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  1. navenjohnson

    unique vintage cooper distillery for sale

    I realize this is an older post, but I am wondering if this set-up is still for sale?
  2. navenjohnson

    Barrels for distillations

    2nd that for Bubba's
  3. navenjohnson

    5 gallon dumped barrels

    Seeking around 10, - 5 gallon fresh dumped whiskey casks.
  4. navenjohnson

    Tennessee 750ml

    Looking for the best price for Primal Glass Tennessee 750ml bar top. Looking to buy a large quantity. Who is the best broker/ supplier of these? Thank you in advance.
  5. navenjohnson

    Alternatives to plastic straws

    We are doing away with plastic straws and are also looking for alternatives. One I saw recently was a pasta straw: https://www.pastastraws.org/ and this one... We are going to see if one of our local Italian Restaurants can make the pasta straws.
  6. navenjohnson

    2 yr bourbon (not mgp)

    Not yet!
  7. We are looking for an East Coast based Brand Ambassador/Broker Representative that has experience working with The Navy Exchange/ PX - Class 6 Stores. Anyone know anyone in this realm?
  8. navenjohnson

    2 yr bourbon (not mgp)

    We are looking for a turnkey solution here. Interested in about 20 barrels per month of 2 year old bourbon. At this point we're looking at anywhere but MGP as a provider.
  9. navenjohnson

    Review of Confederate Stills of Alabama

    We've built a few different styles now. Our newest versions made of local Douglas fir. We get the wood from a local mill rough cut into 2x4s. Then we use a shaper to make cup and round-over edges on each of the staves. The bases, also doug fir, are cut to a double tongue and groove, fitted together then cut round. We use a similar v cut like the cruz on a traditional barrel for the joint between the staves and base. The hoops are made from 1/2" soft rolled steel rod rolled in a conduit roller and threaded at both ends. The whole thing is assembled squeezed and filled for swelling. Pic is of a couple unassembled vats. As a disclaimer, i need to note that we do use hardware to afix crossmembers on the bottom, but we use stainless and does not ever come into contact with liquid.
  10. navenjohnson

    Review of Confederate Stills of Alabama

    I purchased 3 cypress fermenters that were used. Since i do a fair amount of woodworking i decided to tear them down and rebuild them. To my disappointment they were put together with nails and silicone. Not what i expected. Truth is (and i know from experience) these vessels if shouldn't need this. They should be able to hold liquid by swelling and pressure alone. Maybe the best part of this experience is that it pushed us to build our own. And now we've developed a really good way to make these ourselves made of wood and held together with nothing more than pressure.
  11. navenjohnson

    Finish Still, Stripping Still, Hammer Mill and Scale

    I am interested in the pallet scale.
  12. navenjohnson

    Colorado Distillery Lawyer/ Attorney

    Attention Colorado Distillers, We are in need of an attorney or consultant in Colorado that knows federal and state distillery laws really well. We are trying locate a person that can answer the questions and guide us in growing without having to pay for hours of research. There must be some kick ass attorney out there that is this person. Lastly, Dalkita does not have a lawyer on staff and did not have any answers (figured someone would likely suggest them). Any help would be appreciated.
  13. navenjohnson

    Bulk Juniper

    Thanks everyone!
  14. navenjohnson

    Bulk Juniper

    Where are people buying Juniper in bulk? I can't seem to find it in anything over a couple of pounds.
  15. navenjohnson

    Colorado corn and oat distributor

    Ironton, Would you PM me a contact number for whiskey sisters? I've reached out on their online form but heard nothing back. Be nice if they had a telephone number to reach out directly. Thanks, Naven