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    molasse question

    Regarding the SG, not a professor or anything, but I usually start around 1.12/13 and finish about 1.02/03 - the molasses should have unfermentables in it that throw it off. also, for a rum to have residual sweetness in the flavor is desirable. I use blackstrap (feed) and boost to around 1.12/13 with white sugar ... add some nutrients (tomato paste) and let 'er rip. Ferments fast (about 72hrs +/-) with baker's yeast. Simple flavoring with vanilla bean only, with airing out for 24 hours of course (cuts dependant)
  2. Hi All, Member for over a year with homedistiller.org, been hobby distilling for over a year and am on my 3rd still revision. Eventually, in a few years, when the time is right, would, at this point, love to go legit for a simple rum, and varients of the blueberry flavored likker that many have reviewed and loved. I look forward to your insight/wisdom, and starting the long path to learning how to progress further ... Doogie