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  1. Price reduced to $17,500! PM me if interested.
  2. This pump is still available. Please PM me if interested.
  3. The box weighs 58lbs and the dimensions are 26" x 22" x 16.5" (L X W x H).
  4. No problem. I'll box it, weigh it and send you the dimensions and weight for your shipping. You can send a check to KO Distilling, 10381 Central Park Drive, Suite 105, Manassas, VA 20110. I'll get the paperwork together for it also.
  5. It is still for sale and ready to go.
  6. Series 1535 Model 355T Pump and Motor. 36 GPM. Previously used as a re-circulation pump between our HX and our Chilled water tank. Put into service April 2015. Taken out of service August 2017. Includes a suction strainer/diffuser. We changed out the Heat Exchanger for a large size so we had to change the pump out also. Price $400.00 FOB Origin 20112 (Manassas, VA.)
  7. FOR SALE – Vendome 500 Gallon Direct Steam Injection Mash Tun (304 Stainless Steel) The Mash Tun uses a direct steam injection sparger for heating and has two external separate dimple cooling jackets (36” high) around the center of tank. The Mixer is a center top mount Brawn Mixer (BGMF300-LP, 3HP/230V/3PH/60Hz) with 18” AF 3 three blade Impeller. The Mash Tun includes an additional 17” x 22” rectangular side manway, 3” drain valve, 18” top manway, Silo Style construction (shell extends to floor), 3” Vent, side entry thermometer with thermowell. CIP – GW Kent #80-94 Rotating Spray Ball. Included is a Steam Carbon Filter that was used at the steam inlet to the Mash Tun to filter down to 2 microns. McMaster Carr Part number 44105K74. The Mash Tun also includes an extra 1 1/2 “ Tri clamp port mounted low on the side and a top mounted 3” tri clamp where we mounted our grain hydrator. Put into service April 2105. Removed from service August 2017 because of major plant upgrade. Replaced with a 1000 gallon Vendome Mash Tun. Price $19,500. FOB Origin 20110 (Manassas, VA)
  8. Columbia Boiler - 30 HP Gas Fired

    Attached are some pictures and a copy of the Boiler Data sheet. img-171005064959.pdf
  9. Columbia Boiler - 30 HP Gas Fired

    wayward, please email me at john at kodistilling . com as I didn't get your PM. I'll send out pictures to all at the same time.
  10. Columbia Boiler for sale – Model MPH-30 (30HP). Natural gas fired. Fire Tube Boiler, 15 PSI. 1,033,000 BTU/hr Gross Output The sale also includes a Single Domestic Hot Water Coil (installed within the boiler) for pre heating water for mixing with mash and includes a Columbia BS-2 Blow Down Separator. You will need to buy the CRT-8 Makeup Feed Tank to complete the system as I reused mine with the new Boiler. Put into service April 2015. The Boiler was used daily to distill a 500 gallon Vendome Pot Still and 500 gallon Vendome Mash Tun (with direct injection steam) simultaneously. We removed the Boiler from service in late August 2017 to replace it with another Columbia Boiler (twice as big) to support a major plant expansion. The Boiler was inspected and certified for operation yearly during operations. Manuals included. Sold as is, no warranty implied. You can go on to the Columbia Boiler site for detailed specs. Price $15,500 FOB 20110 (Manassas, VA)
  11. ITF-14 Barcode

    You will need to contact GS1 and purchase ITF-14 bar codes for each of your UPCs. If you have different case configurations (6 pack and 12 pack) for each product then you will need 2 ITF-17 bar codes (case codes), one for each configuration. If you are selling in control states then you will have to register each UPC with its corresponding case code number with NABCA. Clear as mud, right?
  12. I have 16 newly dumped 53 gallon barrels. The barrels came from Kelvin Cooperage and have a No. 3 Char. The barrels held our Wheat Whiskey for one year (5 barrels) or our 100% Rye Whiskey for 18 months (11 barrels). Once dumped a new bung was inserted. Selling for $175 each or $150 each if you buy 4 or more. You handle shipping. We have them 4 to a pallet now but can sell individually. Barrels are currently in Manassas, Virginia 20110. PM me or call at 703-587-4680.
  13. Get your Federal Permit? How long did it take?

    Congratulations Allan. I see you are in VA. Where will your distillery be located. We are located in Manassas, VA. Good luck.
  14. miniatures

    Dehner, Please PM me with pictures of your PET 50mL bottles and caps and your final marked up pricing. I'm look for 10K bottles. You mentioned you had boxes too. Send me info on those also. I'm looking for 60 bottles per case. Anyone else have PET 50mLs to sell in this quantity please PM me also with pricing and pictures. Thanks
  15. reverse osmosis water system

    I have the ROSCOMP-450 which does 450 - 600 GPD. We bought the float with it that we mounted into the side of our fresh water tote and turn it on the afternoon before we are going to proof and we have plenty of water in the morning and the float cuts the power to the unit, so no overflow at night. I bought it from ESP Water Products that HottyToddy77 was looking at for another unit. Easy to change the filters also.