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  1. Oregon Spirit Distillers purchased a 3000 liter stripping still from Affordable Distilling and have been operating it for 2 months. It was delivered on time, the price was right, and it preforms better then expected. Paul, you should be proud of your work, your team and the business you have built.
  2. Corn Whiskey has to be 100% corn.
  3. If your farmer won't deal with the liquid everyday then you have the wrong farmer.
  4. We use The Box Maker: http://www.boxmaker.com/ They are great. Brad
  5. We have some 30 gallon racks for sale I sent a message. Brad Oregon Spirit Distilles
  6. We ended up inserting a conical reducer into the mash tun so that the grain drop is 3 inches below the roof of the mash tun. We intended to at a flap on the bottom but there is no need. Our grain drop is bone try. cheap and easy. Thank you all.
  7. We open ferment, no temperature control. We do fruit in mashing, fermenting and distilling. With a puree you might be able to rack off the solids but you might not have to separate. If you have any agitation you will be fine.
  8. I have made several fruit mashes/distillations using both local fruit and locally produced fruit purees. It is more "crafty" to use whole fruit. If your goal is to become a producer of that fruit spirit then you should invest in the equipment to process that fruit. If, like us, you are a whiskey maker who wants to occasionally make a fruit spirit my, recommendation is to use a puree. Like cooking a big meal, making the mess is the fun part but cleaning it up is not as much fun. this is especially true if you do not have the proper equipment. We found that concentrates are more difficult to get flavor from because of the evaporation process.
  9. Both great ideas. The steam is rising during our grind in so the valve wont help. We disconnect it when we are done grinding. I will try to drop the entry point below the top of the mash tun to limit the "funneling" into grain path. Thank you, Brad
  10. I have an auger that drops into a 4 inch flexible tube to the mash tun. Steam rises into the tube from the mash tun. There must be a device that can prevent the steam from rising while still allowing the flour to drop. Ideas? Thank you, Brad Irwin Oregon Spirit Distillers
  11. I would be concerned with oxidation from the head space causing color/flavor changes with the fruit. You can fill the head space with CO2 or other gas to prevent this.
  12. We bought a 800 gallon fermentor from Corson. It was a little later then anticipated but the communicated well and the fermentor seems to be working well. For the price I have to say Corson worked out for us.
  13. I am looking for an amber Apothecary bottle (750 ml). Preferably with a cork finish. Pallet quantities. Suggestions? Brad Irwin Oregon Spirit Distillers
  14. I am looking for a supplier of a 28mm (MCA3). I would like quantities in the 50,000. Any leads? Thanks in advance, Brad Irwin, Oregon Spirit Distillers.
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