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  1. There are different levels of expense and goals. Trying to get rich and have a national brand will take millions and lots of employees. Trying to make a living and have a good time will take several hundreds of thousands and the effort of 1-2 people. If you have equipment that takes more than 8 hours to run, you'll likely need employees. So large equipment can be as bad as too small. We planned for a start of 1.5 people, 8 hour a day operations. That meant we could run an electric still of 600L with same day fill and overnight cooling. We could mash in less than six hours, again with fill, ambient cooling and cleaning. So, with light industrial electric (220v 400amp), 1000 sq ft, 600L still and six 600L ferment tanks gave us the ability to produce 100-125 750ml bottles per run/day if eight hours a day. Now lets say your a big overnight success and need more production. With employees, more fermenters and forced cooling this same setup could be run three shifts a day tripling production without tripling fixed capital costs. You'd need more ferment tanks. I believe the planning has more to do with your goals than anything else.
  2. Falling Rock

    Is it possible to get a permit for a festival site distillery ?

    State by State issue. It is possible in some States, to have an off site tasting set up. In Arkansas a DSP Permit holder must notify the State ABC 14 days prior of intention to do this.
  3. Falling Rock

    In House Label Printing

    You can get die cut labels on rolls any size and 5 kinds of substrate from 1" x 1" to 4" x 8". Color fastness (fading) seems very good, abrasion is good, convenience is best! The poly based labels are very nice. These companies will send you samples. Durafast, Laser Inkjet Labels
  4. Falling Rock

    In House Label Printing

    We have an Epson TM C-3500 and use blank labels from several sources. Choose the Epson because it has individual color ink tanks. Costs averaging about .20 per label excluding hardware.
  5. Falling Rock

    Subbing out production

    You buy it by "transfer" and you pay all the taxes when it leaves your door.
  6. Falling Rock

    Ownership Structure

    " bar industry silent investors " will this pass the "Closed House" laws? The key to investors and partners is to establish YOUR ownership percentage/ownership rights and not let them dilute it with future investments. Don't allow the investors to gain enough control to vote you out!
  7. Falling Rock

    United Bottles and Packaging

  8. Falling Rock

    United Bottles and Packaging

    Anyone with recent experience with United Bottle and Packaging? Are they shipping from U.S. or Canada for U.S. distilleries?
  9. Falling Rock

    Food in tasting room

    There is a rub in my State. I can sell or give away packaged food, but if I have to refrigerate, heat or prepare it in any way I have a new set of regulations and permit needed.
  10. Falling Rock

    Barrel Storage Close to Livestock?

    Call it your Terroir! Seriously, I can't imagine it could or would taint the alcohol. I do worry about the cow manure on my shoes and change when I enter the distillery.
  11. Falling Rock

    Waste Water -- Anyone use Septic Tanks?

    You don't say where you are. They tried first to review us as a brewery/laughtering grain. But we don't. we distill on the grain, use backset and use wet stillage for cattle feed. All cooling water is closed loop and reused for mashing and further cooling. We were approved for septic, fairly easily. Although it took time, State Planning Engineer reviewed our process and determined that we would be pumping little to no solids into the septic. State EPA wanted no part of reviewing us as it was a closed system/process. Write your process. Make them look at YOUR PROCESS, not a brewery.
  12. Falling Rock

    Buying spirit in barrels, age, bottle and sale.

    As just said, " Please don't read this as pooping in your punchbowl." Can you afford to buy a warehouse full of FULL barrels, bottles, other equipment and set on them for two years plus? Few could do that! As for using your Bonded Storage area for other purposes, the Feds will not allow that. Or just get a Rectifier License, no distilling equipment necessary! An alcohol rectifier is someone who buys different alcohols or wines, creates new and different blends, and then packages and resells the product under their own label. They do not manufacture or distill the alcohol, but rather just blend products from other manufacturers. Why wouldn't someone in this mind frame just become a Distributor? What's the tier system in Hawaii? Spend about the same time and money getting the license, less equipment (forklift, truck,...) but sell the day after you get the license. You're in the glamorous booze business without the mess and not professing to be a distillery. You could find your potential distillers right here.
  13. Falling Rock

    small local sanitation problems

    Cows will and can effectively drink rum dunder and will eat/drink wet grain stillage right out of the still (no dewatering). Dewatering makes it easier to haul. I feed rum dunder straight out of the still. My cows line up for it and it slows water freezing in cold weather. So I'm mixing it with water to stretch it this time of year. Search wet or thin stillage I recently posted a ref to wet stillage, but here's some more. https://www.extension.umn.edu/agriculture/beef/components/docs/feeding_corn_distillers_grains_to_beef_cattle_sdsu.pdf "Thin Stillage Thin stillage contains only 5-10% dry matter and can be used to replace water in cattle feeding operations. Research suggests that replacing water with thin stillage reduces dry matter intake without negatively affecting performance. " https://www.extension.umn.edu/agriculture/beef/components/docs/feeding_corn_distillers_grains_to_beef_cattle_sdsu.pdf "In three experiments involving 300 animals, cattle that were allowed access to thin stillage as their only water source gained weight 5.7 percent faster, consumed 5.8 percent less feed and were 11 percent more efficient than those with access to only water. Present these figures to a farmer or farm group and see if someone will come get it. I also found my local DOH confused distillery with brewery. Our BOD is far less than Brewery.
  14. Falling Rock

    Anti-Foam Alternatives

    +1 on the Cert Org coconut oil. A few tablespoons on 150 gallons works fine.