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  1. eganter


    I'm getting a very intense bite on the back end that just lingers in the throat. The nose and the front end are very good. I'm just getting heat on the back.
  2. eganter


    Question: Where does Rum get its bite from. Is too much heads or tails?
  3. eganter

    Monthly Reports

    Is is possible to file Quarterly Reports online? If so, were can I access the information? Thanks!
  4. eganter

    Collection/receiving Tank

    I'd like to catch all of the hearts in one tank. I'm estimating that we will be collecting between 80 to 90 gallons per run.
  5. eganter

    Collection/receiving Tank

    Does a anyone know of suppliers for collection/receiving tanks for collecting heads, hearts and tails after the parrot? I'm either not using the correct search terms, or they are not readily available. Please advise me if you can. Thanks!
  6. eganter

    Beer foaming

    Does anyone know of a good supplier that sells in large quantities for "Ferm Cap S"?
  7. Thank you Skaalven. That's helpful!
  8. Hello, In planning our equipment, I am looking to re-use our condenser cooling water for our rum wash. I would like to heat the water back up with excess steam after it leaves our still. Here is my question. What is the average temperature of water leaving a condenser. My plan is to use heat transfer and send the water into totes and then transfer it to open top fermenters at 85 degrees. Thanks, Eric
  9. eganter

    Steam boiler help

    We are going with a Crown boiler as well for out 350 gallon still. From my conversation with Crown's tech help, the BSI distillery's and breweries are new territory for them. The BSI line is a residential system that has worked for breweries but is undersized to the distillery industry at stills in the 300 gallon range. Their commercial series 24 is better suited to the job.
  10. eganter

    Blowdown Tank Help

    That's interesting. Where are you located. Are you blowing down to a city system or a private tank? Our Mechanical engineer informed us and I've reviewed the code and found no exceptions: https://lwd.state.nj.us/labor/lsse/laws/boiler_law.html#75 ( 12:90-4.7 Steam boiler blowdown tanks and receivers) I want your inspector.
  11. eganter

    Blowdown Tank Help

    I wish I could 3d0g, Unfortunately, the Garden State doesn't allow for separators which are a way more affordable option. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  12. eganter

    Blowdown Tank Help

    I'm curious if anyone has a recommendation for an affordable (cheap) small Blowdown Tank in the 21 gallon range to match up to our Crown 18.9 horsepower boiler. These are required in New Jersey and what I'm finding is really going to eat up budget. Thanks in advance!
  13. eganter

    Modine Steam Heater

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with Modine Steam Heaters? We are planning on heating our facility with surplus steam from our boiler using a Modine Hydronic heating unit. http://www.modinehvac.com/web/products/hydronic-unit-heaters-1/horizontal-hydronic-hshc.htm It makes sense because it's an explosion proof system and takes advantage of our boiler. I'm having trouble calculating how much boiler HP the heater will utilize. We estimate that we will need about 185,000 BTU to keep us warm. Can anyone offer some advice on how much additional boiler power over our current needs we will need? Cheers! Eric
  14. I'm trying to determine the labor cost for bottling, labeling and packaging time. Can anyone give me a rough estimate of how many bottles can be processed per hour assuming a hand operated line?
  15. eganter

    Whiskey Recipe Development consultant

    Roberto, I think I may have identified someone. Thanks for your support.