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  1. Anchoring barrel racks

    CaptnKB, When I read the code for our installation, my interpretation was that those seismic precautions were for items not moved on a regular basis. So, if you could argue that you rotate your stock or have to move the racks on a "regular basis" you may be able to get around it. Just A thought. Michael
  2. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    Fantastic well thought out and delivered reply. Seems accurate to me! Thanks....
  3. Startup Sales forecast help

    Some of the best advice I saw posted on this forum regarding start up was; Your starting a marketing company that sells booze. Locally that has played out exactly that way. You don't need to make good spirits to be successful, you need to sell lots of spirits to people that don't know the difference. If you can't survive two years loosing money you may want to try something else. I have always said that I am driven by passion and purpose not fame and fortune. Our focus has been to make the best spirits possible. Eventually that will win the day'. But not in the short run.UNLESS, you are a marketing company selling booze. If you make it they will come only works in the movies. If you love to make spirits, make spirits. If you love to make easy money, do something else. Its easy to make spirits. Its hard to make good spirits and even harder to sell it.
  4. NGS Fermentation keeps getting stuck

    I take that as a compliment...
  5. NGS Fermentation keeps getting stuck

    I try to space them evenly apart from each other so that they get a more accurate reading. On my 500 gal tank I place them on opposite sides of the tank about 16 inches in from the sides.
  6. NGS Fermentation keeps getting stuck

    OOPs, ((drop in heater for 500 gal aquarium))
  7. NGS Fermentation keeps getting stuck

    I know this question was for Indy but since I was here responding I thought I would chime in........... Since getting my ferments down to 5-7 days I no longer need to agitate. When I did, I would pull the heater and replace when done.
  8. NGS Fermentation keeps getting stuck

    Hello Bull, I use one drop in heater for a 500 watt aquarium. Suspend it in the middle of the ferment along with the temp probe. The one I have has a thermostat I can set to 85 degrees. I use my gauging thermometer to test the temp in the ferment and adjust the thermostat accordingly. They have only been off a couple of degrees. I don't remember the brand but I purchased the titanium model so I would not run the risk of breaking glass in my ferment.
  9. Grand Opening

    Hello Bull, I'm checking back with you to see how your opening went. Did it live up to your expectations? What worked and what would you do different next time? I hope it went well and you're busily making booze. All the best...
  10. Ferementation complete - very low yield?

    Awesome, best possible outcome!
  11. Ferementation complete - very low yield?

    We have lots of ventilation but were able to detect an increase in odor when running the still. I went around sniffing everywhere following my nose till I found the general vicinity and then used a flashlight to locate the intermittent vapor exhaust leak.
  12. Ferementation complete - very low yield?

    Hello CD, we had a similar issue and discovered that the vapor was leaving the pot through a cracked seal between the agitator shaft and the still pot. I fixed the seal and everything started working normal again.
  13. Importing Still

    Here is the contact person that I use. Leonor Saenz | Customs Entry Writer Superior Brokerage Services 3405 NW 115th Avenue Doral, Fl 33178 Office: 305 594 9422 l Fax: 305 594 9522 lsaenz@sbs-intl.com www.sbs-intl.com
  14. Floor drains and fire sprinklers

    Finally a question straight forward enough for lots of reply's... We put in a 4'' floor drain and wish it were 6". The other big issue for our municipality was what went in to it. So we put in a filter at the discharge and it captures all the solids that go into it and very little goes into their waste water treatment system.
  15. So is anyone actually making money??

    Mash, "If you can cut your sales by 4, double your timeline, triple your estimated costs and still make your business plan work then go for it, otherwise, I'd think twice." The above seems on target with my experience....Glad to hear you are starting to meet expenses. 5 products in a year seems like you have been pushing hard. We hope to accomplish something similar. Blue Star, how long before you figure you will have product on the market? Skaalvan, looks like things are moving in the right direction. Very glad to see it. MOOK, sounds like we are in very similar circumstance. Looks like rum is your sole product at this point? Whats next? Thanks for all the feedback...I wonder if any of the distillers that have been succeeding at this for a while will care to share any valuable nuggets of insight for us startups?? I would also like to say at this point, that I could not have gotten this far without help from a couple of key consultants along with my wife and friends. Thanks to all.