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  1. sonnyk

    Barrel size

    I am not sure from a Fire Code standpoint but I know that for DOT that if you transport spirits in over 60 gallon containers by truck they are considered Hazmat, while the 53 gallon barrels we transport from the distillery to the Rickhouse via truck are not as they are under the 60 gallon limit.
  2. Do you have a picture or diagram of how the system components were intended to be assembled?
  3. That is the model we have. We had one minor problem with it when the bottom auger in the hopper separated at the connection to the long auger (flight) in the tube. We fixed it and it moves a lot of grain quickly. We went with the 8" auger so it could reach the height of our grain bins. You will have to add an On/Off switch mounted on the Auger and the cable from the switch to a plug to power the unit. BTW, when not in use we cover the bottom hopper with a plastic tote that we cut in half to keep rain water from collecting in the hopper. I hope this helps.
  4. Price lowered! These are one time use barrels with original juice aged 2 years. I'm lowering the price to $100 per barrel. If you take all 15 barrels then I'll take $90 per barrel. I need to move these as I'm running out of room for filled barrels. You can call me at 703-587-4680. John O.
  5. I have the following used 53 Gallon Kelvin Cooperage Barrels for sale. One time use. They are all Char 3 and the dates noted are the dates dumped. Bung were inserted back in the barrels after dumping and they were not rinsed. All barrels are FOB Origin, Manassas, VA 20110 Product Held Date Dumped Number available Rye Whiskey 4/3/2018 4 Wheat Whiskey 4/19/2018 6 Wheated Bourbon 5/2/2018 5 $125 each. You arrange for shipping. PM me.
  6. We currently do all our measurements of alcohol by weight on calibrated scales and our proof measurements with our Anton Paar DMA. This gives us an accurate measure of how much product we have in a specific tank for barreling. When we barrel we weigh each barrel empty and then weigh it again when it is filled. Based on the proof we calculate the proof gallons in each barrel. As barrel volumes vary so does the amount that fills each barrel. We record the specific number of PGs per barrel. I know when visiting the very large distilleries that there is no way they are following such a procedure. All barrels are marked RC-53 and then it is assumed that each barrel holds 53.00 wine gallons no matter how much the barrel holds. I know some of the distilleries have calibrated flow meters on their barreling lines but is each barrel total specifically recorded. We are at the point in our production growth where the weighing of each barrel twice (before and after the filling process) is burdensome and time consuming. Given the number of barrels that we are now filling I must determine if this level of accuracy in barrel fills is required. If not, then I would need to determine the most time and cost effectively approach to be compliant with TTB requirements. Your thoughts are appreciated. Have a great weekend.
  7. We are now selling all our whiskeys and Bourbon at 2+ years old. I looked at the allowable COLA changes on the TTB site but could not determine if adding the word "Straight" before Whiskey or Bourbon on my label was allowable or if need to submit revised COLAs. Any thoughts?
  8. Hello Kara, What other info would you like? Links to the specs and some pictures are available in the original posts. Also, search on the water pump in the For Sale section and the details are there for the pump. I used this system until it was too small for the new equipment cooling needs. You can give me a call if you would like. 703-587-4680.
  9. We really found that the slowest part of the bottling process was the labeling, so that is what we addressed first. We have really increased our bottling throughput by adding a CDA labeler. The labeler first applies the bottle capsule closure that is then shrinked in the heat tunnel, the label is then printed on (sequential bottle number and lot number) then the front and back labels are applied. While not cheap ($23K) it is much much better and faster than hand rolling each label on even with a semi-auto single bottle labeler. As we continue to grow we will add an auto rinser/sparger, filler and capper to the lineup.
  10. Come on, someone can put this chiller to use. Price reduced to $7K and I'll throw in a 1500 gallon water tank (pre-drilled for piping connections) and a 36 GPM Water Pump (208V, 3PH), that I had listed on another post. PM me.
  11. Price reduced to $8,000. PM me if interested. It is sitting here ready to ship.
  12. The Chiller is located in Manassas, Virginia (Northern Virginia) about 6 miles south of I66.
  13. RTS-1603 Chiller supplies 192,000 BTU/HR (16 Tons) cooling at 45F chilled glycol/water. It is a 4 compressor unit. Power requirements are 208V 3PH 60Hz. This unit was operational when taken out of service in August to be replaced with a much larger unit. This unit was used along with a chilled water tank and Heat Exchanger to crash cool a 500 gallon Mash Tank, cooling water for the pot still condenser and chilled water cooling for (4) 500 gallon fermenters. It has dual circulator pumps (one standby) manually selected. This unit was put into service in May 2015. I think that one of the 4 compressors will need to be replaced. Originally paid $23.7K for unit new. Asking $10K as-is. FOB Origin Manassas, VA 20110. PM me with any questions. RTS RTR-1603 electrical panel layout.pdf RTS-1603spec.pdf Rite-Temp RTRRTS-1603 electrical schematic.pdf
  14. This pump is still available. Please PM me if interested.
  15. The box weighs 58lbs and the dimensions are 26" x 22" x 16.5" (L X W x H).
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