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  1. No worries. It is Thanksgiving week I am sure we all have Turkey on our minds. Thank you for the email! Happy Thanksgiving.
  2. Shot me an email or give me a call and i can see what we can get inline for you 503-222-7079 sean@agertank.com
  3. We have a 5 BBL (155 Gallon) Working volume Brite Beer tank ready for immediate shipment. If you have plans to get into the canned cocktail market, these tanks are a perfect fit. Brand: Blackstone Ventures 304 stainless steel construction 2-zone jackets (sidewall and bottom dish), insulated and stainless steel clad 15 psi operating pressure (non-ASME rated) thermometer, thermowell, level gauge, CIP arm and sprayball, clamps, gaskets, pressure gauge, butterfly valves, sample valve, pressure/vacuum relief valve, carbonation stone 3 legs with cross bracing supporting legs, adjustable feet. $6700.00 Tank is located at our Portland, Oregon showroom location and can be picked up, or we can find a competitive shipping rate. We have several sized tanks to fit any size operations need. Please give us a call or email with any questions or to inquire on stock numbers or have any other tank or equipment needs! Sean Ager Ager Tank and Equipment 503-222-7079 Sean@agertank.com
  4. 3 Available for intimidate shipment from our Portland, Oregon location. Ager Tank and Equipment and Letina have partnered to offer these high quality, European crafted tanks to our clients here in the Northwest and beyond. These tanks are crafted in Letina's new state of the art factory, and are ready for immediate shipment. Ager Tank offers competitive shipping rates to a all of the US , Canada and Mexico. Give us a call if you have any questions or would like to order one or more of these fantastic tanks! Brand: Letina Model: Z6200-1653 gallon coat diameter 1752 mm, height 2500 mm - total height approx. 3300 mm - 3 legs, height 400 mm, closed - conical off-centered bottom and top - manhole cover, dia. 200 mm - breath valve, DIN 50 - ladder support - type plate with note card - thermometer, analog - sample tap, DIN 15 - level indicator, dia. 16 mm, scaled - manway door, oval 440 x 340 mm, type CL - cooling jacket, 5.5 m2, max. 2.5 bar - thermowell - partial discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 2" - total discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 2" - material AISI 304, BA, mirror inside, circle polished outside Price: $9,395.00 Each Sean Ager sean@agertank.com (503)-222-7079-Office (503)-867-1564-Cell/Text
  5. Ager Tank and Equipment will be receiving the bulk of our closed top jacketed storage tanks from Letina this month and we are eager to offer these tanks to distillers in need of jacketed storage/blending tanks. Ager Tank and Letina have partnered for the last 8 years to offer these precision crafted European tanks to satisfy the needs for cold stabilization and storage. Letina is a global recognized leader in stainless steel tanks and we are very excited to offer their fantastic products to our customers here in the United States. Along with offering these tanks at very competitive prices, Ager Tank and Equipment can also work with your needs to source quality used bottling, case handling and labeling equipment, as well as being a Pack Leader rep. We also have several other sizes of tanks as well as a verity of open topped, variable capacity tanks, if you are looking for an open top fermentation option. These tanks are of limited supply, once we sell out, we will not see any more till January 2020 at the earliest. Prices for the tanks are: 1100 Gallon (4150L)- $6,595.00 1320 Gallon (5000L))- $7,450.00 We are able to offer competitive shipping rates on all purchases made in the United States and Canada. We also work with a variety of different lenders to ensure you find the best possible rate/terms for your purchase if needed! Please contact us for more information, additional pictures and spec drawings, or a formal quotation. Sean or Jason 503-222-7079 Sean@Agertank.com Jason@Agertank.com These tanks are a popular item among wineries during the wine season as well so we do not expect yo have these in stock for long. Contact us now to ensure the best possible chance of securing one or more of these high quality tanks!
  6. I am sorry no one got back to you. Letina does make this size tank and we are able to order any tank that they produce. Give me a call or send me an email with your contact information and I would be happy to get more information and pricing for you Sean 503-222-7079 sean@agertank.com
  7. Ager Tank & Equipment Co. will be receiving our largest order of Letina wine and distillery tanks in the coming weeks. Letina tanks are fabricated in Europe in a new state of the art factory. These high-quality tanks are precision crafted and are known to be some of the finest tanks in the industry today. Ager Tank & Equipment Co. is excited to offer Letina tanks to our customers in the United States and beyond for this 2019 season and we are now taking deposits on all tanks listed below. These tanks often sell out quickly so we encourage you to place your order now. Please call or email us and tell us what size and style of tanks you are looking for. We will provide a delivered price, photos, and tank drawings. Variable Capacity Tanks500 Gallon (1900L) Jacketed VC Tanks-$4,695.00790 Gallon (3000L) Jacketed VC Tanks-$6,6951930 Gallon (7300L) Jacketed VC Tanks-LIMITED STOCK!-$11,795330 Gallon (1250 L) Jacketed VC Tanks-Forkliftable Style Base-$4350.00620 Gallon (2350L) Jacketed VC Tanks-Forkliftable Style Base-$5,6951070 Gallon (4050L) Jacketed VC Tanks-Forkliftable Style Base-$6895.001610 Gallon (6100L) Jacketed VC Tanks- Forkliftable Style Base- LIMITED STOCK!-$8,695.00Closed Top Tanks260 Gallon (1000L) Jacketed Closed Top Tanks-$3,495.00530 Gallon (2000L) Jacketed Closed Top Tanks-$4,650845 Gallon (3200L) Jacketed Closed Top Tanks-$5.595.001100 Gallon (4150L) Jacketed Closed Top Tanks-$6,595.001320 Gallon (5000L) Jacketed Closed Top Tanks-$7,450.001635 Gallon (6200L) Jacketed Closed Top Tanks- $9,395.001230 Gallon (8750L) Jacketed Closed Top Tanks-$10,850.003220 Gallon (12,200L) Jacketed Closed Top Tanks-$12,350.005280 Gallon (20,000L) Jacketed Closed top Tanks-$23,790.00Call Now – We will hold your order with a deposit and there is NO SALES TAX in Oregon!Please call Sean or Jason503-222-7079-Office Jason – 503-780-4681 Sean-503-867-1564 Sean@agertank.comJason@agertank.com
  8. Ager Tank and Equipment Co. has been the west coast supplier of Letina Brand tanks for since 2013 These tanks are expertly crafted in Europe at Letina's brand new state of the art facility and have just arrived. They are available for inspection at our Portland, Oregon Showroom. There are a limited number of tanks, and they do sell quickly especially once harvest starts as they are also very popular with the wine industry. The tank specifications are below: - volume ca. 2000 lit - coat diameter 1116 mm, height 2000 mm - total height ca. 2600 mm - 3 legs, height 300 mm, opened - conical off-centered bottom and top - manhole cover dia. 200 mm - breath valve, DIN50 - ladder support - type plate with note card - thermometer, analog - sample tap DIN 15 - level indicator, dia. 16 mm, scaled - manway door, oval, 340x330 mm, type CL - cooling jacket, max. 2.5 bar - thermowell - partial discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 2 in - total discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 2 in - material AISI 304, BA, mirror inside, circle polished outside Price Per Tank: $4,695.00 FOB Portland, Oregon We are able to offer very competitive shipping rates as well as not Sales Tax in Oregon. Any questions please feel free to call us or Email. Sean Ager Ager Tank and Equipment Co Portland, Oregon 503-222-7079-Office 503-867-1564-Cell/text Sean@agertank.com
  9. These totes were previously used at a winery for product storage.
  10. We have 3 used Custome Metalcraft stackable totes for sale. These tanks are outfited with a sit on top lid and glycol pannel jackets. Located in Portland Oregon. 3 available for sale. $3,200.00 each $9,000.00 for all 3. Please call Sean @ 503-222-7079 Sean@agertank.com Sean Ager Ager Tank and Equipment Co. Portland, Oregon
  11. Letina 1100L (Approx 290 Gal) closed tops single wall storage tank. The specifications are as follows: - volume approx. 1100 lit - coat diameter 956 mm, height 1500 mm - total height approx. 2100 mm - 3 legs, height 300 mm, opened - conical off-centered bottom and top - manhole cover, dia. 200 mm - breath valve, DIN 50 - type plate with note card - sample tap, DIN 15 - level indicator, dia. 16 mm, scaled - partial discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 2" - total discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 2" - material AISI 304, BA, mirror inside, circle polished outside Price: $2,495.00 Tanks are in stock in our Portland, Oregon Location and ready to ship. Limited number available. Call Sean Ager Tank and Equipment Co 503-222-7079 sean@agertank.com
  12. Large Capacity Used Tanks 1 Used AAA Metal Fabrication Insulated 4500 Gallon Storage Tank Used AAA Metal Fab closed top stainless 4500-gallon storage tank. This tank was built in 2016 and remains in very good shape. Features include: -12' straightside -15'8" overall height x 8'4" od -Closed truncated top with 18" round top manway door -Rectangular side manway door -Sloping bottom to 3" total discharge drain -Multiple sidewall ports -CIP ball with CIP arm -Insulated and stainless clad sidewall -6 legs with adjustable footpads and cross bracing The tank was used in beverage production and remains in great shape. The are no valves or fittings with the tank but they can be added for additional cost. The new cost of this tank was over $25,000. The tank is located in our Portland Oregon facility and available for shipment immediately. Price: $18,000.00 (2) Used Feldmeier 2500 Gallon Mix Tanks 2 Available) Item is a used Feldmeier, 2500 gallon, S/S mix tank. This is a single wall tank with dome top/cone bottom. The agitation is vertical with a bottom sweep. It is equipped with dual spray balls and two vertical baffles. Tanks were manufactured in 2003. These tanks are both located in Portland, Oregon, and are available for immediate shipment Price: $16,500.00 Each We have prided ourselves at Ager Tank and Equipment in providing quality New and Used Equipment to the craft beverage industries for the last 2 decades. Please contact Sean for more information on the tanks above, or any other needs you may have! Sean@agertank.com 503-222-7079 www.agertank.com
  13. New European Distillery Tanks Ager Tank and Equipment has partnered with Letina to bring our customers high quality European crafted Stainless Steel distillery tanks. Open top and closed top models are still available. Once these tanks are sold out we will not have any more in stock till the first part of 2019. Ager Tank offers along with the tanks: Competitive Shipping Rates Financing options NO SALES TAX!!!!! If you have any questions, please contact either Sean or Jason at (503)-222-7079 or at info@agertank.com 500 Gallon (1900L) Variable Capacity Tank- $4,695.00 660 Gallon (2500L) Variable Capacity Tank-$5,895.00 1070 Gallon (4050L) Variable Capacity Tank-$6,895.00 1 LEFT IN STOCK! 330 Gallon (1250L) Variable Capacity Tank- $4,350.00 160 Gallon ( 620L) Variable Capacity Tank (SINGLE WALL)-$1,080.00 290 Gallon (1000L) Variable Capacity Tank (SINGLE WALL)- $1,650.00 Closed Top Tanks: 265 Gallon (1000L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank-$3,495.00 650 Gallon (2450L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank- $5,450.00 1320 Gallon (5000L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank- $7,450.00 1635 Gallon (6200L) Closed Top Jacketed Tank- $9,395.00 1 LEFT IN STOCK! 290 Gallon (1100L) SINGLE WALLED Closed Top Tank- $2,195.00 530 Gallon (2000L) SINGLE WALLED Mix tank with Hinged lid-$4,695.00 Plate in Frame Filters 30 Plates- $4,250.00 40 Plate- $4,695.00 These tanks are ordered direct from the Letina’s state of the art factory and are expertly crafted. All tanks listed above are in stock ready to ship from our Portland, Oregon showroom. For more information please visit our website at www.Agertank.com, call our office at (503)-222-7079 and ask for Sean or Jason, or email info@agertank.com.
  14. Letina makes a number of different sizes, these are just the tanks that we currently have on order with them. We have been able to order any size tanks from them. I may have something else in stock that might work for you. If you want to touch base when it is convenient, I can see if we have something that might fit your needs! Sean Ager 503-222-7079 Sean@agertank.com
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