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  1. We are selling our 100 Gallon Stillcraft 5 plate copper still. This has been a great finish still for us and has 4 element ports in the tank. The 100 gal Stainless Steel Single Wall Kettle with Agitator is from Still Dragon and will need a bearing replaced at the agitator. We have changed this out one other time and is very easy to do. We have another bearing at the distillery we will give to you. The controls also come with the unit and we have the full operation manual that came with the controls. If you have any other questions about this still please contact us on here and we will do our best to answer any questions. Asking $29,650.00 $27,000.00 8 inch column cut sheet.pdf
  2. We bout this from GW Kent 2 years ago and it is in perfect working condition. We are asking $1,200 plus shipping.
  3. We are selling our 2" Flexible Impeller Pump that is 4 years old. we have replaced the rubber prop inside one which is super easy but this thing is a work horse. This will also include 2ea 20' lengths of high grade hose and about 15 clamps. New this was $6,500. Asking $4,000.00 $3,800.00
  4. Selling 6 used Ferment plastic 275 gal tanks. Lids all screw on tight and come with the Airlocks. We have used these for 3 years and have never had any issues with fermenting in these. we have made everything from Vodka to Whiskey and even Brandy. We have cleaned them and sanitized them with a tank cleaner for brewers. we are looking for $750/ea but if you take all 6 we will sell them for $4,150.00 $4,000.00 Buyer will be responsible for shipping cost.
  5. We are looking to sell our new 600 gal whiskey/Stripping still and 600 gal mash tank. We are closing down the distillery and no longer need them. Neither have been hooked up to steam but the Mash tank was used to screen out a few mashes we did on our smaller mash tank. The attached specs are for our original 1000 gallon whiskey still we planned on purchasing but went with the 600 gal instead. So the only difference is the tank size is smaller than what is shown in the attached specs. DYE is a very good company and has been out to inspect these both after we installed them in the distillery. Both items are steam jacketed. 600 Gal Still - $68,400.00 $60,000.00 $55,000.00 600 Gal Mash Tank - $22,400.00 $20,000.00 SOLD Buyer will need to arrange for removal and shipping. we do have a shipping container for $1,400.00 that they originally came in if interested to purchase and ship in again. let me know if there are any questions. 600 gallon Pot Still Shows 1000 but is 600.pdf 600gal Mash lauter tun -Model %281%29 review drawing 4-29-15.pdf
  6. We have 10ea 10gallon barrels of bourbon and 2 30 gallon barrels Made 100% of NY grains. The 10 gallon barrels are ready to bottle and the 30 Gallon need another 12 months. Flavor is awesome would be great for a startup to put out a bourbon right away or someone that wants to blend in small batch. Info Barrels are #3 char from Barrel Mill Distilled and Filled February 2017 60% Corn 15% Wheat 15% Rye 10% Barley 10 Gallon Barrels $600 ea 30 Gallon Barrels $1800 ea Take them all for $8500 Contact me at Info@highrockdistillery.com
  7. Can u send me an email it still isn't working peter@highrockdistillery.com thanks
  8. We are having a big issue with getting our 8" 4 plate column from our manufacture (Still Craft). We seem to be getting the run around from them. Has anyone else had any luck getting anything they make from them?
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