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  1. Forte Bottle

    Does anyone have extra Forte bottles from O-I they would be looking to sell? We're in a pinch and that bottle is out of stock until mid August.
  2. Agitation during fermentation

    Dehner, Are you practicing closed top or open top fermentation?
  3. Agitation during fermentation

    The O2 introduction was my main concern but I tend to agree that agitation isn't necessary.
  4. Curious on thoughts of those agitating their fermentations. We currently ferment open top 300 gallon batches. I have spoken to some distillers who see an extra ABV point by continuously agitating throughout the fermentation cycle. I'm not trying to start a debate our fermentation philosophy just curious at a high level if you have found it beneficial to continuously agitate your fermentations.
  5. Single Malt Whiskey: Lautering v. Grain-in

    We haven't lautered but we've mad about 5 different single malts all grain-in. They're testing very well in the tasting room. I would cut your brewer out of the picture and bring everything in house.
  6. Crazy idea...roasted malts in the basket?

    Don't forget to read your Standards of Identity. That chocolate malt will blow away your Juniper. I've experienced it...Sounds more like a DSS.
  7. NFPA Barrel storage exception

    That would quickly kill this industry
  8. NFPA Barrel storage exception

    Thanks Guys, local fire is reinspecting based on recent accidents(KY). I attended the House Spirits seminar @ ADI and it looks like it's only a matter of time until this effects more of us.
  9. NFPA Barrel storage exception

    Does anyone know what section of the NFPA addresses the barrel storage exception from contributing to MAQ's?
  10. Asking $200(FOB Chicago) per barrel #3 Char. Please ping me with inquiries.
  11. Alternative uses for heads

    I'm drinking them...YOLO
  12. barrel shipping question

    Sounds accurate especially going through customs. LTL is how the freight world makes their money, shop the quote with other trucking companies. Youll need to know the freight class of barrels, corresponds to mass&weight
  13. Crash Cooling

    Seeking advice for crash cooling. 1000L jacketed mash tank is currently set up for open loop water cooling. I don't want to spend a fortune on the water bill. Looking for solutions to cool without spending 10K+ on a 10 ton chiller.
  14. DSP Approval

    DSP Approved! Submitted: 2/13/2013 Approved: 7/1/2013 No paperwork errors just it seems like we were lost in the shuffle a bit. Opening soon in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. Thrilled to finally join our peers!