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  1. A word of caution back, Next time you "try purchasing used barrels" try paying for them, thanks
  2. 35 Jack Daniels barrels available, branded logo top and sides, fresh dumped available the first week of December pm me for questions
  3. once used rye, emptied last night, compill12@gmail.com for questions and pricing
  4. 5 gallon rye barrels available, singles or pallets compill12@gmail.com for questions and pricing
  5. pallet orders available of rye whiskey, bourbon whiskey, and bourbon maple syrup barrels ( bourbon barrels used for ageing of maple syrup) these barrels are great for breakfast stouts such as cbs, all barrels are 8 gallon and are shipped 36 per pallet from San Diego CA, $145 each for rye and bourbon's and $155 for maple bourbon, email any questions to compill12@gmail.com SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  6. 100 2 barrel double bar racks for sale, racks are a little rusty but still structurally sound, $45 each picked up in grand rapids michigan, or make me an offer on the entire lot, 616-329-4479 call or text
  7. five gallon once used bourbon barrels in stock and ready for pick up, barrels are once used bourbon that were dumped yesterday, they are $95 each picked up in grand rapids michigan, 15 gallon barrels will be back in stock next week, they are $115 each picked up as well, 616-329-4479 call or text,
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