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  1. Hi Stumpy - we have some 5- and 1-micron bags on the way. Which supplier are you using? Links welcome or referrals. Thanks!
  2. yet without the larger financial risk there's not as much fear! :-) also with some 15 years abroad, export seems such a natural option to pursue. a colleague of mine used to escort his company's "piano shipment" each month to the warehouse when it arrived in the islamic country he lived in, so it would not leak. I'm sure the local country wondered why they wanted a piano each month.
  3. best of luck Strangebrew, hope you have a smooth and easy process from lease/purchase to build out and production/sales/export. It's a long road with no shortage of adventures along the way! Give a shout if you want to pose questions or sound out ideas.
  4. your $35-retail bottle wholesales to the liquor store at $25; the bar/restaurant would expend effort going to the liquor store to obtain the bottle, so you do in fact provide value to the bar/restaurant at $30/bottle. the bar/restaurant still saves $5 for not having to go to the liquor store when they run out, and you've delivered to them. The "up charge" sounds fair. Oops, now I see the age on this discussion -- how did the cold calling go, and what was your final decision? Did you keep that price differential? Always interested in theory and real world practice of pricing choices! Cheers!
  5. compare the TDS of your current water, and set aside a bottle of just the water. if "it's the water" as Olympia beer commercial used to say about water from Tumwater, WA, you would see the same substance. if not, then it's possibly what sullivan's cove says, above. good luck!
  6. that's a great video, btw, and nice articulation of what's happening.
  7. Glenlyon, agree that natural product focus is on the market, and we can not forget that this is an agricultural product after all! our slight clouds disappear with a single- or double bottle shake, and are otherwise clear, but let it sit (and who lets whisky just sit???!) and the minor cloud wisps can show up again.
  8. How do you present that feature to the less-informed-consumers who may not know that the haze/flocc is harmless and/or composed of flavor elements? The mainstream products are, well, what they are, but also clear (or transparent) to a fault. part of distilling is education, do you add that to labels or advert to pre-advise consumers?
  9. FedEx called to leave a voice mail that we are squared away - now waiting for FedEx to deliver the mandatory items. #soon
  10. the fedex chart: https://www.fedex.com/content/dam/fedex/us-united-states/Small-Business-Center/images/2020/Q1/Wine_Shipping_Flowchart25JUL2019_1963350926.pdf (see right side, as Roger has said, above).
  11. we're on steps 11 or 14 as above. "legal dept" is working on it though, they told me (!). The "speed of business" and "the world on time" seem foreign concepts. Maybe their attorneys are all on the Cast Away island with Tom Hanks. FedEx is like Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot." Perhaps tomorrow. Perhaps tomorrow. :-) Hoping for the best, for us and each of you as well!
  12. FedEx is still sitting on their thumbs, 2 months after starting to 'set up an account for spirits.' DHL, however is squared away for int'l shipments as is a local ground carrier for regional shipments. Agree with bluestar, the risks are considerable, and we continue to wait for FedEx, who used to be "the world on time." :-) Any alternatives to FedEx or recommendations?
  13. FedEx rep for us is in Arkansas (???!) but we are north of Seattle. She calls at 0500, not knowing there are time zones in America. After 2 weeks, we got that straight. But she only has voice mail. "Too busy," she said. We have her email, and I have asked for weeks for help expediting this. We have engaged FedEx Customer Advocate, and also @FedExHelp on Twitter -- all useless. it's been 6 weeks since we started a routine process to cert a DSP to ship alcohol. How hard can it be for FedEx?? With a copy of our DSP and state permits, they still asked for what they already had, without taking action. UPS didn't know if they ship spirits, and went away. Hoping you have good luck soon, Patio29Dadio!
  14. Thanks, glisade! Gravity and time can be effective!
  15. isinglass? chitosan? any preferred brand/product? clear and sparkly is certainly the goal. tks in advance for any recommendations.
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