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  1. et1883

    Bottlemate 910 label machine

    Welcome any comments, and thanks in advance re: use of Bottlemate 910, or 910-2 (front, back) label applying machinery, seen here: http://labelmateusa.com/product-category/label-applicators/900p/
  2. et1883

    spirit holding tanks - codes?

    Perfect reading for the weekend! Thanks again!
  3. et1883

    spirit holding tanks - codes?

    Thanks, Thatch!
  4. et1883

    spirit holding tanks - codes?

    Must admit some of this seems less than clear, and so I welcome comments on what TTB (at their booth) at ADI in Portland told us -- that common plastic IBC totes were approved for bulk storage, which of course is not what Thatch has quoted from NFPA 30 above, or what Paul from Affordable (also above) has said. They (TTB) also said that the MAQ was 240 gallons per zone (with up to 4 zones/facility - each sprinklered and vented), though I have heard lower volumes quoted also. Does NFPA 9.4.1 refer to storage or transportation? Thanks in advance,
  5. Is this available?
  6. et1883

    drain pipe size (diameter) for sanitary sewer

    Thanks, Sudzie, we're scheduled to have someone in next week to scope it out with a camera to see what's up. Good news about the 4" sizing! We'll have a look at the vent stack too - it's a 20 year old building, so there could certainly be something in the stack!
  7. Interested in what size drainage pipes you all have for disposal of waste water, cooling water, etc. Our drains are slow and we're wondering if we need to repipe to the street to have faster flow rate. Welcome ideas.
  8. Interested to learn what rates you all are seeing for 3rd party, off site, bonded, climate controlled storage for barrels and/or pallets of barrels which are aging. Is on site security provided? With thanks in advance,
  9. Linie is a gold standard of course, but I refer you to the flavor profiles of the Old Ballard Bridge Liquor in Seattle for some ideas besides caraway forward. Best of luck!
  10. what qualifies as non-beverage? angostura or peychaud at the grocery store or state-liquor-store is definitely for use with spirits, but the 'bitters' for "treating" liver and kidney ailments is not a beverage use. I see above (and quoting below) that "bitters.... fit for beverage purpose....must be manufactured on the bonded premises of a DSP..." So, does a version of angostura count as non-beverage since it is not intended to be medicinal, or is it considered beverage use? (b)Exception for beverage products. Products identified in part 17 of this chapter as being fit for beverage use are alcoholic beverages. Bitters, patent medicines, and similar alcoholic preparations that are fit for beverage purposes, although held out as having certain medicinal properties, are also alcoholic beverages. These products are subject to the provisions of this part and must be manufactured on the bonded premises of a distilled spirits plant. Thanks in advance,
  11. et1883

    cutting whiskey to bottling strength

    Thanks, MGL!
  12. We are looking at using Evoqua unit for RO water to cut high proof spirits to bottling strength. If we overshoot below our intended proof, what are we permitted to use to bring the ABV back up to where it should be? I've looked unsuccessfully for a reference, so if it's obvious, apologies in advance but I haven't seen it. Recommendations and ideas welcome.
  13. Thanks, Falling Rock! I had composed something to that effect and was able to improve the text using your thoughts and ideas! Thanks so much for the assist!
  14. We are looking at a 3000 sq ft site. the local sewer district director has "concerns the operation may exceed ... discharge limits with the Water & Wastewater District . Please provide us with a report on the planned Total Flows, BOD’s and TSS’s for your operation. " (that's biochemical oxygen demand and total suspended solids...) We are planning on near-zero waste (recycled spent grains, recirculated/re-used cooling water, no solids down the drain, heads/tails picked up as needed by qualified recycling group). Have any of you heard of this? Recommendations on replies? Estimates? Thanks in advance for thoughts and advice.
  15. et1883

    We now have a property!

    Congrats, Van! We've looked at over 30+ sites, most not "as described" by realtors to put it diplomatically, some located next to unsuitable neighbors, and one which went up $100k overnight when the seller found he might actually have a buyer. Add one which boasted 4000 sq ft, but turned out to be 2000 sq ft with a raised mezzanine which blocked all the bay doors. One had vermin, both small and large. Not easy! We have yet one more site in mind we're looking at, and huge THANKS to you and others in sharing experiences in due diligence and approaches to approvals, lease/buy and timing. Best of luck with your licensing!