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  1. Gman

    Best class or course?

    SIPS in Seattle would be at the top of my short list.
  2. . ..we get it.. please make them stop
  3. Gman

    Everyone's favorite distilling course?

    With no disrespect towards anyone in the industry my limited experience (several distilling courses including one at Cornell University) has been that not all courses are created equal. There are some that skim over the actual distillation process in favor of promoting a high-end still manufacturer and their equipment. In my humble opinion the course that Rusty Figgens gives in Seattle WA covers everything you will need to know to get a fledgling distillery off the ground. I took Rusty's course with a background in homebrewing and alcohol fuel production. My DSP is pending and his coverage of Media, TTB Compliance, equipment, labels, bottles, grain suppliers, cooperage, marketing, networking etc etc. ...has made the difficult journey 100 times easier... and he makes a good product ( & I can't say that for most places I've seen) I haven't been everywhere of course.. But from what I've seen the course at SIPS is absolutely worth double the money and twice the time. I'm sure there are other wonderful courses out there but my experience with Rusty has been spot on. Rusty has the formal education plus a lifetime of experience in the wine and distilled spirits industry.. And they make one hell of a lunch.