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  1. trinacria

    Complete distillery for sale.

    Congrats on the company growth. Who built the stills?
  2. trinacria

    Stills coming out of Iowa by : DEHNER

    Very nice Joe! What's the throughput and cost on that bad boy?
  3. While reading through the "Start-up Budget" thread, as well as numerous others, I got to thinking. Experience counts and has value. Most people on this forum didn't come from a distilling background. But that doesn't preclude anyone from utilizing whatever experiences they do have to their advantage. Engineers often design or build their own equipment, folks in business have certain advantages at their disposal. Your best friend might be the town fire marshal or sit on the planning commission... You get the idea. So, my question, to you: Looking back, how has your life before distilling helped you? Has it saved you significant capital in start up costs or operation? Has it saved your bacon? Made it possible for you to open your distillery?
  4. trinacria

    CEQA and California Minor use Permits

    Sorry to hear about your headache. Are you constructing a new building from the ground up or renovating an existing one?
  5. trinacria

    Failure Rate

    Great topic! Mash, could you please elaborate a bit on state laws? Im out in California but would be very interested in hearing a bit about your particular difficulties. Ya know, knowledge is power and all.
  6. trinacria

    Does anyone run a continuous still?

    As the topic suggests Im looking for people who run continuous stills (preferably a continuous fractioning set up but also if you run a continuous stripper). Recently I visited Greenbar Distillery in Los Angeles and was very impressed with their set up: A continuous fractioning still as well as a 100 gallon, 4 plate pot. A very nice set up and they make some wonderful products. Needless to say it got me to thinking. I've read the lengthy thread started by Mr. Heising and have reached out to the known manufacturers of said equipment (Heising, McKee. Dehner, I'll be contacting you in the next few days. Did I miss anyone else?) but Im looking to chat with some operators and learn about their experiences with such equipment. Operations, equipment manufacturers and so on. Anyone willing to chat please let me know. Thanks all. -Frank
  7. trinacria

    Shipping Scam alert

    I've gotten this one. I just respond I run a linux system.... Silence.
  8. trinacria

    Video of glass bottle coming out of hot mold

    Very nice. Some good looking glass you guys got.
  9. trinacria

    Honey based spirits

    Hey guys great thread. I'm a commercial beekeeper by trade and will definitely be utilizing honey when I open up shop. The sheer number of varietals and flavors make for endless flavor profiles in spirits. Just an FYI to anyone interested in using honey as an ingredient in their products. If you aren't already aware, good honey (honey that isn't from China and thus tainted) isn't cheap. Looking at things long term it's only going to get increasingly more expensive. More so than it has in the last five years or so. Not trying to spook or deter anyone in anyway but just wanted to share my insight with you all!
  10. trinacria

    full featured electric bain marie still

    Looks fantastic! Definitely makes me want to place an order for one of your stills today... damn due diligence! Did I read that wrong or am I to understand bain marie can be "fired" with natural gas instead of heating elements?
  11. trinacria

    online software for TTB compliance

    I can't speak to price not can I speak to what elements should be included as I am still aways off from applying for my DSP. That said I think something electronic, and as close to idiot proof as possible, would be a fantastic thing! Please keep us posted. I'd definitely be interested in something like this when I open up.
  12. trinacria

    When to upgrade to a larger set up?

    So Im plugging along on my journey to opening up. The local authorities are on board with everything on paper. Investors lining up and I'll likely begin making purchases in a few months... well you get the idea. Now Im not looking to get ahead of myself as Im aways form even getting permitted but I am looking and developing a long term plan. Im curious at which point during your operation did you guys upgrade to a larger still? I'm sure everyone's answer will vary. Also, Im aware there are numerous factors specific to everyone's operation but I'd appreciate some input from you guys who have upgraded or are in the process of/thinking of upgrading. What criteria did you set/reach for you to pull the trigger or begin thinking about upgrading? With the turnaround time on still construction I'd imagine most people wouldn't wait to be running full time, 5 days a week before upgrading. Or what you? For those curious I'll be starting with a sixty gallon rig. As always thanks for the input everyone.
  13. trinacria

    Equipment recommendations needed

    Given the capacity OP posted what would a realistic output be given the same parameters? 300-500 cases?
  14. trinacria

    Supplier reviews not welcome on ADIforums.com

    Honestly this whole thing has become terribly disappointing and is on the verge of getting nasty/flaming out. Guy Im sorry if you feel ganged up on or unappreciated for what you do in running the forum. We all understand you're a busy person with a distillery to run, and Im sure tons of other stuff to do. We all have things on our plate as well. There have been several proposals and ideas brought up as to how to remedy this situation. Whenever you have time could you please address them? It's pretty evident that a lot of us are unclear on the formal rules and structure of the forum and we appreciate you filling us in but if you could address some of the proposed work arounds it would be most helpful and appreciated by all of us. That way we'll know if there's any agreeable solution for all parties involved and we can all make our own decisions about our involvement from there. Just a thought.
  15. trinacria

    Supplier reviews not welcome on ADIforums.com

    At the risk of being a broken record I have to second the sentiments of just about everyone on this thread. As a startup (who actually hopes to begin starting up later this year) this site has been an invaluable resource. I understand that there need to be rules and guidelines to maintain order and civility but to me, blindly forbidding supplier reviews flies directly in the face of the stated purpose of- "sharing knowledge"- ADI Forums. Knowledge is power and, in business, power is money. It's a bit disappointing that ADI forums would deprive it's users of potentially very powerful knowledge. Furthermore, I'd just like to add that, I find it more than a little offensive that 1. you use the term "one sided review" indicating that we're somehow incapable of being objective in our reviews of experiences with suppliers. And, 2. Insinuating that we're somehow incapable of discerning honest reviews from BS. Just my two cents but like ASD said, "I disagree with this decision. but i have no ownership of these forums."