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  1. orangefcat

    Good source for 750ml bottles?

    Call us - Loggerhead Deco. We can help! 630-206-3747 email: info@loggerheaddeco.com
  2. orangefcat

    Bottle Labels

    Call us www.loggerheaddeco.com
  3. orangefcat

    Screen printing bottles

    We can help. Loggerhead Head email Lia at Lia@loggerheaddeco.com
  4. orangefcat

    Best label company

    Loggerhead Deco! Call us 630-488-9426
  5. orangefcat


    Call Dan Lund at Get It Packaged +1 (630) 740-7411
  6. orangefcat

    oval shaped bottles - how are you applying labels?

    We can help on the St Louis bottle. Call me. Steve 630-488-9426 Steve@loggerheaddeco.com
  7. orangefcat

    Primera AP362 on tapered bottles?

    We would be happy to print them for ya...tapers are very difficult on these small labelers. Repeatability will be even more of a challenge.
  8. orangefcat

    HELP! Advice needed on purchasing a labeler

    Call me - 630-488-9426 (Steve). We can help.
  9. orangefcat

    Reg Glass Bottles

    Welcome. Please publish your email and website information for database.
  10. orangefcat

    Small Batch Bottle Decorating

    Hello from the center of the country...beautiful Chicago! We want to spread word about our bottle decorating services - let us know in an email info@loggerheaddeco.com or call Steve at 630-488-9426 to discuss Small Batch Glass Decorating Options... High end Screen Printing with propriety printing process - Design and print all Pantone Colors Spray and Frostting - Organic or Ceramic (Fades to Full Coverage) WIndow Effects Many options - decorate your bottle just like the big brands We have stock tooling for several bottles - Rounds (lugged or non-lugged), Flat, Tapered, and Oval printing Craft Decorating is what we do! If you are in Denver for the ADI - Stop by and see us. Cheers!
  11. orangefcat

    Hello from Billings, MT!!

    Good luck. Let us know when you need bottles and decorating. www.loggerheaddeco.com
  12. orangefcat

    low run unique bottles

    What kind of bottles are you looking for? Might be able to help.