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  1. Thanks, glisade! Gravity and time can be effective!
  2. isinglass? chitosan? any preferred brand/product? clear and sparkly is certainly the goal. tks in advance for any recommendations.
  3. very interesting idea, and cheaper than a $000 machine. we have been thinking to basically rack the gin as if it were a home batch of beer, leaving dust and debris at the bottom, using a siphon approach. this looks compatible with that idea. Thanks!
  4. I'll second the positive word on Sons of Vancouver. Always a pleasure to be there and fun to work with.
  5. ISO best idea to filter very fine dust and particulate matter from a compounded gin we are working on. Don't want floaties or what a customer might think would be foreign matter in the bottle. Thanks in advance!
  6. Exceptionally pleased to announce the release of our Galloping Goose Canadian whisky this coming week!  Thanks to so many of you here for advice, comments, equipment- and process/operations advice!   Come see us at Paine Field, Everett, WA! 

    1. Glenlyon


      You whiskey has spent three years in the barrel to be called a Canadian Whiskey? Otherwise, its just a whiskey not a Canadian Whiskey. We are in the midst of fighting about this with our provincial liquor board.

    2. et1883


      Roger that.  Aged more than 3 but we are only claiming the 3.   If I read your note, the provincial board does not want you to use the "Canadian Whisky" statement?   Best of luck.  Would love to hear how that works out for you all.  

  7. and then there is BRBN, from British Columbia. One can guess it's composition. 🙂
  8. Also interested if BKamphuis found a solution.
  9. et1883

    Barrel size

    adding a point of discussion: it seems that adding ventilation is the primary upgrade from F1 240-gal storage per zone if I am reading this correctly: http://www.klausbruckner.com/blog/distillery-storage-dilemmas/ (and then only if wooden barrels are not used). and venting is not required if storage in metal containers is less than 1000 gal/zone; ditto, back up power is not required if less than 1000 gal/zone. Welcome corrections and comments.
  10. et1883

    Barrel size

    the only option then if we want to barrel age our bourbon/rye/gin on site in 53-gal barrels would be to accept no more than 240-gal total including that in the barrels, or to go to a higher classification. The distinctions between H1, H2, H3 for example are less clear than the F-1. With room for 50 or more barrels, we're going to need a higher classification then.
  11. We are now talking with a 3rd fire services contractor - 1st stopped responding; 2nd wanted a month for research and wanted larger projects than ours; 3rd seems to be on the mark. I did hand him the document you provided on 4 zones (pdf on Mar 5th) and NFPA 30 discussion on barrels. Expecting a proposal soon for 3 new sprinkler heads in each of 3 new 1-hour-zones (each a tote size closet, generally). Appreciate the background and insights. Hoping for early resolution and moving ahead with 4 zones F-1, each with 240gal, not including barrels/bottles.
  12. et1883

    Barrel size

    Thatch, am I reading your remark correctly, that you say spirits-in-barrels are included in the 240gal MAQ per zone? My understanding was that they were exempt from MAQ counting and so you could have up to the 240 gal MAQ in addition to spirits in barrels and bottles. In any case, MAQ is subject to the authority having jurisdiction and they could require a lower MAQ regardless what any of the fire code says (NFPA 30, others).
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