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  1. Contract Malt Whiskey Production

    Hi Andy, We have some 2018 production capacity left - about 75 barrels as of this date. Your client would need to move fast to secure the remaining 2018 production before we sell it to our existing client base. We just energized a 50kw solar array at our facility which will cut our carbon footprint almost to zero. We currently make a malt mash bill for another client. You would need to provide malt on a regular delivery schedule. Please feel free to call me at 919-323-2777. We are in North Carolina and use water (untreated) from the the Triassic basin aquifer, and are in an optimal aging environment. We can warehouse the barrels here or do a TiB to their warehouser of choice. Best, Jonathan Blitz
  2. Continuous Column Still FOR SALE

    Did this sell? If not please call me at+1-919-323-2777
  3. Have you ever wanted to own your own brand of liquor but don't have $500k to invest in a dedicated facility? Have you ever looked at the brands in the store and thought "I have a better idea"? Are you planning to open your own distillery someday but want to test out the market before investing serious cash? We can help! We are a Durham based distilled spirits manufacturer with many years of experience and a fully permitted facility. We have extra blending and bottling capacity and we're excited to work with you to produce your brand. We have no minimum order requirements, and we charge reasonable fees for getting your unique product ready for market. We're ready to start the process with you today. Drop us an email and we'll help you get started.
  4. Pharmaceutical Grade Product Filter - Pall Brand

  5. Pharmaceutical Grade Product Filter - Pall Brand

    Price cut to $1500. Unbelievable quality and perfect for gin filtration!
  6. Pharmaceutical Grade Product Filter - Pall Brand

  7. Pharmaceutical Grade Product Filter - Pall Brand

    Bumping this back to the top, and asking for offers. We are interested in selling this before the end of the month.
  8. For sale is our spare, UNUSED PALL 316L STAINLESS STEEL FILTER HOUSING PART NO. ALTA063G3434 These are extremely high end, pharmaceutical grade housings polished to a mirror finish inside and out. The standardized multi-element system allows you to filter a large amount of product quickly, and it is designed to completely drain out after filtering. It has sanitary inlet and outlet fittings, and you can buy a very wide range of cost-effective filter elements from Pall, FSI and a few other suppliers. You cannot buy a better filter for your spirits. The o-ring looks like it is in good condition, but you should plan on replacing it with a spirit compatible o-ring just to make sure. Every other component is stainless. Model/Part # ALTA063G3G3434 316L stainless steel construction Inlet: 1 1/2" sanitary fitting Outlet: 1 1/2" sanitary fitting 12 3/4" diameter housing Rated 150 PSI @ 284 deg. F Vessel mfg. by Inox Industries Inc., serial no. PO2-092-1 National Board code stamp #494 A.S.M.E code stamp Vessel also has a NB repair tag because it was modified Dished top with inlet Bolted removable bottom head Two lift handles Drainable $1,900 OBO. The housing will be strapped to a skid, and you can pick up in person, or we will load it onto a truck for you, FOB 27701 PM me with any questions.
  9. Locks and Security

    Hi George, Can you tell me if you put this particular submission in the part of the application that requests a variance, or just mentioned it in the part about security and locks? Also, we'd also like a lead on the lock brand/where to buy. Thanks for the information.
  10. Manual bottle labeler

    Hi, We just bought a Zap Labeler, and did a run of ~500 bottles (1000 labels) with it in about 3 hours. It was inexpensive and worked very well. We are keeping it. Best, Blitz
  11. sInnovative 50ml Mini-Bottle Packaging

    Hi All, We're currently using an innovative system we developed for quickly packaging 38mm PET mini-bottles for shipment, display and sale. The response to these from our distributors and the retailers has been overwhelmingly positive. They make merchandising a breeze and they are a very cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative to cardboard boxes. They are also easy to customize for various markets because you can put signage in the master tray for the specific market it is going to. We decided to sell these to the community because we believe that they're a great improvement over the other options out there. The cardboard trays ship flat and are easily folded into four 12 bottle trays plus 1 master tray. The individual 12 bottle trays (sleeves) are shrink wrapped and then the master tray of 48 bottles total is shrinked. We use a 3x5 sticker for the required case information. The sleeves act as a countertop or on-shelf display for the bottles. We have an illustrator template available for the cards as well. The fastest way to pack these is with an L-Bar sealer and heat gun. We are able to pack over 2000 minis per hour with a team of two people. Your mileage on this may vary, but it is definitely the same speed as packing boxes and looks much better. You will need 10" shrink film for the 12 pack trays and 24" shrink film for the 48 pack master trays. We can also price out a low-cost shrink system for you, but these are easily found on eBay and from vendors like U-Line. We are selling the trays in packs of 250 sets (a set is four 12 bottle trays plus 1 master tray) for $200. This will pack 12,000 minis. Shipping is by UPS and is FOB Durham, NC 27701 Please call (919) 323-2777 for more information or to order the trays.
  12. Are you looking for a California Distributor?

    Was thinking about contacting this company. Are they still in business? Any experience with them? Any other recommendations?