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  1. Label Design

    I would highly recommend going to a creative agency for your label design. It's typically not cheap however, your label is the #1 thing that will get a random customer to buy your bottle over someone else's. If everything else in your business plan is done well, the money spent will pay for itself many many times over. We used Shinebox Creative in Minneapolis http://shinebox.com/ (our branding will be the first thing you see. Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with then in any way, we're just a customer they get to have a lot of fun with). Take a look at a couple big brand bottles and take note of the similarities. Beyond that, read the regulation on label. It's very basic, but there's some do's and don'ts that you want to be sure you get right.
  2. How to get a response from TTB?

    I found that you have to call them as soon as they open. I've had them call me back same day, and also a couple weeks later.
  3. need help with posting

    Moderator does it to prevent spam. What are you selling?
  4. Just building away in Iowa

    That looks real nice! What kind of GPM throughput on one that big?
  5. Federal Excise Tax and my thoughts

    100% of our tax savings is allocated towards equipment and employees.
  6. Finished Product Storage and Exemption

    I don't do open fermentation because fruit flies are a complete pain, but many, many distilleries do it and it is almost "the standard", and just like in every other part of the food industry there will be the occasional insect that makes it's way in there. However, that insect and the dust will not make it through distillation, and your final product coming off the parrot is basically sterilized (which is better than sanitized) by heat and alcohol. Once distilled I would keep your spirits in closed top containers because at that point you're dealing with concentrated alcohol and it's now your final product and susceptible to contamination. It sounds like you just need to sit down with your locals and simply educate them on the industry and alleviate their fears. I mean heck, a sour mash whiskey is exactly that. Mash that has "spoiled" and has become infected with bacteria. Sour mash whiskey is not any more harmful than regular whiskey due to the process of distillation. As for the barrel exception. I didn't dig through them, but you should find something here: https://www.google.com/search?q=distillery+barrel+exemption+fire+site:adiforums.com&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi8rZ7t-MXXAhXn34MKHXqgDEIQrQIINygEMAA&biw=1600&bih=791
  7. Finished Product Storage and Exemption

    1 - I have never heard of this. Sounds like some old prohibition era thinking. 2 - I believe barrels and bottles are exempt. You should be able to search the forum and find a thread or two on that. 3 - In MN my non-UL listed electrical panel needed to be inspected and "certified" by an engineer. 4 - M occupancy? I could see the part of the distillery that performs merchant operations being classified as M, but the part of the distillery that manufactures wouldn't be a merchant operation. Is this your municipality or your architect deciding this?
  8. ITEM IS SOLD Used, in great condition. Small crack in lid, but completely usable unless you plan on leaving it outside in the rain. New they are $529 + shipping https://www.bulkcontainerexpress.com/p/574532CF.html Selling for $350 + shipping from zip 55428. (or make a reasonable offer)
  9. Wanted: used bottle filler and labeller

    I'll probably have a Primera 362 labeler for sale within a couple weeks.
  10. Best place to get an agitator???

    I'm sorry but I can't help out much more. I had the owner/engineer of a Brawn supplier come take a look at my tank, the application and he did all the science for me. I have no clue what the numbers are other than what is stamped on the machine and what the bottom line of the invoice said.
  11. Best place to get an agitator???

    If you are looking to agitate inside your still you will have to spend some money. I made the mistake of going on the cheap and getting a mixer from Mixers Direct for my still. I think it cost about $3,500 for the still mixer. The mixer broke down within a year as it's construction was poor and the seals went out. In retrospect it was basically a motor, a gear drive and a simple flange/seal--a very poor and dangerous design as there's no air gap between the still and the mixer itself. I then bought a mixer from Braun, I think it cost about $6,000 and has been rock solid and has been used almost 7 days a week for the past year and a half. Every single part of the mixer is a large improvement from what MXD sold me. If you're just looking to agitate a 55g drum for mash, find a used lightnin (that's how the company spells it) mixer on ebay.
  12. Leaking still agitator shaft seal

    These mixers don't use packed teflon packing for the seal?
  13. Alcohol monitor - CO2 monitor

    I probably use 3 gallons of total solution for 3x 350 gallon tanks. It's been a couple years Since I bought it, but I just took a complete guess for the CFM of the pump. It doesn't take a whole lot of power to pump away some fermentation gasses.
  14. Alcohol monitor - CO2 monitor

    Its a custom job. Tank is sealed and has an inlet for each fermenter which extend under the sanitizer, and one outlet for the pump at the top of the tank which puts the tank and fermenters under a slight vacuum. I change the sanitizer out every month or so. It blows out the roof vent which is about 14' above. Fermenter>sanitizer>pump>outside
  15. Alcohol monitor - CO2 monitor

    We use a bucket filled with sanitizer and a little antifoam, and then pump all the co2 to the outside. We run it through the air lock bucket first to clean and dehumidify the air so it doesn't cause gross buildup in the ventilation system. It's nice to not have the place reeking of fermentation 24/7.
  16. Marchisio tanks

    I've got a flat bottom 90 gallon tank with a similar drain design and I absolutely regret purchasing it. I've been meaning to have a bottom drain installed but I keep forgetting, only to remember every time I want to drain it, rinse it or wash it. It sounds easy, but it takes extra time and you have to be careful not to damage the tank or the fittings every time you tilt it. There's nothing quite like purchasing a piece of equipment that requires you to put in more effort and time to do the same amount of work.
  17. Barrel Mill barrel quality

    The Barrel Mill is a reputable cooperage. I've met the owners and toured their facility as it's located about an hour away. They are a dedicated cooper, not a carpentry shop that happens to make barrels for extra cash.
  18. reducing mixer noise

    Mixer should be nearly completely silent. I put a black mark on the shaft in the air gap so that I can visually see it turning (electric brawn mixer). If it's 3ph hooked up to a frequency drive you might get noise if the drive is not configured right. Other than that, you need to post a lot more data other than "noise" because we don't know if it's air or electric powered, if its a grinding, squealing or electrical buzz or what.
  19. Biggest surprise

    How long it takes and how difficult it is to truly start making money worth writing home about.
  20. Electric Stripping Still?

    I have a 570 liter electric bain marie still. 27kW and it's heatup time alone is 2 hours, so at 1000L you're looking at closer to 4 hours wasted each work day of just heating--unless you have a ton of heating power available. Also, if you start moving product you'll need to plan on having some very high electric bills. I'd save $500-600 every single month just by upgrading to steam.
  21. Electric Stripping Still?

    I don't understand why you wouldn't want bain marie for stripping. You are just asking yourself for a headache and for problems by using direct elements.
  22. spirit scales

    That post needs to be pinned to the top of the forums. Thanks for that! Here's the direct link to the post for anyone. http://adiforums.com/index.php?/topic/8376-bottle-filling-calibration/#comment-46887
  23. Bar top Corking maching

    Wow that sucks! I had the top of a bottle cave in a few months back when hand bottling, and it only gave me a scare. Tens of thousands of bottles and that's the only time it ever happened. With the CCR corker I require anyone using it to wear eye protection due to the possibility of glass shattering or the occasional T-top that bounces out due to something being out of alignment upon activation.
  24. Bar top Corking maching

    I highly recommend the CCR corkers. It's not easy for a smaller guy to stomach spending +$3k on something just to put corks in, but it's by far my favorite piece of equipment I've purchased to date.