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  1. Absinthe Pete

    My experience with Corson Distilling

    Does anyone know why, in that article, the still blew, what the failure was? I think the education of that would be invaluable.
  2. Absinthe Pete

    Equipment Vendors Selling Stills with Design Flaws

    I think it's TOTALLY Legit to mention websites that either, 1. Have Design Problems and/or 2. Are stealing other people's designs. I'm not sure as well about the forum rules, but this should definitely be allowed.
  3. Absinthe Pete

    Distiller Wanted in SF

    Ok we're holding off for now. We really need someone who already lived in the bay area.
  4. Absinthe Pete

    Distiller Wanted in SF

    Still looking for a distiller, some experience they should have, said Yoda! 1. In charge of making all spirits. i. Distilling Gin and Absinthe from Scratch, but starting with a neutral brandy spirit. ii. Making Rhum from scratch. Fermentation to spirit run. 2. At times overseeing bottling. 3. Tastings at Safeways around the bay area. We all chip in when the Safeway is in our areas. a. All tastings are either Friday 3-7 or Saturday 2-6. If you run out of product to sell from Safeway’s shelves you can leave. Happens quite often. 4. Doing events when they come up. 5. Sales if distilling is slow. 6. Helping out with advertising/marketing in terms of promotion and online social media if things are slow.
  5. Greetings,

    I am interested in the distiller position that you posted my I get more information?

    My email is sandersc003@peacocks.uiu.edu

    Thank you


  6. Absinthe Pete

    Automatic labeler with two stations (1000 bph)

    I'm not interested. Thanks though.
  7. Absinthe Pete

    Distiller Wanted in SF

    Looking for a part time to full time distiller in San Francisco. Working distillery fully established in the industry. Need to have experience. Drug free environment. Message me for details.
  8. Absinthe Pete

    CDA R1000 Labeler Brand New Ready for Delivery

    Ok you can call me 415.610.7486
  9. Absinthe Pete

    CDA R1000 Labeler Brand New Ready for Delivery

    The way it's setup now it can do front and back label from both labels on each roll. You can order another label head for $1500 to do another label, like neck label or anything else. 1500 bottles and hour.
  10. Absinthe Pete

    CDA R1000 Labeler Brand New Ready for Delivery

    Brenton are you still interested?
  11. Possibly. I've got a few people I'm interviewing. Also should mention this would be part time work.
  12. Absinthe Pete

    CDA R1000 Labeler Brand New Ready for Delivery

    Yes, they have offices in Virginia. I just found out the training won't be transferred and you'll have to pay for it. I think it's like $1000, but maybe you can negotiate with them as they were planning on coming out again for me at the end of January if I hadn't sold it. Astrée De VIELDER <astree.devielder@cdafrance.com> 804.496.0576