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Distillery Solutions: Creators of Stillhouse.

Stillhouse is America's most used Distillery Management Software.  It provides distillers with everything they need to manage inventory, plan and track production, file accurate TTB reports, track employee actions and much more.  Stillhouse allows you to run your distillery instead of your distillery running you. Stillhouse, is the culmination end product of owner and lead-developer, Jason Lippa's, many passions. It was fate when in 2006 Jason met Jake Norris, head distiller at Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. Soon after their meeting, Jason came under his employ around the distillery. As the distillery grew, Jason saw an increasing need for custom-tailored solutions along each step of the way. His vision was a high-fidelity solution to the day-to-day logistics and operations of the distillery. In 2008 he began development of what is now the Stillhouse distillery management system.