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  1. mcceramic

    Selling off the farm, MUST GO!

    Hi. I'm interested in one of your plate chillers that is 4'x5'. Is one still available?
  2. mcceramic

    Bottling and labeling stuff for sale!

    I am definitely interested in taking all this. I just sent a message off site. Thanks! Michael
  3. mcceramic

    Hello from Goleta, CA

    Thanks Scrounge and captnKB. I am looking forward to this.
  4. Hello Everyone, My wife and I have just officially begun the journey toward opening our distillery this year. Our financing is almost in place, we have a location located in beautiful Santa Barbara, and we are ready for a wild ride. I know I will have a lot of questions along the way and am grateful to be part of this forum of knowlegeable folks who have journeyed before me. I can say thanks in advance. Best from, Michael- Redhead Spirits LLC