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  1. navenjohnson

    Finish Still, Stripping Still, Hammer Mill and Scale

    I am interested in the pallet scale.
  2. navenjohnson

    Colorado Distillery Lawyer/ Attorney

    Attention Colorado Distillers, We are in need of an attorney or consultant in Colorado that knows federal and state distillery laws really well. We are trying locate a person that can answer the questions and guide us in growing without having to pay for hours of research. There must be some kick ass attorney out there that is this person. Lastly, Dalkita does not have a lawyer on staff and did not have any answers (figured someone would likely suggest them). Any help would be appreciated.
  3. navenjohnson

    Bulk Juniper

    Thanks everyone!
  4. navenjohnson

    Bulk Juniper

    Where are people buying Juniper in bulk? I can't seem to find it in anything over a couple of pounds.
  5. navenjohnson

    Colorado corn and oat distributor

    Ironton, Would you PM me a contact number for whiskey sisters? I've reached out on their online form but heard nothing back. Be nice if they had a telephone number to reach out directly. Thanks, Naven
  6. We are looking for a new Regional corn oat and wheat distributor. Our local feed shop can't clean the corn as well as we would like. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. navenjohnson

    Inexpensive Pump for Hot Water/Backset

  8. navenjohnson

    Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    I am interested in the Rye Barrels. can you send a sample for review? Nate
  9. navenjohnson

    300 gallon steam piped or jacketed with agitation

    To follow up here: Might be able to spend more in order to get what we need with exacting features. Specifically I need a Mash Tun with the following. * 300+ gallon Steam Jacketed Mash Tun * Secondary Jacket for cold water/ glycol for cooling * Direct Steam Injection Port *Obvious other necessities including: agitation, CIP, safety valves, etc Under 18k
  10. navenjohnson

    Best selling swag items

    We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, ball caps, beanies, shot glasses, flasks, and a couple other items for sale in our tasting room. We're looking for other ideas. What other items have you all had success with selling out of your distillery?
  11. we are looking for a 300 gallon steam piped or jacketed with agitation mash tun. We do not currently lauter so that is not necessary for this unit. What are my options out there for under 15k
  12. navenjohnson

    CBD cocktails in Colorado

    We have a few "Medicinal Cocktails" on our speakeasy menu. We've developed our own versions of the Stony Negroni and the Rolled Fashioned, found via (http://cannabisregulator.com/here-come-cannabis-cocktails/) and they are freaking awesome. Can anyone speak to the legality of using CBD oil in a cocktail here in Colorado?
  13. My dear mom sent me a link to http://www.good-libations.com/ yesterday saying her friend was going to invest in this. Anyone here heard of them? Anyone on here working with them? Can simply adding GRAS to a barrel make a 20 year whiskey?
  14. navenjohnson

    Manway gasket material for stills - silicone or EPDM