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  1. Hudson Bay Distillery had some used 5-gallon barrels last year. We bought about 10 of them and i think they had quite a few more.
  2. This was made by Dehner in Iowa. It is a very nicely built 150-gallon capacity steam jacket still kettle. 8" TC for the column. We are selling only the tank, mix motor, No column or condenser. This will come with a TC attached pressure relief valve. It also has a pressure and vacuum relief on the jacket. Heat up are very low as it has steam jackets on the side and on the bottom. It's been a great still to start our business on and now we are ready for bigger capacity. This tank will be ready to ship in early February or as soon as our new tank arrives. Call 612-419-4138 with questions. We are located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
  3. Anyone have experience selling into these entities? I have some questions before we present our product to them. Please PM me... Thank you
  4. Who was this built by? Doesn't have steam jacket and cooling jacket?
  5. My experience is that there is only one way to combat this issue and that is to deep clean the f-ing thing at least once a month. completely drain, take-apart, scrub every nook and accessible cranny and let completely dry before assembling and making ice.
  6. How about Hoochwear's accuracy? The free app calculators are often quite helpful. Does anyone know has anyone tested their accuracy?
  7. Can you point to some of the better studies you've come upon?
  8. Thank you Rodger, and everyone else. Roughing it out ourselves is all I'm trying to do so I really appreciate the direction.
  9. This is not for a loan but thank you for that.
  10. Where can such a professional be found that understands this type of business?
  11. I am interested in understanding better the metrics around appraising my business. Can anyone give me a detailed list of what numbers I should be using along with specifics like equipment depreciation and how bank debt, barrel stocks, trademarks and such might affect the appraisal? PM or open forum Thank you
  12. Thank you Dave. Thought you might be a good place to start.
  13. Looking at the cost of using barrel brokers to purchase imported casks vs just setting it up myself. Can anyone...Dave Dunbar...fill me in on the realities of how much it costs to import used/ empty barrels and what it takes to set up as barrel importer? Cheers!
  14. As we grow I am looking harder at efficiencies. Although most of my distilling is done via pot still I only have so much of a footprint to work with so a continous is looking more and more interesting. Where can I learn about this? What are my options? Is this even the way to go?
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