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  1. Can you point to some of the better studies you've come upon?
  2. Thank you Rodger, and everyone else. Roughing it out ourselves is all I'm trying to do so I really appreciate the direction.
  3. This is not for a loan but thank you for that.
  4. Where can such a professional be found that understands this type of business?
  5. I am interested in understanding better the metrics around appraising my business. Can anyone give me a detailed list of what numbers I should be using along with specifics like equipment depreciation and how bank debt, barrel stocks, trademarks and such might affect the appraisal? PM or open forum Thank you
  6. I am interested in the still. Can you PM me what you are looking to get for it? Can I see a pic of the inside to see the mixing capabilities? What is the connection size/type for the onion? N
  7. Thank you Dave. Thought you might be a good place to start.
  8. Looking at the cost of using barrel brokers to purchase imported casks vs just setting it up myself. Can anyone...Dave Dunbar...fill me in on the realities of how much it costs to import used/ empty barrels and what it takes to set up as barrel importer? Cheers!
  9. As we grow I am looking harder at efficiencies. Although most of my distilling is done via pot still I only have so much of a footprint to work with so a continous is looking more and more interesting. Where can I learn about this? What are my options? Is this even the way to go?
  10. Our distributor recently asked us to contact the state of Colorado and submit to them a "Distributor of Record"? Our previous distributor and no other states we are in distributors has asked us to do this. Couldn't find anything in a google search for it. Can anyone shed some light on this for us here in Colorado? THX, NJ
  11. We are looking for a supplier of sugar maple charcoal. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  12. What were these used for previously? Do they have ANY residual smell, stain, etc on the inside? Are they 42x48?
  13. We're in Steamboat Springs. I'm interested in buying the 300gal fermenter. What are the physical dimensions? Have to make sure it fits in my space
  14. What is your price per barrel for these? What proof it is currently at? How many are remaining?
  15. navenjohnson

    first time rum

    Thats a long time to ferment rum. We do one and it completes the ferment in 3 days. 265lbs molassas + 265lbs turbinado + go ferm = fermad K intitially and at 1/3 sugar depletion.
  16. I am interested in the stainless milk containers and probably some ancillary items.
  17. Anyone know the max ABV you can obtain using red star bakers yeast in a grain mash. I think it's around 5.5abv from my own experiments but I thought I'd see if anyone has had a different experience.
  18. I am trying to learn more about the Dickel Rye Process. So far I have learned that the rye 95% distillate comes from MGP, than it is put through the Lincoln County Process, barreled, and aged from there. My two questions: 1) Does the spirit arrive at Dickel as "Distillate" wherein then, Dickel distills it again in their equipment and then continues the process, or does it arrive from MGP as a refined product. 2) What type of barrels Is Dickel rye aged in? New oak barrels or used oak barrels,and what cooperage are they from?
  19. How does one go about locating and purchasing a usable vintage/ antique copper still? I have been scouring the Ebay UK and other European countries for weeks and nothing has come up. Please PM me if you have any gouge on the subject. Thanks!
  20. What do you have for stainless totes? I have one from trans-store and it is nice. Do you have something similar?

    1. Southernhighlander


      We are transtore vendors.  We have 250, 350, 550 and 750 gallon trasnstore totes that are new.  i don't currently have any used ones.  What size are you looking for?

    2. navenjohnson


      Standard closed top (stackable) 42 x 48 SS IBCs in: 

      180gallon x 2

      300gallon x 1

  21. That is valuable information. Thank you Silk City.
  22. Bump...anyone else have any advice?
  23. I want to collaborate with a couple of the local breweries this fall in developing a some beer based products. Since we have several breweries here in the Yampa Valley, we have some choice as to what we use. I am thinking of doing a malt whiskey, a beer schnapps, and perhaps an akvavit with some local craft. I'll do some roto-vap and/or 3 gal distillations in the coming weeks, but I know there is a lot of experience here to tap into first. Anyone care to share their experience or direct me to some useful threads? Thank you
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