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  1. Hi There - Colleen from Dalkita here. I would be happy to talk with you about your distillery plans. We have an architect's license in GA, we've worked with 2 GA facilities thus far, and I also have family in the state. 303-765-1295.
  2. Hello - Thanks @Thatch for the mention! We have some options for layout help with distilleries. Please give Colleen a call 303-881-5612.
  3. You need ventilation. Ideally the power to the still and an emergency exhaust would be interlocked with an ethanol sensor (ethanol sensor alarms, still power turns off, emergency exhaust turns on). You need to keep the buildup of ethanol vapors to LESS THAN 25% of the lower flammable limit of ethanol. Please take the time to know about the chemical properties of the materials you are working with. Including how flammable it is and what can ignite the vapors (heat, lightning, electrical devices like phones, non-classified electrical equipment, STATIC). It is vitally vitally important that you look after your own safety. There has been a rash of ethanol fires lately. Know what Maximum Allowable Quantities are (120 gallons of product MAX outside of bottles in a building with no sprinklers). Have an appropriate fire extinguisher on hand. Ventilation in a distillery is backwards from a regular building. Exhaust from within 12" of the floor (ethanol vapor is heavier than air) and provide makeup air at the ceiling diagonally from the exhaust vent.
  4. I think what she is trying to tell you is that bottling line can't be in the same room as the barrels. Building a wall around it would effectively make it 2 rooms. It would be good to have all of that information @Thatch requested - also let's talk about scale... how big of a bottling line are we talking?
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