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  1. New European crafted 845 Gallon Distillery tanks For sale New crafted Letina Jacketed Storage tanks for sale in Portland, Oregon. These tanks are perfect for spirt storage, outfitted with cooling jacket, sight tube, partial and full discharge butterfly valves, and a side manway door. These tanks were built in Letina’s state of the art facility and are now ready for sale at our Portland showroom. We are also able to get very competitive shipping rates across the country. More pictures and details available on request. We accept check, wire, or credit cards through PayPal with a 2% processing fee. Price before shipping: $5,995.00 Please contact Sean Ager Ager Tank and Equipment 503-222-7079 Sean@agertank.com
  2. Ager Tank & Equipment Co. has a terrific selection of new Letina wine/distillery tanks that will be ready to ship by month end. In addition, we have a great selection of BSV jacketed brite tanks for hard cider. If you expect to be in the market for tanks in 2017, now is a good time to place your order as we expect to sell out quickly Please review the list below and feel free to visit our website for additional details. We have included our inventory numbers with each tank listing so that you can easily find the specific tank you are looking for on our website. http://www.agertank.com/search/?generalTerm=letina&page=8 #6709 - (1) M4000A16 single wall mix tank with top mount mixer-$9,795.00 #6783 - (1) PZPK4900H16 VC jacketed tanks- $8,795.00-ONE LEFT!!!!!!! #6884 - (2) Z2000V11 single wall storage tank-$3,195.00 #6954 - (3) P4V bottle fillers- $2,600.00 #7002 - (3) PZ620A8 floating lid single wall-$980.00-SOLD OUT #6511 - (6) Z2000HV11 jacketed closed top-$4,500.00 #6865 - (9) Z2450HV11 jacketed closed top-$5,2500 #6754 - (5) Z3200HV11 jacketed closed top-$5,995.00 #6585 - (3) Z5000HV18 closed top with BAND STYLE JACKET-$7,250.00 #6585 - (5) Z5000LHV18 closed top with U SHAPE JACKET-$7,250.00 #6753 - (4) Z10400LHV21 closed top with U SHAPE JACKET-$11,540.00 #7000 - (7) PZ1100A10 VC with floating lid and garbage can style lid – single wall-$1,400.00 #6940 - (4) PZ1500A11 VC with floating lid and garbage can style lid – single wall-$1,750.00 #6512 - (14) Z4150HV16 closed top with BAND STYLE JACKET$6,595.00 #6507 - (14) PZPK1900H13 VC jacketed tanks-$4,495.00 #6788 - (10) PZPK2500H13 VC jacketed tanks-$5,895.00 #6845 - (6) PV2350H14 jacketed forkliftable VC tanks-$5,295.00 #7001 - 10) PZ4050H16 jacketed forkliftable VC tanks-$6,695.00 #6513 - (3) M2000A13 single wall mix tanks with top mount mixer-$4,695.00 #6858 - (4) Z12200LHV22 closed top with U SHAPE JACKET-$12,350 #6483 - (6) VF440 plate and frame filter – 40 plates-$4,695.00 #6527 - (4) VF430 plate and frame filter – 30 plates-$4,250.00 #7088 - (6) PV1250H11 – forkliftable VC tanks-$4,350.00 #7015 - (2) T1150A10 high pressure jacketed sparkling wine tanks w/mixers-$11,200.00 Sean Ager Ager Tank and Equipment 503-222-7079 sean@agertank.com
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Sean Ager and I represent Ager Tank and Equipment company. For years we have been supplying the beverage industry with quality equipment, new and used. We are located in Portland, Oregon, and have been in operation for more than a decade. In the last few years we have turned our attention to the booming Craft Distilling industry, sourcing and supplying high quality bottling equipment, filling equipment, and storage tanks-Both new and used. We may not have what you are looking for in stock, but over the years we have developed a large network of sources, and will work hard to find what you are looking for. Please visit our website for a list of products we offer. We welcome both Email and Phone call inquires Sean Ager Ager Tank and Equipment Co. sean@agertank.com 503-222-7079 www.agertank.com
  4. New Distillery Tanks!!!!!!!

    395 Gallon VC tanks Sold Out. More coming first part of 2016 1635 gallon closed top tanks sold out. More coming first part of 2016. We can also special order tanks directly form Letina, if you do not see a tank that will fit your needs here or on our website, give us a call or send a email and we will get pricing for you, or try and find another alternative.
  5. New Stock of Letina Brand Distillery Tanks Ready To Ship!!!!!! Ager Tank now has a wide variety of Letina brand wine and distillery tanks in stock at our Portland Showroom ready to ship for the upcoming wine season. Closed Top Tanks: 290 Gallon Closed Top Single wall storage tank $2,195.00 530 Galloon Closed Top Single Wall Storage tank…$3,195.00 530 Gallon Closed top Jacketed storage tank/Fermenter $4,500.00 645 Gallon Closed Top Jacketed Storage Tank/Fermenter $5,295.00 1635 Gallon Closed Top Jacketed Storage Tank/ Fermenter $9,395.00 Floating lid/Variable Capacity Tanks: 395 Gallon V/C Storage Tank- $1,450- Tanks comes with both floating lid set up and Garbage can style lid 500 Gallon V/C Storage Tank- $4,495.00 660 Gallon V/C Jacketed Storage Tank- $5,895.00 One Remaining in Stock !!!!! 1030 Gallon V/C Jacketed Storage Tank- $7,395.00 1300 Gallon V/C Jacketed Storage Tank- $9,295.00 Other Products: 530 Gallon Mix Tank- $4,695.00 1050 Gallon Mix Tank- $9,795.00 Contact: Sean Ager 503-222-7079 sean@agertank.com
  6. All tanks are made by Letina Inox and are new unused tanks. Tanks will be available for shipment end of July unless otherwise specified. We are taking reservation payments on all tanks coming in. Letina 1030 Gallon Slope Bottom V/C Tank (5 Available for immediate shipment)-$7,395.00 Letina 1100 Gallon Closed top Jacketed Storage Tank (5 available End of July)-$6,595.00 Letina 165 Gallon Flat Bottom V/C Tank-(5 available for immediate shipment)-Special-$1000.00 Letina 500 Gallon Jacketed Slope Bottom V/C Tank (6 available for immediate shipment)-$4,495.00 Letina 500 Gallon Closed top/jacketed White Fermenter (2 available for immediate shipment)- $5795.00 Letina 530 Gallon Mix tank ( 4 Available end of July)-$4,695.00 Letina 1320 Gallon closed top jacketed tank (5 available end of July-$7,250.00 Letina 1050 Gallon Mix Tank Mixer included (4 available end of July)-$9,795.00 Letina 1635 Gallon Closed Top jacketed storage tank (4 available end of July)-$9,395.00 Letina 2310 Gallon closed Top storage tank (4 available end of July) -$10,850.00 Letina 2747 Gallon Closed Top Jacketed tank (3 available end of July)-$11,540.00 All tanks are FOB Portland, OR. For more information, pictures or drawings please contact: Sean Ager 503-222-7079 Sean@agertank.com
  7. These items have been sold.