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  1. FrEwing

    Various NEW Filter Cartridges

    DO you have filters for an enotec (enomatic) single bottle filling machine please email galinc@comcast.net
  2. FrEwing

    Filter types for chill filtering

    Can anyone recommend the type of filters used in chill filtering? and sources?
  3. FrEwing


    Iam trying chill filtering - What type of filters are used. Recommendations are appreciteds - Brand and where to purchase. Dick G (703) 408-2776 or galinc@comcast.net
  4. FrEwing

    Shelf life & natural oils

    I have a similar problem with oils coagulating in the mix. I mascerate - don't distill. My challange is "how to remove the coagulated materials?" I was considering placing a container holding dry ice into the tank and forcing coagulatiion and causing it to harden so I can remove the blocks of material. I am interested in Chill Filtering and the equipment needed. Currently we filter down to .50 microns with very good success. Anyone having any thoughts about the dry ice idea? Please email me at galinc@comcast.net Dick G
  5. FrEwing

    Cleaning Stainless Tanks

    I make liqueurs using natural products , fruits, coffee etc. I'm trying to keep my tanks a clean as possible but am having some difficulty removing a stain residue from the stainless. I've tried soaking the tanks with an Alconox solution over a couple of days . It removed some stain but not much. Any recommendations or techniques or cleaning materials will be much appreciated. I don't want to have to purchase tanks for each of my flavors. Please comment here or if you wish email me at galinc@comcast.net Regards Dick G
  6. FrEwing

    online software for TTB compliance

    Count me in as a prospect. Please "No Cloud" - Local storage is essential for security and being able to provide the Feds with hard copy records. Pricing is a serious consideration for a small producer with limited capital. I would consider low monthly rental etc.
  7. Back in MAy of 2012, Grehorst (Administration) posted that the New Topic email notification system was repaired and working. It is now July 2013 and I have yet to receive an email about a New ADI Topic. Is any else not receiving these email notices. Do I have to do something to register for these email notices? ANY Ideas
  8. FrEwing

    New Topic Email Notification Working!?

    RE: New Message notification Back in May 2012 grehorst posted that the new topic email notification was repaired. It is now July 2013 and I have yet to receive an email regarding a new ADI topic. Did I miss something?
  9. FrEwing

    Tasting Room Bar

    I need a bar for a tasting room we'll be designing and opening in the next month or so. Any recommendations where I can get one - or who might build bars for us. We're in Winchester VA and would prefer dealing with some in the area. Also anyone have any recommendations for tasting room designers. Your referral is appreciated Our Tel is (703) 408-2776
  10. FrEwing

    Everyone's favorite distilling course?

    I Don't know anyone holding distilling classes out west but you may want to contact Scott Harris at Catoctin Creek Distillery in Purcellville VA. Go on line to his web site. I believe he holds a couple of classes a year. They are terrific people and have been very successful in the five years they've been distilling
  11. Has anyone had any experience using Alconox to clean glass instruments used for proofing and then using it to clean stainless steel tanks?
  12. FrEwing

    Square - mixed reviews

    My accountant has recommended Intuits "GoPayment" swipe service which integrates with QuickBooks. His wife uses it for her business and he's pleased with it. It collects all transactions and then you can download from their web site and it automatically places the transactions and fees where the belong in Quckbooks. At the end of the year they also send what they call a "K" form itemizing all transactions you had over the year.
  13. FrEwing

    100 ML BordoCris style bottle -

    Anyone have a source for 100ml BordoCris (icewine) style bottles with BarTop closure? I have the 50 ml with screw top closure and now need the 100 ML Thanks DIck G
  14. FrEwing

    Sales potential in Florida

    I quess, from the interest in the topic, Florida is a waste land
  15. FrEwing

    Excise tax on samples

    Jedd,,, thanks for the reply. What section of 27 CFR can I find the explanation of exceptions etc.?