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  1. I've known this for some time, and as a consumer it makes me pretty frustrated. Why? Because I like rye and 1/2 of the stuff on the shelf at the liquor store all comes from the same barrel. I like to try new brands and I don't know if the $45 bottle of X is the exact same product as a $20 bottle of Y.
  2. Distilled water is perfectly safe to drink. People (most likely NOT from a science/biology background) argue that distilled water is so pure that it will pull out all your electrolytes due to the "desire" for the two substances (the water, and everything in your body) to equalize. The difference between tap water and distilled water isn't that profound in most areas, the dissolved minerals in the water are miniscule and compared to what is in your body already there might as well not be any. It most likely wont leach calcium from your bones (a common myth), because the amount of calcium in your blood contains somewhere around +10x the levels of calcium of tap water. Blood (normally) contains >100mg/l of calcium while tap water normally contains 1-100 mg/l. By this logic most people's tap water would be "robbing" them of calcium and other nutrients. If anything, too much calcium (and other minerals) in drinking water can be more of a health concern especially to those who are prone to kidney stones. tl;dr as long as you aren't chugging like 5 gallons of distilled water a day without any meals, you will be fine.
  3. "The cloud" always scares me. Personally I'd prefer to have backups on my own drives and a cloud service. If the cloud server crashed or the host company went out of business it could cause a lot of problems. At home I keep my data backed up on multiple computers and then multiple drives put in small fire safes which are put inside larger fire safes. It's a bit ridiculous, but my data is safe from just about anything short of a direct nuclear blast
  4. I'm wondering the same thing. I understand the mash goes in one end and drains through a screen--but what keeps the solids moving once the liquid drains out?
  5. Are those ethanol furnaces vented? Reason I ask is that my state strictly forbids "ventless" natural gas/propane heaters (and I'm guessing ethanol falls into that category as well).
  6. Good to hear! There seems to be a few people lately having to contact supervisors to get things moving. It's sad that a business can be hampered so much by one person.
  7. schnit

    Green Whiskey

    I think aging whiskey in a wood barrel is the most ecologically friendly part of the production process. Growing trees consumes CO2 and produces O2. People need to plant trees to have a continuous source of wood, and I'm guessing the air "filtered" over the lifetime of a tree outweighs the carbon output during the wood/barrel processing?
  8. Would this need a separate "outside" (in terms of the bonded/general premise) entrance from the distillery? Or can it just be a locked door separating the two?
  9. You might try Medallion Labs at General Mills? I don't know exactly what they test for with toxicology as I've only had samples of my future product tested for any types of growths.
  10. Here's my general outlook on advertising (I was in the business for a couple years). I sometimes had clients who were struggling small businesses, they were profitable but still didn't have a lot of disposable income. Oftentimes a client would be interested in joining some association (like the BBB for example) where they might spend $500-1,000 each year hoping it would generate them more business. I look at it like this. For a small business that $500 could probably be better used on some targeted advertisements (liquor store posters/fliers) which would generate much more revenue than the affiliation. Once you have begun to exhaust the advertising and you have a steady flow of liquid cash, then put it towards the contests, memberships etc. Others may see things differently.
  11. I think it depends on how it's marketed and how knowledgeable the customers are. If it's not marketed well, even the highest, most respected accolades in the industry won't matter very much.
  12. schnit


    Just curious, do those of you running an agitator see a noticeable decrease in production times on your runs? Thanks.
  13. Same. If it's a simple yes/no, fine. If it's a "enter the date" (especially those which require you to click through a calander) I don't proceed unless I absolutely have to. Sometimes it's the little things which cost a business sales and traffic.
  14. Alibaba is the world's leader in e-commerce for a reason. With that being said, make sure you do your homework before ordering. Understand that one major risk is that if you are unhappy with your product, you don't have as many options/ways to settle a dispute as you would with a seller in your country.
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