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  1. I don't think it's quite that easy. Everything I have ever read about different methods of continuous fermentation is that controlling yeast mutations and infections eventually becomes a nightmare.
  2. Just looked at the parts list, it states : 140MESH 0.004" SLOTS, 0.030" WIRES No need to post a video because there's really nothing to see. Google kason centric sifter and that's it. When it's running there's no noise, none. All you see is grain particles falling out of the outlet because everything is self contained. The only visible moving part is the fan on the motor.
  3. We have a liquid/solid separator from Kason. Price was under $20k shipped and with a custom stainless steel stand. Works like a dream and it's DEAD silent. Pump in spent mash on one side and dry grain comes out the other side. Ok it's not DRY but it's about as close as you could get without applying heat. Word of advice, don't let them arrange the freight as they wanted almost $1,000 for shipping when our logistics guy was about $250 including insurance.
  4. Just posting for a follow up on cupcake spirit. We ran it through a 4 plate column and so far it's one of the worst tasting and smelling things I've distilled. Maybe it will clean up to a vodka? Not sure. I'd imagine the butter and all the other flavors just don't distill well. Sometimes the art of the industry is in the failures.
  5. Thanks. This cupcake thing is probably a one time deal...unless it turns out amazing. The color contrast with the butter on top just does a very good job of highlighting what is happening with the motion of the fluid. I'll send you a PM. Silk, feel free to give me a call. Google Skaalvenn and it will give you the number. I've never made cupcake spirits before, but I can say it is by far the best smelling thing I have ever done in the distillery and I'll be sad when that aroma is no longer here.
  6. Here's the video of the cupcakes mixing, and all the butter. You can see some of the chunks that wouldn't break up spinning aroud at the top, and they stay in the same orbit instead of being sucked down by the blades. Man...that's a lot of butter.
  7. Thanks. I do not run corn. I do pretty thick wheat mashes, and it does turn over better as the thickness goes up, but it still doesn't mix properly (uneven temps). You'll typically see vertical, center shaft mixers on very high viscosity liquids that have a centipoise equal to or exceeding toothpaste, as that type of mixer works well for those viscosity. I was also told by you that baffles are not needed...
  8. This is a video of what I'm currently working on, which shows the issue very well. I'm currently fermenting 700lbs of cupcakes (you heard that right). The yellow on the top is butter (which I'm curious how it's going to distill) but it clearly shows the lack of actual mixing despite rapid rotation...it's just stirring. IMG_7659.MOV
  9. I see a lot of tanks where the mixer is not designed properly. We have a center mount, vertical mixer, and the temperature of the water is Substantially different in the center of the tank than it is near the edges due to the water spinning, not mixing. It gets a little better when the grain is added, but we have to occasionally reverse the agitator to actually mix the product...it's frustrating because a simple offset vertical mixer or a properly angled mixer would 100% alleviate the problem. We take a temperature probe reading only after reversing our mixer (to cause a lot of agitation), and that number is substantially different enough from what the initial "spinning" readout is. We use a calculator and can usually hit our cook temp within a degree after grain-in, some enzymes are very sensitive to temperature/pH, so accurate mixing and readings are crucial to a distillery having either success or complete fauilure.
  10. Castair is the compressor. No idea on the rest. I believe I'm 45cfm @ 175psi. I have an automated capsuling and labeling machine that requires 16CFM.
  11. Our air compressor has a belt guard aftercooler, an auto-drain solonoid, and then a coalescing filter before the refrigerated air dryer. The cooling from the aftercooler works pretty well, brings air temps off the compressor from about 170 degrees down to just over room temperature (hot air holds more moisture), so a lot of the moisture falls out and condenses inside the tank where it's removed by the auto-drain. The coalescing does get SOME of the water out of the air supply, but on humid days the refrigerated dryer has a fairly steady trickle of water. After that dryer we run through another coalescing, moisture traps before each tool hookup, and then another coalescing at each tool. I never get any signs of moisture beyond the refrigerated air dryer. FWIW we do not have our air supply come in contact with the spirit. The entire system cost quite a bit, but well worth it as our air supply is the least of my worries these days. I can run our bottling line, a large AODD pump, and an air mixer all at the same time with plenty of air pressure and volume to spare.
  12. How far does the probe go into the tank? I've got a still/mashtun and the probe is too short so the port gets full of grain resulting in unreliable readings. I've got a batch fermenting in it right now. Digital handheld probes said 93 degrees while the tank thermometer said 80.
  13. Hmm it seems like you learn something every day. Thanks!! http://www.ferrinoxsnc.it/en/labelling-machines/fx-10 https://store.tcwequipment.com/products/fx-10-labeler?taxon_id=14 It doesn't look like they've changed too much. At $6,500 for a new one, maybe I should raise my price
  14. Bump. Race labeler is sold. feel free to make an offer on what’s left.
  15. Do you have a picture of the bottle? I have a semi automatic labeler for sale, you’ll see it in the classifieds. For a pedestal base there’s not a lot of options in the entry level as the primera and race labelers (and most others in that price range) rely on a round cylinder with no taper or other shapes.
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