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  1. 300 Gallon Trident Still, Mash Tun and Steam boiler to run it all. Ready to go. Moved on to other pursuits, looking to liquidate my kit. Price is less than the still costs new today by about $10k. Will throw in the Boiler and Mash tun. Boiler is setup for Propane, I have the Nat Gas kit also. Mash Tun is 500gal with center mounted mixer. Looking for quick sale to appease my bank. Located in Bennington, VT. 05201 if you need to figure out shipping. Ken@spiritsofoldbennington.com
  2. Located in Bennington, Vermont right on the NY, Mass border. 05257 - for shipping quotes.
  3. Selling off my distillery equipment. Have some bottles left, 1/2 pallet of 375 juniper bottles from Berlin packaging - 12 bottle cases and tops, $.80 per bottle 1/2 pallet of 750 Pancho bottles form Bruni Glass - 6 bottle cases with some wood corks $1 bottle 900 of the 750 Pinch Granduer from OI specialty. - with some wood corks - $1.2 per bottle. Rikutec Fermentation tanks 1000L have three - $300 each 1 SS 250gal tank - $1500 Tube in Tube Wort Chiller from Trident Stills - $1500 Activated Carbon filler housing from Trident Stills - $500
  4. Need to get moved out of my building, Any takers on a turnkey distilling solution?
  5. Closing up shop, selling my distilling kit. 300 gallon Hybrid still from Trident Stills, with gin basket. 500 gallon mash tank with bottom mixer, both are hooked upS to Peerless 380k btu propane boiler. Can sell the whole setup as a kit for $65K. quick and easy want to get started. Will include piping and controls. Will separate if I have too. Also have Fermentation Tanks, Storage tanks, a Three bottle vacuum filler, and other items. Email me at Ken@Spiritsofoldbennington.com
  6. Buying more potatos this week for a trial, will run higher temps. I do agitate during the cook process, with the slicer will be working to get a finer grind, it has a french fry cutter that does fine, so that will take some tinkering. Ordered more enzyme, what that arrives will give it a shot. thank you all for your help. ken
  7. Thanks, not really getting the whole, just call a consultant thing on this forum.
  8. Current process. Cleaning and slicing potatoes, skin on. have commercial slicer so that part is quick. Enzymes are amyl 300 and malted wheat. Soaked the potatoes while I slice, then heat slowly up to 140, while mixing. hold then go to 160 and hold. Potatoes are not turning to mash, stay pretty firm. have cooked for 2 hours and then tried longer little over 3 hours. still not getting good conversion. My Whiskey mash is doing great, but potatoes have escaped me. Any corrections to process would be helpful. Thank you,
  9. Hello all, Working on potato vodka, not getting very good yields with fresh potatoes. Any way to increase yields with fresh? getting a low sugar wash, SG 1.025-30 Trying to use local potatoes, so was avoiding flaked if I can. But economic feasibility is important. Cheers, ken
  10. Well looks like all the Still builders are getting busy, probably means Craft distilling is ramping up. just ordered my 300 gal still from Jesse at Trident, busy man but great to talk with. Looking forward to getting up and running later summer 2015. now just 10,000 more details to figure out.
  11. Well I have a quote in hand from Jesse, spoke to him last week about a full setup. Love moonshiners, as realistic as survivor and fox news. Looking for some information about the first few months of startup. Trials and tribulations of getting going? Thanks Ken
  12. Actually looking to start a craft distillery in Bennington VT. Want to do actual craft products, some whiskey, Gin, Vodka maybe and Aquavit. Been fortunate to travel a bit for work and have visited a few distilleries around the country. Getting help from a few local distilleries that are up and running. Curious about others startups and first year of operation. We are stuck on one question. how big to make the first still? 100 gal, 200, 300? First post was just for others to complain about, hope to get some help with this post. Thank you all, Ken
  13. After reading a lot of the forums I think I am on track to start a new distillery in southern Vermont. With all the help watching Moonshiners and How Its Made I think I am ready to roll. After years of just sitting back and drinking whiskey why not make some. Hoping the industry will embrace craft and unique products like the beer industry. Consumers have learned what true craft brews are and Inbev knock offs will make money but are not destroying the industry. Blue Moon is just fancy Bud. While Rappers may dominate the ultra premium vodka market for a few years, it will fade as they think of something new to sell. Cheers, Ken
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