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  1. Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs is one of the fastest growing liqueur brands on the west coast with distribution throughout Washington and reaching into California. Salish Sea currently has contracts being negotiated with distributors in six more states and the UK. With the increased demand for our liqueurs we are finding ourselves in a bind for growth-related capital, therefore we are seeking accredited investors to help expand our business and take things to the next level. We are a craft distillery located in Lacey, Washington producing twenty-two different award winning organic liqueurs made one gallon at a time through the process of cold maceration. In our first three years of business Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs has garnered 40+ national and international awards, including a double gold and top mentions from ADI. We have seen significant growth every year since opening, with our initial sales projections being exceeded three-fold in the first year and growth every year since. Our growth has actually been stymied by our initial undercapitalization, which has prevented us from widely advertising the brand outside of social media. We believe that significantly more growth will come with the support of accredited investors whom can bring in the necessary capital to properly advertise and help support the current expansion phase of this successful brand. If you are interested in investing or would like more information please email us at salishseaorganicliqueurs@gmail.com.
  2. Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs is looking to hire on an experienced reliable Sales Manager to help manage accounts, coordinate our network of in-state sales representatives, and to promote growth throughout the different markets in Washington State. We are seeking self-motivated, reliable, and technologically literate applicants who are at least 21 years of age with reliable transportation, & a valid MAST permit. The Sales Manager position is an in-house full time salaried position with flexible hours and considerable room for growth within the company. Three to five years of management level experience in the mixology or alcohol distribution industries is required. Applicants with team management experience are preferred and applicants without adequate experience maybe declined. If you are interested in learning more please feel free to give us a call at 360-890-4927, send us a message, or email us at Salishseaorganicliqueurs@gmail.com for more details.
  3. It’s finally happening! We are hiring! I’m excited to announce that Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs located in Lacey, WA, is looking to hire on three more experienced part time brand representatives in Washington State to help sell our award winning brand of premium liqueurs and service already existing accounts across the state. We are currently looking for skilled mixologists and sales people to act as representatives for our brand in the following regions of the state: 1. Peninsula (Bremerton - Port Angeles, starting with 20+ active accounts) 2. Spokane (Greater Spokane Area, starting with 5-10 active accounts) 3. Central Washington (Yakima - Leavenworth - Tri-Cities area, starting with 5-10 active accounts) Reasonable pay, flexible hours, and commission on every bottle sold outside of events! If you are interested please feel free give us a call, send me a private message, or email us at Salishseaorganicliqueurs@gmail.com for more details. You can also check us out at Distilledorganics.com In good spirits, Sam Desner, Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs - Owner, 360-890-4927
  4. Rtshfd, Laws and regulations on the marketing of alcoholic beverages can vary widely from state to state, my suggestion is to contact the liquor control board for your state and ask them directly. In addition, I have also provided a link below to the TTB's advertising guidelines. https://www.ttb.gov/advertising/alcohol-beverage.shtml
  5. Silatjunkie, I highly suggest that you contact the fire code consultant we used to solve our own similar fire marshal issues. He charged us $250 to fix everything and it was well worth it. Here is his contact info. Steve Dalbey Distillery Code Consulting srdalbey@gmail.com 563-299-2888
  6. Joe, I make 20+ small batch organic liqueurs and have found over the last five years or so that an alcohol content of 16%+ ABV and a Brix of 8%+ in a liqueur will actually act as a natural preservative as long as the flavor additives are reasonable stable. If you're careful you can also add a small amount of food grade citric acid as a stabilizing agent, it's especially useful with fruit liqueurs which can also turn out really cloudy without it. You only want to use about 0.5% by volume or else the flavor of the liqueur may be affected though.
  7. Our square has worked fine for chipped cards, the only issue is that it we now have customers who keep forgetting their cards in the machine.
  8. Hi all, We ran into a very similar problem when getting licensed and hired a code consultant who fixed EVERYTHING for less than $250! Contact info is below. Steve Dalbey Distillery Code Consulting srdalbey@gmail.com 563-299-2888
  9. Robert, We are also working on sourcing Pontica for our absinthe, we found a company called Pacific Botanicals that is growing it, organically, in Oregon. They're reasonably priced and haven't gotten anything that wasn't top quality from them, but keep in mind Pontica is never cheap. http://www.pacificbotanicals.com/store/Wormwood1-(Petite).html
  10. We just came out the other end of a TTB audit, what a headache for only $300 and a few misplaced cells on a report. That being said, the inspector was really nice and when we mentioned that our friend's distillery had been inspected by the FDA , she seemed very concerned and wrote a note in her journal. I have a sneaking suspicion that the FDA is coming our way next, it would be helpful to know what they'll be looking for so we can prepare for it.
  11. Got approached by a company out of europe but their MOQ was around 90 pallets and they didn't seem keen on coming down off of that number.
  12. Hate to say it, but someone has too. I don't think anyone here would be interested in that sort of operation; as it is generally frowned on in the distilling community where distilling is treated as an art form. But that's just my opinion on the matter.
  13. Probably low quality herbs grown with pesticides, try a better supplier. Try any of these sites, we've used all four in the past supplier without any quality issues. http://www.starwest-botanicals.com https://www.mountainroseherbs.com http://sfherb.com http://www.pacificbotanicals.com
  14. Hi Robert, your photo didn't appear on here. Shoot us an email at Salishseaorganicliqueurs@gmail.com and we can discuss. Though, just so you're aware, we are not looking to order bottles from China.
  15. We are currently searching for 200ml round swing top bottles and coming up empty handed on finding who is making them. Any bottle makers out there doing these at a reasonable price?
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