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  1. Falling Rock

    Amendment to drop DSP Bond Time Line

    So, I assume, now, they want the reports from date of DSP approval and the our intended date of commencement means nothing. Thanks DHD we will go back and send the Zero reports asap.
  2. Falling Rock

    Amendment to drop DSP Bond Time Line

    They are not asking for a Notice Of Commencement, which we did file. They are asking for all the reports prior to the date of commencement. hmmm...
  3. Falling Rock

    Amendment to drop DSP Bond Time Line

    Well, the amendment just got denied. 90 days Basically they want the Operations reports filed from the date of DSP Approval until the date we sent Letter of Commencing Operations. There is a few posts about others being told that the Letter of Commence means nothing. The Letter of Commencing Operations means...? So, I'll submit those months with all Zeros and file again. Interesting
  4. No one sees the irony here?
  5. We regularly have people asking about Tied House Violations, but... November 15, 2018 For Immediate Release Office of Congressional and Public Affairs 202-453-2180 TTB Press Release TTB Accepts $325,000 Offer in Compromise for Tied House Violations FY—19—04 Washington, D.C. — TTB has accepted a $325,000 offer in compromise from Elgin Beverage Co., a wholesaler in Bartlett, Illinois, for alleged violations of the tied house provisions of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA). This case developed out of the joint operation that TTB conducted with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission in September 2017. Specifically, TTB alleges that Elgin aided and abetted another industry member in the use of a third party to pay retailers to carry and promote their products to the exclusion of competing products, which gave Elgin an unfair advantage over law-abiding competitors and ultimately limited consumer choice. TTB remains committed to putting an end to anti-competitive practices that hurt law-abiding businesses and prevent consumers from enjoying a wide selection of products. Please visit www.ttb.gov for additional information on prohibited trade practices or to see this and other offers in compromise that have been accepted.
  6. Falling Rock

    SAVER GLASS $0.50/bottle

    360 area code...you are in Washington State?
  7. Falling Rock

    United Bottles and Packaging

    I ended up not buying from them. Their "New Customer" process was more than daunting. I was in a hurry and after being passed through three or four departments over two weeks, to start an account, I gave up! I wasn't asking for credit, didn't haggle on price. I did however ask for availability and agreement on shipping dates that they were unable to quote. So, while I was accepting of their price, I'd have to say their customer service just turned me off.
  8. While I know we are all famous and well known figures (IF ONLY AMONG OURSELVES), I would say I could save ten minutes a week if we all put a location of the product for sale in Peer to Peer sales ads.
  9. Falling Rock

    Bubble plate Gin Stills.. why?

    Could be several answers. Maybe that some of the botanical are in the pot. Some people stop distillation and add/change the botanicals in the gin basket during a run. Some do a combo of boiler maceration (juniper_, vapor infusion (cardamom, citrus) in the gin basket and still compound some of the smaller ingredients into the finished liquor. It would be interesting to know how many people actually start with a base fermentation in the boiler vs low wines.
  10. To those that have filed an amendment to drop DSP Bond, how long did it take? My Amendment was submitted 45 days ago and is still "REVIEW IN PROCESS" and "Amendment Pending."
  11. Falling Rock

    Fork lift or not fork lift

    A pallet of glass bottles will be 700 to 1,000lbs. A pallet of bagged grain will be 1,000 - 1,200 lbs. A pallet of sugar or super sack of grain will be 2,000+. We use a full size Kubota tractor, with forklift attachment and break it down going into the door.
  12. Falling Rock

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Paul, Give us a description of that mash tun (4th of 7 photos) please. Dirck
  13. There are different levels of expense and goals. Trying to get rich and have a national brand will take millions and lots of employees. Trying to make a living and have a good time will take several hundreds of thousands and the effort of 1-2 people. If you have equipment that takes more than 8 hours to run, you'll likely need employees. So large equipment can be as bad as too small. We planned for a start of 1.5 people, 8 hour a day operations. That meant we could run an electric still of 600L with same day fill and overnight cooling. We could mash in less than six hours, again with fill, ambient cooling and cleaning. So, with light industrial electric (220v 400amp), 1000 sq ft, 600L still and six 600L ferment tanks gave us the ability to produce 100-125 750ml bottles per run/day if eight hours a day. Now lets say your a big overnight success and need more production. With employees, more fermenters and forced cooling this same setup could be run three shifts a day tripling production without tripling fixed capital costs. You'd need more ferment tanks. I believe the planning has more to do with your goals than anything else.
  14. Falling Rock

    Is it possible to get a permit for a festival site distillery ?

    State by State issue. It is possible in some States, to have an off site tasting set up. In Arkansas a DSP Permit holder must notify the State ABC 14 days prior of intention to do this.
  15. Falling Rock

    In House Label Printing

    You can get die cut labels on rolls any size and 5 kinds of substrate from 1" x 1" to 4" x 8". Color fastness (fading) seems very good, abrasion is good, convenience is best! The poly based labels are very nice. These companies will send you samples. Durafast, Laser Inkjet Labels