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  1. Northern Waters

    Cane Sugar Fermentation

    The C-70 sells itself as a fairly versatile yeast although this is the only thing I have ever used it for. It definitely is a pretty clean flavor although that is generally what we prefer. Even after two distillations the warm buttery sugar flavor remains so we have been very happy with it so far. Yes, calcium carbonate can get the pH back up. I also find that adding the DAP also bumps the pH too. Another thing to play with! Dunder is what is left over in the still after distilling your rum ferment. It is often referred to as backset in whiskey production, just that dunder is specific to rum. Dunder contributes to the flavor profile and also helps to lower the pH of the wash.
  2. Northern Waters

    Cane Sugar Fermentation

    We worked through a lot of similar challenges on a small scale and finally got a pure cane sugar to work and complete in four days. We tried a variety of yeasts and nutrients, and determined that for pure sugar a LOT of nutrient was necessary. Here is our program - you can scale up from there: Heat 25 Gallons Water (5.0 pH) to 125*F Add 75-LBS Sugar Add additional cold water to cool the wash and bring total volume to 40-gallons Hydrate 90 Grams Fermentis SafSpirit C-70 yeast at 100*F for 20-minutes Nutrients - 250 Grams DAP & 250 Grams Fermentis Prop-Aide Pitch at 95* F and hold ferment at 90*F On the second day the pH drops to near 4.0 so we need to adjust it back up to 5.5. Once we get about 1/3 - 1/2 ferment I add additional DAP. For us, so far so good. We have done this with and without dunder with the same results. Good luck!
  3. Northern Waters

    Barreling Question

    I use mostly 15-gallon barrels but have filled as little as 5-gallons in a barrel. The head space has proven not to be any problem at all.....
  4. Northern Waters

    Barreling Question

    We have played with many experiments of less than full barrels with no downside. Some folks recommend short-filling barrels for various reasons. Unlike beer and wine that may still be fermenting, your spirit is complete, so set it to whatever proof you want and put it in the barrel!
  5. Northern Waters

    Proof too high or tails smeared in, can't find the middle ground!

    How about running it two times? Strip of a couple ferments first, put those together, and run them as spirit run. It should be a lot cleaner that second time, and without the plates engaged and dephleg off you can probably stay below 80%.
  6. Northern Waters

    Malted vs unmalted wheat for whiskey

    We have done several batches of this and, although we have only release a couple barrels so far, has been my favorite. We used 85% red wheat and 15% malted wheat, both sourced from Briess. Best of luck!
  7. Northern Waters

    winery in distillery

    Bluestar - I asked TTB some similar questions about a month ago and below are their responses. I didn't ask you final question directly but from part of my phone conversation with them we can have a designated space that serves as an alternating premise. For example you could have a bottling room that serves both the DSP as well as the winery. So as I interpreted it, part of the DSP could be an alternating premise in which the winery products could pass. Hope that helps a little. What kind of separation is required between the winery and distillery? The separation must be floor to ceiling with no passable access between the two operations Does it need to be a wall and completely separated space with separate entrances? Yes, unless the main entrance is into a common general area with separate access from that area into each operations that is lockable from the operations side. If we were to ferment wine and later distill it, would that have to be transferred to the DSP with the appropriate forms similar to wine transfers between separate entities? Wine can be transferred from the winery to the distillery, wineries for not have to submit transfer in bond paperwork, but both the winery and the distillery will need to notate their daily records of these transfers. Are we able to operate under the same entity? Yes, a single entity can hold multiple permits (both type and location). Is there anything else unusual beyond the regular winery permit requirements? There is nothing unusual about this type of winery application, unless both the DSP and the winery will be sharing the same space and the same equipment. In that case the original winery application would show that they are an alternating proprietor with the DSP as the host and them as the tenant. If this is the case the DSP will also need to amend their permit for the change to an alternating proprietor with the winery.
  8. Northern Waters

    Barrel Mill barrel quality

    I've used mostly 15G barrels from them for 3+ years so far with zero issues. Nikki is a very responsive customer service representative as well.
  9. Northern Waters

    Craft gin - 5 questions, please don't beat me up

    We are using the 6-plate HBS still plus the gin basket: http://www.hillbillystills.com/product/6-plate-vodka-turn-key-distillery/ http://www.hillbillystills.com/product/gin-basket-add-on-new-and-improved/ If I start with 15 proof gallons of our base alcohol I can make about 6 cases (~72 +/-) of gin, and I cut way before tasting any tails. You might want to start with about half of that or less at the beginning and develop your particular blend. The gin basket is very simple to use. I just manually crush up about a total of 160 grams of botanicals and wrap them in a cheese cloth. Pop that in the gin basket and run it real slow. Place the gin basket right above the column but below the dephlegmator. We purchase our juniper but then add locally sourced botanicals. I would recommend make your non-juniper botanicals be your signature and source them as close to home as possible to make that part of your story. Best of luck!
  10. Northern Waters

    Aging bourbon in a 15 gallon char 3 barrel

    We find that with real narrow hearts cuts we get a very nice whiskey in a little over a year. For those that we have run a little longer off the still then 18+ months is what we like. We have a few that are 2+ years and continue to progress nicely. Generally speaking ours are in the barrel around 110-proof and the barrels are in the building with us at room temperature.
  11. Northern Waters

    Transfer Pump (small) 4 GPM

    Awesome - thanks!
  12. Northern Waters

    Transfer Pump (small) 4 GPM

    Hey guys - anyone who can share what kind of compressor you are using to power the FloJet? I just ordered one. Thanks!
  13. Northern Waters

    Enolmatic Filters

    Super - thanks! I have some filters from Duda Diesel so I know what you mean about them as suppliers.
  14. Northern Waters

    Enolmatic Filters

    Nice - worth a try! Mind letting me know a good source for these bags that have worked for you? I will look as well!
  15. Northern Waters

    Enolmatic Filters

    Thanks Robert - I wondered about that too. I have a message into St Pats as well to see who their experts might be.