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    What ever happened to iStill?

    Hey Friends, I was just looking at my iStill50 I bought a few years back for R&D (holding up my collection of hats in my living room) and got to wondering, What hapened to those guys? I remember lots of activity on this board from a bunch of months ago, but then nothing. How are they doing? Do you have one and want to talk about it (good or bad) Anyone bought one recently?
  2. Yes, but only to a point. Eventually the column would be overwhelmed. We could probably double the pot (to 120G) with a little finesse. But we are going to right up to 300G so it won't work for us.
  3. SOLD TO A VERY NICE HOME Hey everyone! We're almost ready to receive our new still so it's time to re-post this beauty This still was awesome for me. It enabled me to grow my business for 3 years before investing in a huge system. I was able to stay fully electric for years, significantly cutting down my initial investment costs. I was able to run everything on one still, stripping ferments, spirit runs, gin runs and rum all in one place. In year 2 I added an electric continuous stripping still and that kept me going all the way to the end of year 3. Now its time to go big, and pass this starter system on. (I'm not selling the continuous stripper yet, but we can talk if you're interested) We will run this still 6 days a week right up to when we turn it off. If the buyer wants to come down and see it in action, we'd be happy to provide on-site training for a few days. Perfect for a startup Now the deets: Artisan Still Design (ASD) Delivered Nov 2014 60 Gallon Series 1 Modular Still Computer Controlled with integrated electric heat and Dephlegmator controll (can be run full-manual) 304 Stainless steel boiler, electric Baine Marie Heat (3 x 4500W Elements) - easily run on steam if you want 16 plate fully versatile stainless column with copper caps French Brandy style copper helmet Custom designed in-line Gin Basket 2hp CIP system Fully Versatile from stripping to gin/rum/whiskey/brandy and vodka on 1 still! Located on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada V9N7S7 Ready for pickup in Feb $25K USD We'll take it apart for you, but buyer is responsible for costs associated with crating and shipping Shoot me an email for questions (delete the spaces ) Dave @ WaywardOrder . com
  4. Thank you for all the interest but this little beaut has found a new home in Toronto
  5. Wayward

    Marchisio tanks

    Hi Curt, We use the Variable Volume floating lid wine style tanks for almost everything in the distillery. I have a few brands: Marchisio and Albrigi are the ones I can recall right now. I collect spirits from the still in a 100L, store 95% in a 500L, hold filtered blending water in a 700L, ferment in 1000L and am currently upgrading to 2150L fermenters. You can order then from any commercial wine supplier with a plethora of options. My smaller (under 200L) tanks come standard with a 1/2 spigot, but every tank over 250L I pay extra for the 1.5" triclamp. I keep them on resin pallets and use a forklift/pallet jack to move them around. As a DIY solution you can purchase a 1/2"NPT to 1.5" triclamp adapter and switch out the spigots for TC, but the flows won't be as good as with a true 1.5"TC A 2150L tank with triclamp and sampling vavle runs about $3000CAD, a far cry from the $6500CAD solid lid tanks (but has no cooling jacket) Downsides: No temp controll The lids have to checked every day or two to make sure the pump/bladder is still inflated if a lid falls down ti can be a pain to fish it out If you float the lid on the spirits (which I don't do) you risk flavour transfer in the plastic bladder area. the air pump/bladder replacement parts are more expensive then you think. So if you break a pump its about $100 to replace. Upside: So. Damn. Cheap. light and movable Easy to clean (just lift the lid and scrub) Did I mention just ho cheap these are? These work very well for me and my process. Cheers!
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    Hi, Is this air or electric driven? I can't find anything on the net
  7. I've found myself in a shortage of Jersey 375ml. Looking for 2 or 3 skids for delivery in July to Canada. call or email if you've got em Dave 250 218 2363 Dave at Wayward Order . com Cheers!
  8. found, thanks!
  9. Hi Everyone, I recently acquired a beautiful Arnold Holstein 45L propane fired testing still and I'm having a heck of a time finding ANY information on set up, installation, operation or replacement parts. I'd like to make sure this thing is safe before I fire it up and that I'm operating it safely and within guidelines. Any help would be appreciated. Here's a pic of it in -Dave arnold still.pdf
  10. Wayward

    Help! Arnold Holstein P45 installation/operation

    Thanks Guys, I saw the safety inspector for my area today and he said he wouldn't allow us to turn this thing on until he saw some installation data or manual from the contractor. Plus we need to get it certified for use in Canada as it doesn't have a Canadian certification stamp, only the European "CE" I've reached out to the manufacturer a few times over the last 5 months and never once heard anything back. Does anyone have contact info for Arnold Holstein that'll actually be responded to?
  11. Wayward

    Painting / marking Barrels

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for info on painting and marking barrels. My guess is that I should avoid oil paint or stain (because leaching) but I haven't been able to find anything on the net that wasn't pintrest for my garden Any recommended paints or dyes? I'd like to paint white and stencil over top as in the attached picture Cheers! -Dave
  12. Wayward

    Vatting and Bottle Shock

    Bumping this post! I saw a big change in "depth" of taste after 3 weeks in bottle and tracked it for 6 weeks. By that time we were pretty much sold out. I still have a half dozen bottles of my first batch (~18 weeks in bottle) in my private collection but am hesitant to open them.
  13. Wayward

    What ever happened to iStill?

    Hey Guys, Thanks for the link but I'm hesitant to look to a manufacturers website for unbiased reviews of their equipment and customers service. I was looking for to hear if anyone is still using them, and if they are happy. There were a lot of people with a lot of opinions talking about them last year but nothing at all lately.
  14. Wayward

    Artisan Still Design now American Made

    Congrats! Can't wait to see the catalog
  15. Wayward

    Hellow From Canada

    Welcome Philstill! Where in Canada are you? We're on Vancouver Island.
  16. Wayward

    tankless water heater vs hot liquor tank

    WhiskeyTango: We ferment honey, not grain. For us, the switch to on demand was a no brainer. We heat all our stills electrically so we don't have a steam system. We also don't save or store hot water. All our hot water came from a traditional gas hotwater tank. The tank quickly became our prime limiting factor, waiting for it to fill and then heat. The new on demand system provides constant water flow at 65C (you can set it higher with the commercial bypass switch) total investment under $2000 CAD and it completely changed our lives.
  17. Wayward

    New classification of Rum

    Has anyone heard of changes coming to the definition of rum? I heard some rumors but have no idea where to look to confirm. Cheers, Dave
  18. Wayward

    New classification of Rum

    My favourite flavour is pirate #5
  19. Hey all, I'm looking for a handful of 2" female npt to 1.5" tri-clamp adapters. Anyone have a lead on some of these or have some lying around? Cheers, Dave
  20. Wayward

    2" Female NPT to 1.5 Tri clamp

    Hedge: What I have now (for half my tanks) is a 2"-1.5" F-F NPT then a 1.5" Male npt-1.5" triclamp It works, but its long, has lots of little spots for fluid pooling and leaking and costs a few bucks. I was hoping to minimize the number of connections and length of the adapters.
  21. Wayward

    2" Female NPT to 1.5 Tri clamp

    James: I need three in total. NavenJohnson: I tried that site and couldn't find any triclamp at all.
  22. After some very disheartening research into chill filtering I have discovered that I can't afford a glycol chiller / jacketed tank set up. I am looking into alternative methods for chilling. I've got a few quotes back on commercial freezers and am reaching out to the forum to see if anyone has used a setup like this before. I have 80 gallons (300L) of spirit to chill and filter. I'm thinking a chest freezer with a tank 24" round and 48" long installed in it. The tank would have lots of freezer space around it. Transfer the spirit into the tank and freeze overnight, pump directly from the tank through my plate filter and into my bottling tank. I could get this setup for about $1200 CAD (I have a pump and filter already). The cheapest chiller quote I got was over $3000USD++ and I'd have to purchase either a jacket for my tank or a new jacketed tank. Thoughts or ideas? Has anyone tried to use a regular or commercial freezer before? Any help is greatly appreciated Dave
  23. Hey All, I'm flying south from Canada, all the way to Austin and was looking for suggestions on things to do and distilleries to visit. Any suggestions? I'll be there from 09-15 April Dave
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    also +1 on a Canada thread