less than 1k. I'm installing this exact set-up on Wednesday as an upgrade to a lip-seal set up that I was sold that is garbage. Mechanical seals are pretty darn simple once your looking at it in your hand. Dehners recommendation with the packing looks promising as well. IMHO If you really need help selecting parts pm me.
  8. Sealed Shaft Bearings

    Check out a type 32i from John Crane. Is nice!!
  9. Fork lift or not fork lift

    Oh and I use a floor jack to lift my 30's onto a rack set up. So can only go 2 high. We have a fork lift for unloading freight, but our building is to congested to bring it in. Couldn't live without the forklift even in this situation. Outside moving spent grain totes, pallets of grain into and out of shipping container, incoming freight, etc. we set pallets into the building and then switch to pallet jack inside.
  10. Fork lift or not fork lift

    Weigh the tank. Fill the barrel. Weigh the tank. That's what we do. But I only have a couple 30's worth at a time.
  11. Septic concerns

    Update would be that all went according to the plan stated above and the distillery has been producing since last November. Everything works fine ,but we do not put grain slop down the drain. A standard septic cannot handle that bio load
  12. Stripping Run Question

    Pull back the throttle when the foaming starts, and stay with the still till u get through it. In my experience, rye is the worst to deal with. My rye foams pretty bad, but I can always get through it with heat management. It would puke all up in my column and cause a hazardous situation if I didn't manage it. Can take up to a 1/2 hour for me to get past it sometimes. That's just rye, as far as I've gotten to know it.
  13. State Environmental Agency Difficulties

    I never saw this post originally so sorry for late reply. I briefly had to deal with this same issue, and argued (successfully) to the point that that law (at least here) referred to, if a well served over 25 residences, not 25 people who may be getting a drink from it in a day, that then it was a municiple well. Pm if you'd like any more conversation on this. Good luck.
  14. How do you measure the spirits quantity ?

    Fred at Prime Scale will get you hooked up with a nice affordable floor scale, and there are some tanks on wheels for sale here on the forum or hit up St Pats for ones with air gasket lids(variable capacity), certified thermometer and hydrometer, and problem solved. I believe it's the standard, atleast for us little guys.
  15. Still Manufacture Issues

    I have a Corson mash tun, and fermenters. Awesome guys, great equipment!