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  1. CBD cocktails in Colorado

    We have a few "Medicinal Cocktails" on our speakeasy menu. We've developed our own versions of the Stony Negroni and the Rolled Fashioned, found via (http://cannabisregulator.com/here-come-cannabis-cocktails/) and they are freaking awesome. Can anyone speak to the legality of using CBD oil in a cocktail here in Colorado?
  2. My dear mom sent me a link to http://www.good-libations.com/ yesterday saying her friend was going to invest in this. Anyone here heard of them? Anyone on here working with them? Can simply adding GRAS to a barrel make a 20 year whiskey?
  3. Manway gasket material for stills - silicone or EPDM

  4. mrwhisky

    Go with Sherman at artisan-resources (http://www.artisanresources.com/)
  5. Wax Buttons

    We want to put a wax button on our bottle like Balcones or Tanqueray, etc. What is the consensus for the best way to do this? Seems buying the peel and stick version like these (http://www.premiumwaxseals.com/product/custom-wax-seals) would be easiest but certainly not the cheapest. How much of a PITA is dripping the wax on and stamping it with a brass stamper? Will it stay on, etc? Whats the best place to get this stuff? Anyone with experience, let us know!
  6. Hoover heating/cooling coil

    Can you tell me the dimensions?
  7. Starting Salery

    I realize this may vary from place to place, but what is the starting salary a relatively inexperienced (in distilling), new assistant manger/ distiller should expect to receive annually? Just asking generally here.
  8. What is this? Condenser or something else?

    Thank you, gentleman!
  9. Can anyone tell me what the open to air copper worm above this Forsyth still is? Condenser or something else? Its actually attached to the still to the left that's partially blocked by steel beams and the persons in the pic.
  10. Moab Distillery

    Hello from Steamboat Springs, Starcat. Also, searched for Swede but wasn't able to locate so I bought a sweet controller made by Sherman Owen www.artisanresources.com. Not cheap, but a truly nice custom unit.
  11. Anaerobic Digester

    http://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2017/02/borders-distillery-submits-plans-for-bio-plant/ Is this the future of distillery waste management?
  12. Anaerobic Digester

    Saw this colorful video on a DIY bio-digestion system a few years ago. The science behind it beginning at 9:45 is particularly helpful and interesting.
  13. Aged Rye Barrels

    Looking for a turnkey solution for aged rye barrels for blending/vatting. Preferably from the Rocky Mountain Region. Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Etc. Trying to source 2-4 year aged rye in barrels from someplace other than SS. This would hopefully be an ongoing partnership. We can talk about quantities.
  14. What copper should I use for a 300 gal still?

    I'd like to know where to buy copper alloy C12200 for rolling a column.