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  1. Illegal where? There is a whole planet worth of freedom outside the USA. Further, this is a third party’s video about their product. Try to relax a bit. Life will suck less.
  2. I’m the same. Like the use of the term “patent still”. I actually had to look it up! He means a continuous still apparently. I beleive its it’s because he may have little hands on experience and is coming at his project from a “book knowledge “ perspective?
  3. Appeals to tradition usually make me laugh. While I certainly enjoy studying traditional methods and means and even own a few great traditional tools across the various trades I’ve studied, they are almost always made better with application of new technology and knowledge. Sure, I might like a Brown Bess musket and respect her place in history and her capabilities but even in that same form factor I can now have better barrel steel, stronger lock and trigger, better more efficient projectiles, cleaner faster powders, better sighting systems, and stronger more durable stocks. In every way I can make that new rifle perform like an old one, if I wanted, but now it’s capable of so much more. Understand how and why it was done and what the effects were, but then apply that knowledge with better tools. That said, the emotional experience I get shooting a 200year old musket could never be replaced with an AR-15.
  4. Wow! Basically this is observed as evaporation of the spirit? Or is this a hazard of ignition?
  5. My admittedly simple understanding of this (partially from my days in construction) is that you need a 40f temp difference to get condensation. So the short and simple answer is: - the bigger the condenser the less flow you will need and will allow warmer water. - assuming 170f vapor temp and a giant condenser, absolute max theoretical cooling water temp would be ~130f we run 80f cooling water all day and flow maybe 3 gal/min to the RC AND PC combined. And I’m inputting 9000w and pulling off 80f product.
  6. Brother, I tried calling you several times last week with no luck. Seems like when I’m workin you ain’t! Time differences are a thing when I’m working in Fiji. Lol hope to see you up and around soon. I’m keen to learn about your continuous systems, steam generators and maybe that vacuum system your talking about. Ill warn you that a strong USD and bank theft are real serious factors for us but nothing that can’t be overcome with some creative thinking. I’m a Montana transplant so I prefer to stick with ‘murrican sources when it’s doable. what's the best way to catch you these days?
  7. On business plan. I used to do business consulting for startups here in Fiji. I had a client who wanted to grow things and everyone was telling her to “do a business plan”. She wasn’t sure why so she paid a firm in the USA $2000 to generate a business plan for her. Of course it was less than useless as it had almost zero useable data and wasn’t even founded on numbers she wanted to work off of. Of course she ignored the consulting advice as well. Yada yada yada... Flash forward three years and the opportunity has passed and she’s spent hundreds of thousands chasing some unguided dream in a tropical paradise and it’s no farther towards profitability The whole point of a business plan is to MAKE YOU go thru the data and process and market research so YOU will have an intimate and better understanding of the business you intend to pursue. Ive used growthink ultimate business plan template and it’s easy and well supported and worth paying for they also have a marketing plan template as well as other resources I’m not affiliated with them but it was helpful to guide me thru that process and had videos to help me grasp what I was doing and why Paying for their package with the videos and stuff is worth it in time saved 100x over https://www.growthink.com/products/business-plan-template Hope that helps
  8. That’s great info, thanks! ive tried 6mm ceramic rashig rings in a 4” diameter column in the past but found it to slow the vapor down too much and seemed to run in a fully flooded state. Are they supposed to run flooded and do you find they have a detrimental effect on speed? comparing the prismatic packing, is it faster than ceramic or just more efficient at rectification or both? How large in diameter are the columns pictured?
  9. It covers fine. A single 20l bucket will have maybe 1.5-3l come off in total volume during distillation. That leaves (realistically) like 3 gallons to cover the element which is typically about 3” off the bottom or less. I’ve done it dozens of times without issue. IIRC all you can fit in a 13gallon reasonably is around 11 gallons, so 5 gallons is almost half full If you are really worried about it you can always add some water to the wash during distillation. Two things tho that’ll make your life easier at this scale. 1- using 6 gallon or larger buckets makes life easier. 2- use ultra low watt density elements. It reduces foaming caused by cavitation during boiling significantly.
  10. Good morning! what sort of packings do you use in your columns? How big are the random packings? Do they differ in sizes based on column diameter?
  11. Bluebolt I should correct my previous statement. I had a 13 gallon boiler not a 26 gallon. It was perfect for the 5 gallon bucket ferments. I will say that scaling recipies from 5 gallon was a bit of a thing.
  12. I started with a 13 gallon 4 plate column. Had zero problems pushing it. i did eventually add an element for 9kw total and it was nice to have the extra power. Since then I’ve upgraded quite a bit and use SD Procaps which are incredible in their ability to go super slow or super fast. I am am a fan of using the 4”x4” stainless spools as plate lifts. I just don’t need a bunch of windows. Really just want them at critical points. As to copper and sulfides. I’m not convinced it’s as important as some make it out to be. If your copper ain’t black at the end of a run, then you don’t have a sulfide issue.
  13. We are currently running a 11 plate column still with 150l boiler
  14. When and where can we get this? I’m working on automation now so this is timely.
  15. Gotta neutralize that chlorine in the city water too. I found that aerating it for 24 hours usually does the trick if you don’t have another neutralizer. Ditto on the PH testers. That’s a big deal.
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