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  1. is this still available? Best regards Henric Molin Founder and Owner Spirit of Hven www.hven.com
  2. please e-mail me if still available. hm@hven.com
  3. Can you send pics or specs on the column still Thx Henric Hm@hven.com
  4. Hi, I have been doing, and experimenting with beet-molasses spirit for about four years. Agreed it is tricky and the spirit has a tendency to get "off flavours". First of all you need to balance the pH with the yeast, the brix and the nutrition, controle the temperature and if possible make it a very long fermentation. Most important is the cuts in the distillation (depending on technique used), I tripple distill our variety in traditional pot stills, final distillation is devided in eight sections of which we keep three, we then mature in air dried oak. Final result is a gentle mix of agricole, plain rhum and a hint of wheat bourbon. An unique taste, but I like it. Cheers Henric Molin
  5. Hi, I have been working with grappas for some years, below id the regulation regarding grappa in europe. 6. Grape marc spirit or grape marc (a) Grape marc spirit or grape marc is a spirit drink which meets the following conditions: (i) it is produced exclusively from grape marc fermented and distilled either directly by water vapour or after water has been added; (ii) a quantity of lees may be added to the grape marc that does not exceed 25 kg of lees per 100 kg of grape marc used; (iii) the quantity of alcohol derived from the lees shall not exceed 35 % of the total quantity of alcohol in the finished product; (iv) the distillation shall be carried out in the presence of the marc itself at less than 86 % vol.; (v) redistillation at the same alcoholic strength is authorised; (vi) it contains a quantity of volatile substances equal to or exceeding 140 grams per hectolitre of 100 % vol. alcohol and has a maximum methanol content of 1000 grams per hectolitre of 100 % vol. alcohol. ( The minimum alcoholic strength by volume of grape marc spirit or grape marc shall be 37,5 %. © No addition of alcohol as defined in Annex I(5), diluted or not, shall take place. (d) Grape marc spirit or grape marc shall not be flavoured. This shall not exclude traditional production methods. (e) Grape marc spirit or grape marc may only contain added caramel as a means to adapt colour. --------------------------- The regulations found at http://eur-lex.europa.eu (no 110/2008) also stipulates that grappa should be made in italy, but the only case i know went to court was against south africa, dispite products called grappa are made all over the world. I would see no harm or immidiate danger in calling a grape originated spirit for grappa as long as it does not sell ten containers a week in to EU. Cheers Henric Molin
  6. Dear Bill, The way we do the sugar beet spirit, which we intend to be forgiven by calling "BeetRhum", it has a touch of agricole to it but with some more dark notes of tobacco and forrest berries. We pot distill it three times and intend to oak mature it for five years before release (another two to go). On the subject of carrot, that can make in to real interesting and good spirits just look at Jorg and Lance, imagine what that carrot vodka will taste after wood maturation. Again not all fermentable sugars as with alcohols are created equal, and some might need extra help. Happy holidays back to you. P.s. I hope you take the time to visit our operation next time in Europe d.s.
  7. Dear Bill, Yes, Anja is my wife. Hope you got the labels, and thanks a million again for the dedicated book. Our winter and summer schnapps are both made from organic wheat. So is our aqua vitae, gin and vodka. We also do whiskies from other grains, eau de vies from grapes, an apple brandy and a "rum" variety made from sugar beet. Hope to attend one of your symposiums during the year to come. Cheers
  8. Hi all, I have been silent reader for a while, intrigued, inspired and impressed by some of the topics and discussions being raised and ventilated. Now I realise that I probably will not be able to hold my views on some topics to myself much longer so I better introduce myself before doing so. I am chemist by education, "Spirit consultant" by trade and have My own distillery. I have been working with the wine and spirits industry for about 20 years, on different levels, last 5-10 years mainly in the technical field of fragrance/scent chemistry and the applications in the industry that can result in better products at lower costs. I and my team implement all the newest technologies in our lab, to realise and confirm what the old master distillers knew 100 years ago by trial and error. With all this and the knowledge that is held whithin the spirit industry, on all aspects involved in making that special bottle of magic, there are still aspects we have not explored or begun to understand, and that continues to intrigue me, and should make us humble... Cheers to you all Henric molin
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