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  1. BWFiggins

    Apple Brandy Literature

    Hi Steven, I think that you're very wise to educate yourself about apple brandy! Some favourites are: Calvados by Charles Neal Calvados: the world's premier apple brandy by Henrik Mattsson Handbook of Fine Brandies by Gordon Brown Distilling Fruit Brandies by Josef Pischl In good spirits, Rusty
  2. BWFiggins

    Anton-Paar DMA35

    This item has been sold! Thank you to the ADI Forum and to those of you who responded! All the best, Rusty Figgins
  3. BWFiggins

    Anton-Paar DMA35

    So sorry, it was purchased sight-unseen yesterday!
  4. BWFiggins

    Anton-Paar DMA35

    So sorry, it was purchased sight-unseen yesterday!
  5. BWFiggins

    Anton-Paar DMA35

    So sorry, Stumpy, it was purchased sight-unseen yesterday!
  6. BWFiggins

    Anton-Paar DMA35

    Now available after an upgrade at the distillery is an Anton-Paar DMA35, bought new in 2012 for $2400.00: Gently used and always carefully handled, it is in excellent working condition and comes complete with the optional hard-shell carrying case, not the cardboard case. Includes the original paperback owners manual and the driver on a mini CD! It can be yours today for $1100.00, and includes free US shipping + insurance. Also, free for first-time users of this type of device is a complete operation tutorial by telephone!
  7. I will take them both, and I have sent you a direct message! Glad to have them for the SIPS lending library, and thanks for offering these two books on this forum!
  8. BWFiggins

    Fed Permit For Sale

    If only a DSP could be bought and sold. That Basic Permit and DSP are not transferrable. Certainly the business can be sold, but the transferrability of the BP and DSP lies in the buyer's ability to be awarded these permits. Remember, any change in ownership must be reported to the TTB within 30 days! Better call Dave Dunbar Compliance Services!
  9. BWFiggins

    MobilTherm 43 thermal transfer fluid

    Yes, still available. I wrote a message to you off-forum.
  10. BWFiggins

    DYE China?

    The equipment sold by DYE is very well built and I daresay that many observers marvel at its build quality. Lotusland49p would do well to perform a cursory sanitizing protocol and a passivation prior to making such claims. It has been my experience on behalf of several clients that DYE offers rapid responsiveness to inquiries from existing and prospective customers alike. Perhaps those with a history of unreasonable requests are not met with the same level of customer service?
  11. BWFiggins

    MobilTherm 43 thermal transfer fluid

    Sorry, Allan, my mailbox was temporarily at its limit because of lots of recent activity. The MobilTherm 43 is still available, and it is yours if you would like to pick it up in DC.
  12. All four of these have found a new home!
  13. Not just any barrels! Each is an 800-liter foudre, or also called a demi-muid. They are made from 1-1/2" thick Limousin oak, the forest closely associated with the Cognac region. They were custom-ordered in 2008 to be built without their heads for the express purpose of being used as mash tub. They were not fitted with valves or a bottom drain because the intention was to fill and evacuate each vessel a using a racking wand, which always drained them completely after a slight tip to one side. A quick rinse with very hot water, and a second evacuation makes them ready to use for the subsequent batch. If you request it, the stock bungholes can be threaded to 1.5" NPT to accept a TC fitting, upon which you can install a racking cane and butterfly valve, but the point of an open-top fermenter is access from the top. As is commonly known, fermentations in contact with wood do not only have an esoteric appeal, they produce better flavors and aromas over stainless steel because of the presence of wood tannins. Additionally, the same is true if used for fruit mashes. Each could be fitted with a drum dolly having a one-ton capacity, if mobility is desired. They have always been used in stationary mode at two distilleries so far in their lifetime. Lots of life left in these beauties! Thank you for your interest, and all the very best, Rusty
  14. Four open-top, 800-liter (211 gallons), French-oak mash tuns from Tonnellerie Rousseau are now available. Have been used successfully for many malt and grain mashes, but they have been replaced with larger fermenters. https://www.tonnellerie-rousseau.com/ These are clean, water-tight and ready to be put to work in your mash house. A full 1.5 inches thick with heavily galvanized hoops! $3200.00 for all four, or 1000.00 per piece. Ships from Dayton, Washington 99328. Thoroughly shrink-wrapped and palletized prior to shipment. Call 'The Proof Prof,' Rusty Figgins, and reserve these handsome mash vessels today! 206.497.7554
  15. A distillery client in the DC area has approximately 100 gallons of MobilTherm 43 thermal transfer fluid. This product is the finest grade of purified mineral oil with a very high flash point. Requires recirculation equipment to optimize its superior thermal transfer qualities within kettle jackets on steam or bain-marie distillation equipment: http://pds.mobil.com/USA-English/Lubes/PDS/GLXXENINDMOMobiltherm_43.aspx $1000.00 takes all; shipped from ZIP code 20002.