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  1. Get your Whiskey Thief

    This is the whiskey thief that works and if you're just pulling samples, you ain't worried about it too much because it did not cost 400 bucks. I can make changes to length etc. But this model is 175.00 plus shipping. I have some on hand but usually can have yours ready in a couple days notice. Let me know if you're interested I can make more to resell on your tasting room too.
  2. Where to find something like this

    Yes sir, glad to help. My wife has some pictures of one of the models. These are superior to anything on the market. Her name is craft distillery resources lady. These are traditional beer stills used to make bourbon etc. I have designed stills for several large still manufacturers and I find that the craft distillery market is ripe for continuous stills and those switching are finding that they are not what they have been told in the past. Continuous stills of this type are not for neutral spirit. And they find they produce an extremely superior product than that produced in a pot or pot hybrid still. And I find a disturbing trend. Everybody I talk to running a pot are either spinning there wheels business wise or they are teetering on the edge of financial ruin. They switch and find things turn around if they can afford to turn it around. I have taken to the drawing board again on continuous still design. I found some people are not to happy or may be down right afraid of say a 30 foot tall hulking still. I have a unique patent pending design that allow me to shorten the tray spacing. Also, to drop head height, I separated the beer section of the column from the wine section. The wine section sits on the doubler thumper hybrid. There is a deplegmator on the beer and wine section, making these stills very tunable and allows for many weights of spirits. This to me make them easier to operate. The thumper doubler hybrid is something new in the industry. Having a heating coil inside allows it to function as a continuous doubler, IF you add another condenser to condense the so called low wines coming off the beer still instead of sending vapor . To use as a thumper, it is equipped with a sparge arm so that you can use it as a thumper by not adding a second condenser and allowing the vapor to heat the thumper and thump distill the low wines. You can install two condensers to begin with and have it valved to allow for more flexiblity. And if interested, we can enlarge the thumper hybrid as large as a couple hundred gallons and add an agitator and you could use it as a separate pot still. The possibilities are endless. These stills unlike some, distill solids and can make all whiskey types, rum, Brandy, you name it. And in trials I have had the still prototypes run clean vodka at 190 to 193 proof, but until I do more trials I don't say for sure it's possible. Lets lay to rest the debate on the myth that you can't make a heads and tails cut on a continuos column. Bull, started probably by whomever said double pot distillation is the traditional American way. Yes, heads and tails cuts are made on continuous column stills. As long as ran so that the base of the still is the right temp, say 208 or so, the tails cut is made for you and stays in the stillage. It is called your base loss and depending on your tastes, can be a bigger or smaller tails cut depending on still bottom temps. The heads cut is made for you by means of a vent on the condeser and is best piped outside, Heads don't want to condense so we encourage them to float away. The still proof is maintained and adjusted by your preference, either by one or two ways. By adjusting beer feed in, more beer higher proof and less beer lower proof. Some just adjust the steam rate, more steam lower proof, less steam higher proof. I like to use both ways and the deplegmators. Most find them easier to run than pots. These stills come with screw type pumps to feed and drain the still. And we can provide cookers, fermenters, beer wells, pumps, yeast propagation equipment, stillage separators of the old type with send backset or thin set on way and heavier solids another way so that you may sour mash with the solid free thin set, and get all the goodness that creates while lessening the amount of material to have to get rid of. A lot of people have bought the expensive sepeators only to find farmers won't take just the solids. The feed part of stillage for livestock is protein. Approximately 18 percent. The only thing higher for cows is Kudzu. The protein is in the liguid. And the solids are crude fiber mainly and will plug a cow up in a minute. We can provide anything you need for your distillery and consultations too. And usually at a way better price than the competitors. Give us a try. I do what I say I can do. Period. We also have US made in Kentucky equipment as well as foreign made. The choice is yours. And I have a list of pleased customers who will tell you that I did them a good job. Also, in a few weeks I will be announcing the first in a series of digital books at first that are the first real textbook style books on distilling in close to 75 years. I tried putting it all into one book. But you could not fit it. First in the series is titled, Traditional Bourbon whiskey techniques for the small distiller. And goes into great detail and I tell it plain, I call out myths and lies that are one day going to catch up with the industry. As a long time consultant, I have seen just about everything. Do you know that I would say 90 percent of micro distillers can't tell you what the bushel gallonage is? Nor the bushel yield of their distillery is, and most don't know what a bushel is. I am old school. Why? Because in this industry old school works. I do blend old and new ideas, but like a good friend who has a large distillery says, whom I listen to. Tom, if they did not have it 200 years ago then why do we need it now? A great deal of truth there. But up till now, there have been next to no resources out there where one could read up on what they did 200 years ago. They are not cheap, looking to be 75 to 100 dollars retail digital and hard copy both. later. But you can buy better info. And I intend to cover every topic book by book. Please watch for the announcement, and get in touch and give me a shot on your equipment. Thanks
  3. Bubba's Barrels

    Some very nice equipment soon will be available through them. Very nice folks.
  4. Where to find something like this

    I can get you the same size still and have it look nice and be more functional. Probably for less than custom Metalcraft.
  5. Distillery Resources Lady

    Hello all, This is DistilleryResourceLady, Thomas' wife. I am going to be filling y'all in on some things that we have that you might need that are new and exciting. I will chime in where I can to help with some of the products we will have available. Thomas will be getting back into the forums to see how he can help folks. Ill be listing details on these items, but here is a list of some of the products we will be offering in 2016. *We have started production in KY and overseas on a new take of the old-fashioned continuous whiskey still. This still has things that makes it more user-friendly for a smaller distillery. More details and pictures to come. *We are offering high-quality, distilling specific charcoal to be used for spirits filtration such as hard sugar maple for TN whiskey and all other types of whiskey. We have found that white oak charcoal is very good for filtering vodka. Better than anything we've tried on the market. Charcoal is a way to aid in the way of the aging process of spirits that has been overlooked by many. *Another offering is with grain. We've heard a lot of distilleries looking for grains that haven't been commercially available and some that are. We have three different types of malted corn, white and yellow dent, and interestingly enough, popcorn. Different things like hard red winter wheat and may do some rye as well. These are all hand malted right in KY by us. *We can also offer custom milling of these products with a roller or hammer mill. We also have ground white corn of the highest quality available. *Last two things, we have a natural fix for lactobacillus problems which have been a huge issue in distilleries this year. Some don't even know it. It's well priced and effective. *We are also representing Black Water Barrel Company in South Carolina. We will also have some oak alternatives in the near future. We will list all this in detail in the coming week or so. We hope to connect with y'all and be able to help many of you. And, I'm nicer than Thomas. Many Thanks! Marisa
  6. Experienced Distiller Ready to Work

    I'm not able to attach my portfolio because it's too big a file but you can use this link to view: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0pdu8vmt8fpdgz/T. McKenzie Portfolio Overview.pdf?dl=0
  7. Experienced Distiller Ready to Work

    This is Thomas McKenzie. If you aren't familiar with me, please google me. Use "Thomas Mckenzie" distiller. Over 15 years experience in the spirits industry. Looking for a full-time head-distiller job producing a full portfolio of spirits. If you are starting up a distillery and need a distiller and help getting your facility up and running, this is my area of expertise. Looking in the south but willing to consider all offers. I have continuous stills that can come with me. Serious inquires only. Resume and portfolio available upon request. I can be reached at 315-414-1810 and tmckenzie25@yahoo.com.
  8. Yeast harvesting

    All fairly good answers , Tom worked for me and he noticed a lot. And y'all ever get by his place stop now. I will tell you, it's not a boil you need anything like that you need a yeast fermenter a good. Varying flasks with air locks heating stir plate, lot of dme or a small tun for worts , plates ,and a good yeast jug. I sell the jugs and can consult on the issues. I also sell nutrients and vitally lacto be gone . You want lacto for a while then kill it. It seems complicated but not at all. Contact me and I can help .
  9. lacquer your still

    I use and have for years Mohawk high temp brass laquer . Clean all and I mean clean citric acid no polish . About 3 coats your good
  10. Hey man, been tied up but meaning to get by. Headed that way next few weeks. I am going back into production some overseeing a place a making my corn whiskey . I should speak to you all about running some, consulting for corn, but it's aged and has a unique selling point. Terroir. Anyway I need used equipment, just what do you have, delivring a still in around Pittsburg next week so I could come down . But if you have pics and price let me know. Thanks Thomas . I may call later if no reply

  11. New small affordable pot / hybrid stills

    Hello all. I would like to announce a new line of commercial 60 to 230 gallon pot still column hybrids. Stainless and copper stills fast delivery and meticulously built. They are what some people expect when they given say $4K for the flute type stills built for home users but intend to use in a commercial setting. We can do anything to like to customize your still and have it your way. Our first unit will roll out today. And I will post picture. This model is s 60 gallon working capacity, with a 4 plate dual flow sieve tray column and deplegmator, Condensor, heated by steam or propane this is a propane model. Stainless and copper has a brushed finish and heat stable clear coated to be easy to clean , if you have time to polish it, your doing it wrong I say. This model is roughly $8k with delivery and setup possible on a mileage and labor basis. The other unit will begin production Monday. I produce one unit at a time . So no wondering where is my still? It is 230 gallons same specs as above . Also let me note, these stills are not agitated by an agitator. The seals are all Chinese and poor quality. These seal vapor in and allow the agitator to turn. I use a method time proven by larger companies. Pump circulation. Highly effective. The 230 depending on options this still is around $15K. I will show production pics for now and also the large thumper that can be added for $5K with a column for high proof and $4K if not. Contact me here or at 315 414 1810 . And always American made with as many American made parts I can find.
  12. Equipment Woes

    It is not just happening with stills but all equipment . Boilers are probably worse than stills. Boiler companies are afraid of the liability because they have a false notion about stills. When I take on a still, I try and work on one until it's done . Too many see the opportunity a become greedy.
  13. Copper barrel thiefs

    We have not as of yet. But contact me and we can se about going one. Thanks
  14. Copper barrel thiefs

    Hello all, these are popular and well priced and have this model and can do solid stainless and smaller theifs. This is $260 plus shipping. All hand made.
  15. Hey call me through there all the time