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  1. Cooper River Distillers is selling off our inventory of aged spirits in barrels - available to someone with a DSP who can do a transfer in bond. A mix of bourbon, rye, rum, brandy, and experimental whiskeys (see http://CooperRiverDistillers.com for info on our product lines) Currently sitting in bonded storage in Camden, NJ. Would like to liquidate ASAP, so offers and creative ideas are welcome. The brand names and labels that we were marketing these spirits under are also available as part of a sale. All spirits were "hand crafted" the hard way, from scratch in Camden New Jersey, often with New Jersey-sourced raw materials - no sourced spirits here. All have been well-received in the marketplace and consistently garner top-shelf pricing. A full breakdown of what we have can be seen on the second tab of this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Gt07UUKG8CK40JiIVkgSOBKrg-rjiy6dAk33qbvzudQ/edit?usp=sharing Serious inquiries only - please email james@CooperRiverDistillers.com
  2. I'm shifting into "Sell off the stuff" mode over the next few weeks - there's a list of what we have here, be sure to click all three tabs at bottom: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Gt07UUKG8CK40JiIVkgSOBKrg-rjiy6dAk33qbvzudQ/edit?usp=sharing Also still happy to sell the 'going concern' business for a nice reasonable discount to the original asking price!
  3. Becky - good catch, I created that new email and promptly forgot that I cleverly spelled 'for' as '4'...so it's njdistillery4sale@gmail.com...also I sent you a private message with alternate contact info.
  4. Paul - we currently have about $100,000 in really high-interest debt. Paying that off from the sale of the business would cut the debt service expense out and take operations from red to black in terms of cash flow. The idea is that for a cash buyer it's profitable quickly - for a buyer using financing, depending on their terms, it may or may not be immediately profitable, but no 'from scratch' distilling operation is so it's a lot easier than starting from scratch.
  5. Jump in head first - Operating, 4 year old New Jersey craft distillery for sale, asking $450,000. * We're on a month-to-month lease - you can extend that and continue operating or move our operation wherever you want to take it. * We make critically-acclaimed rums, whiskeys (bourbon, rye, and other), and brandy - all from scratch, in-house and with unique flavors and stories that truly stand out in the marketplace. * After paying off debt (included in asking price) the business would be profitable at current scale. * Lots of upside for someone with vision to grow and expand the operation. * Owner selling for personal reasons - more than happy to stay involved indefinitely as a consultant or part-timer. * Partial seller-financing may be available. * Sale includes everything in the distillery and intellectual property: All distilling equipment, brands, recipes, customer lists, wholesale accounts (approx. 30 strong accounts & another 100 occasional accounts), delivery mini-van, tasting room furniture & equipment, and spirits inventory (Approx. 300 proof gallons of rum; 500 proof gallons whiskey; 175 proof gallons of brandy aging in barrels; 1,100 bottles of packaged, ready-to-sell inventory). Happy to start a discussion and ready to move quickly - contact James at njdistillery4sale@gmail.com or call 267-496-7739.
  6. Whiskey Jim


    Also I've noticed that many duty-free shops seem to have slightly non-standard products or packaging - for instance offering only 1L bottles instead of the more typical 750mL bottles. It has always been my theory that they do this to make you think you're getting a better bargain than you really are. In any case, my add-on to the original question is whether you would have to do some sort of differentiated product/packaging in order to sell in Duty Free shops?