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  1. Nelson Dilbert

    Distiller/Manager in the Cayman Islands

    ABOUT Cayman Spirits Company is a full production distillery in The Cayman Islands. Specializing in Rum, Vodka and Liquors, we operate a 1000 gallon washhouse and fermenter batch size with wash and spirit distillations running every day Monday through Saturday. POSITION We are currently looking for someone to fill a position that will work on all facets of our spirits production from wash production and distilling operations to warehousing and packaging in addition to palate development. Candidates MUST be serious about safety, quality, and attention to detail. Candidates must also be available to work Monday through Saturday in the morning and during the day as well as some evenings. The candidate will work with and report any mechanical issues to the Plant Manager. An ideal candidate would have: An eagerness to learn and accept direction Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills Strong written and verbal communication ability A flexible schedule The ability to operate a forklift and pallet jack safely A willingness to perform other jobs and help other employees in the distillery as needed A college degree in chemistry, microbiology, or food science; or applicable experience in a related field. Production brewing or production distilling experience of some kind. COMPENSATION Competitive wage based on previous work experience and expertise. TO APPLY Send cover letter, resume, and references to: nelson@rum.ky or call 345-926-8186
  2. Nelson Dilbert

    Wood Fermenters 200 gal x 2 - unused

    Hi can you please send me some photos nelson@rum.ky
  3. Nelson Dilbert

    Great Job in the Cayman Islands

    We are looking for a new person willing to relocate to the Cayman Islands. Please send resumes to nelson@rum.ky. All experience levels. thanks