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  1. I am introducing my idea of a distillery to my city and trying to get the green light to set up shop just a couple hundred yards from a pernod-ricard bottling plant. Not sure why I want to do it. I guess it is just sort of a motivation for me. Gives me a goal. I want to be better than those guys across the street. lol
  2. When you all approached your city and told them your ideas, did you provide any type of monetary numbers, such as the type of revenue you plan to bring in, the taxes they will gain from it, jobs that you created... etc. or did you simply state what you were producing, how you were producing it, and what you needed to do in order to satisfy all requirements? This is my next step, but I am having trouble with how in depth I need to go or how much information I need to disclose.
  3. sweetT14

    Achieving 95%

    sorry Dehner, do you recommend throttling back on the heat when the pressure drops? I have found, it takes a bit extra to get it flowing, but once the pressure evens out, I have to throttle back just a bit to keep it from running too hot and too fast. That way It comes out higher
  4. sweetT14

    specialty malts?

    I gotcha, I was under the impression that it produced a chocolate like flavor, which I assumed was the reason you were using it, which is the reason I brought up chocolate. My mistake... Laugh if you must, I deserve it...
  5. sweetT14

    specialty malts?

    I realize yall were talking about malted barley, I was just curious why you didn't just use a consumer type chocolate instead, seems it would be cheaper but, 1. If its definitely a specialty malt whiskey that you are making then I can understand that, 2. I guess you answered my question. Its probably better to flavor after fermentation and distillation when not using a specialty malt since there are more efficient ways and fermenting on consumer type chocolate could produce off flavors but you cannot say from experience. Thanks for commenting to the "the best post of the year". Just trying to learn
  6. sweetT14

    specialty malts?

    I am really interested in this topic, and it has been very eye opening thus far... I have one question though, is it a must to use a malt chocolate as opposed to, lets say, store bought chocolate. I mean what are the faults with just melting down a chocolate bar and adding it to your mash? You can buy a 5 gallon bucket worth of chocolate icing like bakeries use and it would have fermentable sugars. I imagine you could buy it fairly cheap by the 5 gallon. Just curious...
  7. I also read that corn will produce more of a burn than say rye, but the distillery I visited was mashing with corn and bottling at 125 proof, and was unbelievably smooth, No burn whatsoever. I have to learn his trick!
  8. Sounds like a good learning experiment. Thanks sweeet
  9. What about using IBC tanks for catching the distillate and to store for a few days before bottling? I have read some people say it is ok, and others say that the higher proof spirits will dissolve the plastic. I know ethanol is a solvent but if the IBC tank is food grade it should be safe right?
  10. Good info Dan. I understand I need to be well versed in distillation knowledge before I begin, that is why I am on this forum talking with the knowledgeable people like yourself. No pun intended. I have already learned more than I expected to in the short amount of time I have been on here. Thanks
  11. Awesome Pano! that's good info. I am going to combine all of these suggestions on my next run and see how it turns out. Sweeet
  12. sweetT14

    Pot Still

    Yes Dan I agree, sorry I shouldn't just throw around the term Pot Still for everything.
  13. wont that remove the flavor. I know It would make it smooth, but I would lose a lot of flavor also right? hence vodka has the dickens distilled out of it. Yeah it has a hint of flavor, but no where near the flavor Im looking for. I guess I will have to go back to this guys dsp and try to get some more info on how he achieves his results. I thought he said he runs in one time with his 5 plate 250 gallon, but I need to get some more detail out of him if I can.
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