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  1. New Distiller From Mo

    Come visit us in Kentucky for equipment and tips on distilling. Christopher Kelley Paducah Kentucky
  2. Opening Farm-Distillery in Hawaii (Big Island)

    Too cool, good luck. Please visit my Facebook page Christopher Kelley Paducah Kentucky
  3. Hello from London!

    Hello, I have traveled to the UK a few times and have friends there. Maybe we can visit one day. You can find my personal page at Facebook Christopher Kelley Paducah Kentucky
  4. Hello from the Lowcountry! (Savannah / Hilton Head)

    Vodka is a fun product to make and design new drinks with. Your distillation unit can make it easy or hard depending on the style. Christopher Kelley
  5. Hello from Houston

    Welcome to the forum. There are some interesting posts here at times.
  6. Hi from South Padre Island TX

    Hey buddy, I used to live on the Arroyo Colorado.
  7. Used Equipment

    Always on the lookout for Distillery Equipment
  8. New Here

    It has been quite a while since I've been on the forum . Checking in to what is new in distilling today. Christopher Kelley owner Rockypoint Copper Stills
  9. Gin Basket or Onion Head

    Gin Basket, Onion Head, call it what you may, but I think it would be too cool to put bubble caps and sight glass on one of these.
  10. You design we build

    You design the still and we will build it! Have an idea and want to get more advise? Do it here and take that knowledge to build a still. I am offering anyone a chance to say I was there then they built my still to my specifications! I leave my company out to scrutiny by offering such a public notice, but nothing would make me happier than to see another happy customer and to get to enjoy that enthusiasm again. Sincerely, Chris Kelley/RockyPoint Copper Stills
  11. RockyPoint Copper Stills going big!

    We are expanding and renovating our show room to exhibit our bigger stills while they are running for visitors and buyers to view. You can see our most recent installs on our facebook page rockypoint copper stills. Post your photos of still on Stillbilly Wars.