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  1. DyerWolf

    Tamper proof tape

    I am finalizing an approved label. We have printed a front and back label on vinyl that I like. They printed a tape to seal the top on a tamper resistant substrate. They are struggling to match both the colors and the sheer. Is my tape required/ recommended to be "tamper resistant" or can/should I use the same quality vinyl as the label? Thank you for suggestions. Brad Irwin Oregon Spirit Distillers
  2. DyerWolf

    Cobalt/Black Glass

    I am looking for cobalt or black glass 750 ml bottles with a cork finish for a liqueur I am producing in pallet quantities. Does anyone have any suggestions? Brad Irwin Oregon Spirit Distillers Bend, Oregon
  3. DyerWolf


    For clarity my foaming problem is in the fermentor. I am using wheat and rye flour for my mash. I am giving my ferments 50% head space and still having some blow off. Thanks again, Brad Irwin Oregon Spirit Distillers
  4. DyerWolf


    I am considering using an antifoam for my mashes. Can anyone suggest a brand and supplier. Do people have opinions on use of antifoam? Thanks all, Oregon Spirit
  5. DyerWolf

    IFC Compliance Problems

    Thanks everyone for your help so far. I though I would post an update. I went back and forth with city planning a few times. We are going to install an exhaust system. We are going to have a fixture above the mop sink that will work as a shower. We were able to use windows and doors as return air. Our permits were approved. I was lucky my equipment was delayed to give me time to resolve these issues. Brad Irwin
  6. DyerWolf

    IFC Compliance Problems

    Thanks all for your help so far. I received a response from the building department that contained 18 line items that they want addressed. Some of them are easy. Some...not so easy. They are requiring me to provide a Mechanical hazardous exhust system and "make up air system." They are requiring a shower for exposed skin contamination. Do these requiremnts seem reasonable? Brad
  7. DyerWolf

    IFC Compliance Problems

    My current status is: I expect my DSP in one week. I have been paying for 4200 square feet for months zoned light industrial. I occupy 2 suites in a 10 unit industrial complex, with neighbors on both sides. I regestered a small still to TTB but a larger still (400l Kothe) and equipment just left Germany and will be here in 4 weeks. I have satisfied the Department of Aggriculture (wow). I have Oregon State approval. Suddenly, my local building officials are concerned my building is not adequate for occupancy because I am classified as H-2 (storage of more than 30 gallons of flamable liquid). I have two hour fire walls with sprinklers but my city officials feel that this may not comply to International Fire Code. Does anybody have any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Brad Irwin soon to be... Oregon Spirit Distillers
  8. DyerWolf

    Wanted Bulk Straight Whiskey

    I am looking for a supplier for bulk straight whiskey. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. dyerwolf
  9. DyerWolf

    Business Plan - A Shot in the Dark!

    I had Masterplans help me with mine (www.masterplans.com). I would highly recommend using them if you don't feel like you are able to write your own. They are not cheap but it is a solid investment, particularly if you need help funding. I could not have come close to the proffessionalism of the document they prepared for me. Additionally they have written plans for other distilleries so I think they have gained experience.
  10. DyerWolf

    Malt Extract, anyone??

    I don't know what kind of beer or whiskey you boys brew in Missouri but the brewers in Oregon would take offense to your claim that 75% of them use malt extract.
  11. DyerWolf

    Alcohol Pump

    I am trying to design a gravity fed carbon filtering sytem for spirits. I would like a pump to lift the spirit 10 feet to a resevoir at a rate of 5 to 10 gallons per minute. Does anyone have thoughts on a explosion proof pump? Thank you, Brad Irwin (DSP on the way)
  12. I attended the fall workshop that Kothe hosted. It was a certainly time well spent. I learned a great deal. I would highly recommend attending, if you are considering distilling. Brad Irwin
  13. DyerWolf

    Pallets not Truckloads

    Do you know of any U.S. glass manufacturers? I can only find Europe and Asia.
  14. DyerWolf


    The cheapest potato vodka available in Oregon is Monopolowa Potato Vodka. It retails for $14.95. My quick math guess is that they sell it for 7.08 per 750 ml bottle. I've never tried it. Dyerwolf