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  1. Brian

    VFD recommendations needed

    https://www.driveswarehouse.com/ FYI.....these can be specified to run on single phase 240VAC.....thought de-rating is required they will work fine.
  2. Brian

    Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    sure.....take a hike over to: Q&A from :https://www.dalkita.com/prohibition-on-flammable-liquids-in-plastic-totes/ There is a Q&A at the end of that thread that has questions....so one of Dalkita's consultants made that comment. Best, Brian
  3. Brian

    Operational Protocol

    DISCUS has an Industry based document that may be applicable. I would STRONGLY suggest you pay the nominal fee and get this publication. "Recommended Fire Protection Practices for Distilled Spirits Beverage Facilities 3rd Edition"
  4. Brian

    Explosion venting

    FIRE PROTECTION DOCUMENT---- DISCUS has an Industry based document that may be applicable in Canada. I would STRONGLY suggest you pay the nominal fee and get this publication. "Recommended Fire Protection Practices for Distilled Spirits Beverage Facilities 3rd Edition" Elsewhere in this forum lurk PE's who are familiar with the safety requirements and have successfully guided folks over this hurdle. Excised from the DISCUS document....to wet you whistle... 4-7 ALARM SYSTEMS AND WATCH SERVICE 4-7.1 Fire and evacuation alarm systems should be considered for each facility. Operations involve the production and handling of flammable alcohol along with utilization and storage of other combustible materials. These alarm systems will help with timely identification and notification of potential fire or other emergencies and will facilitate a quicker response by both private and public emergency services (fire, police, etc.). These systems also provide a mechanism to notify all personnel of the need to evacuate the buildings or area. Building, fire, or life safety codes or fire authorities may mandate installation of these systems. Refer to NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code and NFPA 101, Life Safety Code. 4-7.2 Proper installation of fire alarm system components, such as automatic fire detectors (smoke, heat, optical, etc.), manual activation devices, waterflow switches, alarm notification appliances, control panels etc., is critical to their satisfactory operation. Installation, testing and acceptance of the components and systems should conform to industry standards and practices. Refer to NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code and NFPA 101, Life Safety Code. 4-7.3 All fire alarm system wiring, initiating devices, detectors, alarm appliances, etc., should be listed for use in accordance with the classification of the area in which they are installed. Refer to NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code and NFPA 70, National Electric Code. Refer to Chapter 6. 4-7.4 Monitoring (supervision) of the fire
  5. Brian

    Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    Flash Point----Ethanol Q&A from :https://www.dalkita.com/prohibition-on-flammable-liquids-in-plastic-totes/ Matthew Taylor-Rennert says January 17, 2018 at 3:15 PM Correct. Flammable alcohol over ~ 16% ABV should really be stored in metal containers if over 5.3 gallons, by the letter of the code. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Here is a little table on the Flash Point of Ethanol: Temp vs. % by Weight ------ Note this is for Ethanol not "heads" or any other mixture you may be using.
  6. Brian

    Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    For citation details read the posts about 4-5 back in this thread for citations and regs......you certainly can find plastics that are inert to ethanol and you can ship in them but you CANNOT store in them without fire risk and OSHA citation exposure. If or when OSHA cites you and you do not remediate your citation the fines can become extreme and you may be out of business. DOT regulations for shipping GNS to your facility are a different bird entirely. Simply grounding a plastic tote is not in conformance......I realize this is a pain in the butt. Moving a pallet of 53G barrels around in your facility without a rated forklift is also subject to citation.....you may wish it to be different and you may win the next Mega Lottery as well. Some of this confusion is around inconsistent and non-conforming regulations.....wood barrels, 60Gallon bulk storage, qualities of plastic, & etc......at the end of the day you may find an inspector at your door and wished you had made different decisions. This consultant has a nice summary: https://www.dalkita.com/prohibition-on-flammable-liquids-in-plastic-totes/
  7. Brian

    Vapor in Column Backflow

    in the bottom of my columns the downward liquid flow seals the down of the column which then drains from near the bottom of the column this "backup" functions as a kind of trap with separation from the in flow of high temperature vapor.....the tube returning to the pot was not uncovered.....
  8. Brian

    Vapor in Column Backflow

    is it possible you are driving it too hard and not allowing for the entire column to stabilize or the defleg is too cold and rejecting too much product and flooding the plates?....happen to have a laser temperature gun to check temps of plates as vapor goes higher and higher?
  9. Brian

    Vapor in Column Backflow

    my pots had a return well into the pot....the path was up through the helmet and over to the bottom of the column....the liquid from the downcomers draining out of the very bottom of the column and the vapor input 3-4 inches off of the very bottom of the column.....so when running the "seal" was the liquid in the bottom of the column... What is the diameter of the return to the pot? ru not doing something like mis-configuring the valves right? so another silly question: did the manufacturer commission your still....has it been wonkly from day one? If you have a grain in mash the return could be plugged with solids from previous runs and not allowing a return...
  10. Brian

    Vapor in Column Backflow

    if the liquid return path is above the liquid line in the pot, both paths could be feeding vapor....
  11. Brian

    Vapor in Column Backflow

    Are there two paths to the column....1) for vapor and 2) for condensed liquid being returned to the pot?
  12. Brian

    Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    So shipping in plastic IBC's is just fine but the second you take them off the truck you may be stuck....also you must ground the SS IBC's.....if your OSHA inspector doesn't cite you don't beg them to cite you because they just might....also when moving them or wood barrels around your facility you "must" use a rated forklift....but I am sure no one will believe this either....maybe we could make a new Mad Max movie....ya know driving a tricked out flaming IBC through a rick house!!!
  13. Brian

    Plastic vs Stainless tanks

    It is against OSHA regs to store high proof spirits in plastic totes...shipping across country in the back of a semi-trailer is just fine. Your tax dollars at work
  14. Brian

    Flow Meters

    https://www.zoro.com/search?q=flowmeter&page=3 zoro has a bunch to consider depending on your needs