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  1. Hello, Can anyone advise the correct Electric Class and Division for a Craft Distillery? Thank you.
  2. Hello, Can anyone advise the correct Electric Class and Division for a Craft Distillery? Thank you.
  3. FijiSpirits, IF this is truly due to Buytric acid, you may have Anaerobic Bacterial infection somewhere in your equipment. A very exhaustive sanitization should resolve, if that's the source. To treat any batch with the Buytric acid smell, try one of the following: Oxidize it to carbon dioxide and acetic acid using potassium dichromate and sulfuric acid. Or, Use Alkaline potassium permanganate to oxidize it to carbon dioxide. The calcium salt, Ca(C4H7O2)2·H2O, is less soluble in hot water than in cold. If you need, Seek the help of a local chemist who could titrate the right conc. of the various reagents to achieve either of these solutions. Best!
  4. Thanks for sharing, Old Spye!
  5. You are right, 1195.5 per sq. mile (US Census, 2013); Thanks!
  6. The Population density for NJ is "apparently" higher due to it's relatively smaller area as compared to PA; however the spend capability is about 07% higher in NJ per capita (2013 numbers): NJ Population (M) 8.9 PA Population (M) 12.77 NJ Persons per Sq Mile 87.4 PA Persons per Sq Mile 283.9 NJ Retail Sales ($,M) 124,814. PA Retail Sales ($,M) 166,842. Retail $ Spend per Capita NJ: 14,024 Retail $ Spend per Capita PA: 13,065
  7. Thanks James. How many Craft Distillers do you expect in PA in the next 3-5 years? That would give a fair comparison between NJ & PA on a 3-5 year time span vs # of expected distillers.
  8. Hi Jamesbednar, OldSpye, Valid points and seems out of the 3 states, NY is far ahead in attracting (& keeping) small businesses. Thank you both for sharing...appreciate the inputs.
  9. I am in the planning stage for a Distillery to be located either in Eastern PA or Western NJ. What has been your experience, given the choice between the two states, where would it be more practical to establish and grow, in NJ or in PA? Thank you for your help.
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