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  1. Bottle Suppliers

    Hello Big Red, Sorry I'm late to the party. Is this the shape of bottle you are looking for? From the supplier side it would help to know what quantity you are looking for, one pallet, a 20ft container or a 40ft container? It would also be helpful to know the delivery state and city. Vitroval USA office / warehouse is located in the San Francisco Bay area, CA with the company headquarters located in Valencia Spain. Your delivery location and quantity would determine how I prepare a quote for you and where I would ship from. The below bottle is available in several sizes including 750ml. http://www.vitroval.com/shop/licores/braastad-100/
  2. T tops

    Call Brad at Amorim. He supplies more Bar tops in the US than all the others companies combined. Amorm is the largest cork producer in the world making Billions of corks per year. Brad Brunson Sales Representative Direct Phone: (414) 719-2390 Email address: bbrunson.acam@amorim.com
  3. Engraved Wooden T-Tops

    Call Brad @ Amorim Cork America! 414-719-2390 He is Mr. Bar Top. He sell wood tops, plastic tops, generic and custom. He has stock sizes and can have any custom size made. He works with small producers and large corporate distilleries. Amorim of Portugal is the largest cork producer in the world!
  4. Tops move up/off - heat shrink capsules?

    To me it sounds like you have two issues that are contributing to your problem. First is the liquid temperature at bottling. Second (I'm guessing) is that you are not pulling vacuum when bottling. Both of which are combining to give positive pressure in the head space resulting in the corks pushing out. The below CQC link is for recommendations for wine bottling but the principles still apply. http://www.corkqc.com/qcguidelines/qc.htm "If the winery bottles at legal fill heights and with adequate vacuum to assure that there will be no more than 2 pounds relative pressure in the bottle at 68°F, it is very unlikely that the customer will ever complain about leaking corks. "
  5. List of all the T-top suppliers you can think of

    If your looking for a cork T-Top with a plastic or wood top then you should contact Brad at AMORIM at 414-719-2390. If he does not have a stock size to fit your needs then he can have custom ones produced. Amorim is the largest cork manufacturer in the world based in Portugal!!! Amorim Cork America, Inc. 360 Devlin Rd Napa, Ca. 94558
  6. Anchor Hocking - Stockholm Bottle

    Try contacting Brad at Amorim he's the best Bar Top guy in the country. Amorim is also the biggest producer / supplier of cork in the world!!! Brad Amorim Cork America, Inc 360 Devlin Road Napa, CA. 94558 414-719-2390 cell
  7. Capsule costs and sources

    Hello RTSHFD, Before the Forum can help we need a little more information. Have you chosen a bottle? if so please share. We need to know what the neck looks like and the neck size. What equipment do you have to apply the capsules? Hear is some rough pricing to give you an idea for stock capsules. Most capsule manufactures will only sell in full box quantities. The capsule size and type will determine how many are packed per box. I no longer sell capsules but I would be happy to give you some referrals. I would need to know what type you want to use to refer you to the right company. Heat Shrink: PVC heat shrink 30 x 55mm $0.02 to $0.04 each or $20 to $40 per 1000 Spin Down: Polylam 28.75 x 55mm $235 per 1000 Aluminum 28.75 x 55 $160 per 1000 Tin 28.75 x 55mm $237 per 1000 Tin 32.75 x 55mm $350 per 1000 Cheers,
  8. 700ml Braastad - Nordic style flint bottles

    Hello Bluestar, Could you please email me your contact information. I would like to respond with the drawings. Please also include the delivery address so that I can request a freight quote. Brett Peterson 707-363-6289 brett(at)vitrovalusa.com
  9. Problems with "in-stock-bottles" volume control

    Hello Lucidi Distilling, Could I ask you to retry your experiment this time putting only 750ml in each bottle. Then look at the bottle manufactures drawing for where they recommend the fill point should be and compare measurements. (Some manufactures might go as far as to give a fill point with the liquid to be at a specific temperature like ##mm 750ml at 20degree C. They should also state for each bottle a +- tolerance like +- 7ml for example.) The next question to ask is what closure was this bottle designed for ie. a bartop cork is a lot shorter than a 45mm wine cork. I would be curious to hear after this evaluation if bottles 1, 2, 3, 4 are within the manufactures tolerances. If you would like to talk further please send me an email or give me a call. Brett@vitrovalusa.com 707-363-6289
  10. 700ml Braastad - Nordic style flint bottles

    Yes 3dOg you are correct its not a size for retail sales in the US but there our a number of American craft distillers that use this size to export to Europe. Vitroval also makes this bottle in a 500ml and a 750ml. I could add these to a future container if there is interest. Cheers, Brett
  11. 700ml Braastad - Nordic style flint bottles

    This is my first post on the ADI forum. I have seen several postings from people inquiring about 700ml bottles. In the next couple of months I will be bringing a container of glass to the US from our headquarters in Spain. I have the opportunity to add 5 to 7 pallets of our Braastad bottle to this shipment, depending on interest. The bottles are packaged bulk, 1296 bottles per pallet and will be available by the pallet only. Please let me know if you would like more information or a drawing. Cheers, Brett Peterson 707-363-6289
  12. Hello I would like to introduce myself and Vitroval USA, a branch of the European glass packaging company Vitroval Spain. Vitroval Spain was established in 1989 and has developed and supplied a comprehensive range of glass bottles for spirits, wine and olive oils www.vitroval.com Vitroval products were distributed by brokers in the United States until June of 2013 when the Vitroval USA office and warehouse was opened. Please contact me to talk about spirits bottles or developing a custom bottle for your product. The www.Vitrovalusa.com website currently displays our wine bottle product line and a few specialty bottles. Beginning in 2015 a selection of sprits bottle will be added. Brett Peterson brett@vitrovalUSA.com 707-363-6289 Vitroval USA 6420 Goodyear Road Benicia, CA. 94510